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PMG Chapter 832: Three Lives Emperor

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PMG Chapter 832: Three Lives Emperor

“It’s not so strong.” thought Lin Feng, sensing the strength of the demon sword while sealing its energies. Even though the demon could control the sword with his awareness, the seal stone was constricting his full strength.

“It seems like you won’t be able to break the seal on your own.” Lin Feng said. The seal stone was infinitely powerful and a small piece of that stone was already enough to control the demon sword.

“Maybe we can make a deal then.” said the demon reluctantly. Lin Feng smiled and said, “First, give me back my demon sword.”

“Okay, it’s no problem because I don’t need it.” said the demon calmly. Lin Feng grabbed the sword, and stabbed it back into his body, sealing it with the stone again. If the sword didn’t come out, the demon wouldn’t be able to take it.

Lin Feng went back to the ground and faced the demon. Even though his strength was oppressed, Lin Feng could still sense some of it. If the demon was freed, he would probably destroy the world.

“Let’s make an exchange.” said the demon.

“What do you want to exchange?” Lin Feng asked back.

“You studied the broken soul skill which is a part of the wisdom from the three lives. I can teach you the real three lives skill if you help me break the stone.” said the demon. The offer sounded very tempting..

“The three lives skill…” the demon surprisingly knew about the three lives skill. In the Jade Emperor’s hall back in the mysterious world, Lin Feng had studied the Three Lives Emperor and the strength of the Heruka started rotating in his body. Could the strength of the Herukas be related to the three lives skill?

“Who are you? Why would you even know about the three lives skill?” Lin Feng didn’t quite trust the Demon.

“Hehe… Mwahahaha!” the demon started laughing frantically. His entire body was surrounded by an infinity of demon Qi. Rumbling sounds were spreading everywhere and the ground started cracking apart. It seemed like everything was going to collapse.

The gigantic demon seal mountain began shaking violently. Some cracks started to appear on it as it really looked like it was going to break.

“Break!” shouted the demon furiously. Rumbling and explosion sounds were booming. Lin Feng ran back quickly as he watched.

However, at the last moment, the word “seal” on the mountain started emitting dazzling lights and it released oppressive energies which surrounded the demon. He was unable to break the stone beyond that point, the broken quickly repaired themselves now.

“How terrifying.” thought Lin Feng. It seemed like even the Great Sage Equal of Heaven wouldn’t have been able to destroy that mountain.

“I wonder who made that stone.”

“Did you see? I almost broke it. You asked me where I learnt the three lives skill, I will tell you, Wu Ming the Three Lives Emperor taught it to me.” said the demon slowly. The strength of the Heruka was rotating around him, he was a half Buddha and half demon.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

After that, Lin Feng turned around and started leaving.

“Wait wait, I am not done talking.” shouted the demon. “It seems like you already know a lot about the three lives skill, maybe you already knew that it was the three lives emperor’s skill. One life becomes three. The body can turn into a Buddha, a Demon and a cultivator. All three in one body. I am the demon of the three lives skill so I am extremely familiar with the skill.”

“The demon of the three lives skill.” Lin Feng stopped and slowly turned around. Maybe he wasn’t lying. Because he could share a body with the Buddha, he had learnt how to use Buddha’s purity and could use authentic Buddha intent.

“The real three lives demon’s power ended here with his powers sealed?”

“The three lives skill is incredible. You studied the broken soul skill so you must have sensed how incredible it is. Imagine, if you practiced the three lives skill you would have three bodies. You would be indestructible. Now, because you will free me, I will teach it to you and you will someday become an emperor.”

The demon’s offer sounded very tempting, but Lin Feng groaned and bit his lips, “Don’t try to tempt me with your evil intent, otherwise I’ll leave!”

“Hehe, no problem. Anyways, imagine it, you’re a little nobody right now and you have the opportunity to obtain the three lives emperor’s skill book, why are you still hesitating?”

Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. He had to ask, “We still have to agree on how we will negotiate. If I free you first, you’re probably going to kill me. If you give me the book first, I might leave without freeing you. What should we do?”

“I’m the three emperor’s demon, I don’t care about your life because you’re only an insect to me. Why would I care? If you free me, not only will I teach you the three lives skill but other skills as well to express my gratitude.”

“I don’t believe you.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. How could he trust a demon?

“You fooled me with your Buddha Qi once. Then you tried to pollute my intent, why should I trust you? If I release you, killing me would be simple. Just like you said, I’m an insect in your eyes.”

“You don’t believe me still? So even if I give you the book first, will you still not trust me then?” asked the demon.

“I suppose there are no solutions.” Lin Feng said indifferently.

“Therefore, you should trust me.” shouted the demon furiously.

“Okay, then trust me too and give me the book first.” said Lin Feng determined.

“You’re really annoying. Okay, I will give you the book but I will only teach you one third of the skill. If you’re happy with it I will teach you the entire skill.” the demon looked happy, almost as if he was still hiding something.

“I agree.” Lin Feng was excited now.

“The three lives skill is incredibly powerful. It contains a myriad of mysteries. I will have to enter your awareness to teach you the skill and carve it in your memories.” said the demon. The demon was monstrously strong, he could use his own awareness like a sword and kill people without being seen. Letting him enter his brain was extremely dangerous. If he wanted, he could immediately take control of Lin Feng’s body and steal it.

“Think carefully, the three lives skill is monstrously powerful. I can’t even describe how powerful it is with words.” the demon continued to tempt Lin Feng when he saw that he was hesitating. He didn’t look so impatient though, he remained calm now. He was certain that Lin Feng wouldn’t miss such an opportunity.

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