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PMG Chapter 833: Too Many Requests!

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PMG Chapter 833: Too Many Requests!

Lin Feng didn’t reply immediately, instead he slightly frowned.

Lin Feng didn’t know how strong the demon was. Maybe he had hidden some skills and would be able to kill Lin Feng with one attack. Lin Feng was hesitating but if what the demon was saying was true, Lin Feng would regret it for the rest of his life.

The demon didn’t look impatient and wasn’t putting pressure on Lin Feng. He was giving him time to think it over.

“When a cultivator breaks through to the Tian Qi layer, they control their own soul. Apart from a stronger soul, they can also attack other’s awareness and will possess a better defense, right?” asked Lin Feng.

The demon nodded and said, “Indeed, Tian level cultivators can fuse together with the sky and Earth. A divine power fuses together with their soul and their awareness becomes godly. With that godly awareness, killing becomes easier. One thought is enough to slaughter your enemies.”

“Godly awareness must be understood to become powerful, one must also possess powerful offensive and defensive skills, especially Tian level skills. Am I right?” Lin Feng asked. He had encountered many Tian level cultivators but even though their cultivation level was high, none of them had godly awareness. It wasn’t because they didn’t wish to, it was because they didn’t know how to use such powers.

“Indeed.” said the demon nodding. Godly awareness enabled cultivators to kill in an even more ferocious way.

“If you want inside my brain, I need to understand those things. Do you know what I mean?” Lin Feng said calmly. The demon smiled and said, “You are very smart. You noticed that I was attacking you with my awareness so now you want to learn how to do that. If you learn how to attack with your awareness, coupled with your incredibly strong soul, average Tian level cultivators will have a hard time fighting against you.”

“I hope you can teach me that.” said Lin Feng, bowing in front of the demon. Lin Feng wanted to become even more powerful. He had the three lives emperor’s demon in front of him, missing the chance to learn from him would have been such a pity!

“Alright. I will teach you the godly awareness skill as well, but as before, I need to penetrate into yours to teach it to you.” the demon remained indifferent. To Lin Feng, such a skill was priceless but to the demon, those skills were futile. He didn’t mind teaching those skills to Lin Feng.

“Learning the godly awareness and the three-lives skills should only take a minute, right?”

“You’re quite prudent. A minute is enough to print the skills in your brain, yes.” said the demon.

“Okay, thank you sir.” Lin Feng said while closing his eyes. He couldn’t act careless now so he released his broken souls which condensed in his brain to protect himself. Anything could happen and Lin Feng had to use all his strength to avoid an accident.

A second later, Lin Feng sensed the demon entering in his brain. The demon’s godly awareness was incredible and contained a mighty power, but because his strength was sealed his godly awareness was much weaker than what it should have been. Otherwise, Lin Feng’s awareness would have been crushed.

Lin Feng’s awareness was transforming. Suddenly, a silhouette appeared and that person was smiling darkly. Immediately after, they left Lin Feng’s awareness. Lin Feng opened his eyes and was very pleased.

“The godly awareness skill is incredible, now my soul is extremely powerful. Godly awareness could create a copper bell whose ring could stun people and even erase their soul. At the same time, it can turn into a copper bell used for defense. Even though you haven’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer yet, your soul is already extremely strong and you can fuse together with the Earth, therefore you can already start practicing it, but its power won’t be as strong compared to if you broke through to the Tian Qi layer. If you want to practice it now, I can wait.” the demon explained. He was an incredible cultivator, he obviously understood why Lin Feng wanted to learn the godly awareness. His first reason was to be stronger in the future, his second reason was to protect his awareness and prevent it from being attacked or stolen.

“Thank you for your understanding.” said Lin Feng nodding. His silhouette flickered and he moved a few kilometers away and sat down cross-legged. Then, he started practicing the godly awareness skill.

Just like the demon said, Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer yet. Even though he could rely on his powerful soul, he wasn’t able to deploy the maximum power of the skill. His awareness couldn’t move too far away from his body. Unless his opponent was directly in front of him, Lin Feng couldn’t attack them. However, he could always use it for defense.

That skill, even though it was quite good, it wasn’t an unfathomable skill. Otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to learn it. After three days, Lin Feng stopped practicing it, stood up and walked towards the demon.

That demon was patient but to him, three days was nothing. He had been waiting there for so many years. All in all, even those years had passed by quickly because was practicing cultivation the whole time.

“How do you like it?” asked the demon. Even though the demon was surrounded by evil lights, he actually looked like a normal old man now. It was as if he had become less evil after staying under the influence of the seal stone for so many years, or maybe he had just grown old.

“Master, I have another request. Forgive me for being so demanding.” said Lin Feng, bowing in a very respectful way. The demon suddenly looked tense and uncomfortable, “What is it now?”

As if Lin Feng hadn’t sensed his interlocutor’s unease, he said slowly, “Master, releasing you will be something earth-shattering. Therefore, please teach me a powerful agility technique so that I can leave quickly once you’re free.”

“You’re a sly boy. You really know how to take advantage of somebody’s misfortune.” the demon looked annoyed. Lin Feng was clearly taking advantage of his misfortune but that was understandable. Lin Feng was even more shameless than the demon.

“Master, please be magnanimous enough to forgive me.” said Lin Feng, very respectfully bowing again. The demon was furious but he had no choice but to accept Lin Feng’s request.

“Okay, I will teach you a powerful agility technique. It is a technique created in the antiquity as well. It is the Xiao Yao Step agility technique, it is found in the Xiao Yao agility technique book. But now you have to promise me something, that this is your last request.” said the demon feeling uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, the demon wanted to teach him the Xiao Yao agility technique. The same Xiao Yao agility technique book which Tang You You had heard about in the mysterious world. It contained a technique called the Xiao Yao Step technique that was supposedly incredible. Lin Feng and Tang You You had even stolen it from an opponent but it was an incomplete version. What the demon wanted to teach Lin Feng was probably the complete version. Lin Feng was very excited but his facial expression didn’t reveal his feelings. He looked just as calm as before.

“Thank you very much, Master. I promise you that it is my last request.” Lin Feng slowly bowed and walked backwards. Just like a moment before, the demon entered Lin Feng’s awareness but this time Lin Feng could protect himself with his broken souls and the awareness bronze bells.

But the demon didn’t try anything tricky, he just entered Lin Feng’s brain and passed on the Xiao Yao step technique onto him.

When the demon left Lin Feng’s awareness, Lin Feng saw the technique and was delighted. As expected, it was the Xiao Yao Step technique and it contained one more page than what Lin Feng obtained before. As expected, the technique was complete.

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