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PMG Chapter 834: Infinite Demon Print

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PMG Chapter 834: Infinite Demon Print

The Xiao Yao Step contained eighty one different sorts of steps of which each possessed different variations, 361 variations to be exact.

“My cultivation level is still too low…” thought Lin Feng, studying the agility technique. As he was learning more and more powerful skills, he was realising that his cultivation level remained a problem. He couldn’t understand the variations of the last step so he couldn’t really learn the skill. If Lin Feng managed to master the entire authentic and antique Xiao Yao agility technique, he would become impossible to hit. No cultivator of the Tian Qi layer would dare stand in his way.

However, Lin Feng possessed a very strong soul. He entered his dark world and fused with the Earth. In his vast consciousness, there was a silhouette using the Xiao Yao agility technique as if they were trying to teach it to Lin Feng. And, Lin Feng was unconsciously following them. Strangely, it seemed like that silhouette was himself, Lin Feng.

Two days later, Lin Feng stopped practicing. His eyes were closed as his silhouette started flickering about. The Xiao Yao Step technique allowed him to move freely and so quickly that multiple shadows appeared in the air. No one could see where he actually was because it was impossible to distinguish Lin Feng from all the silhouettes in the air.

After seven days, Lin Feng could move with incredible speed. Coupled with his wind intent, he was now faster than any cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. Lin Feng was convinced that his cultivation level was now comparable with that of the legendary roc. Perhaps he was even faster than the roc.

A silhouette appeared in front of the demon seal mountain. The demon was still there and of coarse, the stone was oppressing his powers still.

“Did you learn it?” asked the demon while smiling. Lin Feng nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Okay, now, open your awareness, I will teach you the first  part of the three lives skill. After you save me, I will teach you the complete version. You will then be able to combine three lives into one. You’ll become a Buddha, a demon, as well as yourself. Nobody will compare to you anymore with that skill.” said the demon in a tempting way. Lin Feng’s heart was beating faster but he remained cool-headed.

“Please.” said Lin Feng while sitting down cross-legged and opening his awareness. He was still using his bronze bells to protect himself. If the demon attacked him, Lin Feng would be able to wake up. He couldn’t give the demon any opportunities.

The three lives skill was much more valuable than the Xiao Yao agility technique. The demon’s awareness entered Lin Feng’s awareness and began printing the skill on Lin Feng’s soul.

Finally, the skill was so powerful that it made Lin Feng shake. His bronze bell remained intact so he wasn’t injured. Lin Feng was very determined to get this skill.

After a long time, the demon finally came out. Lin Feng was motionless, still sitting down cross-legged and was inspecting the memories.

The first part of the skill was the demon portion and it was vast and brutal. It contained the explosive power of the Earth and the sky.

Lin Feng started practicing. Lin Feng was a drop of water in an ocean of awareness. He made the strength of the Heruka rotate with an incredible force, it wasn’t long before his flesh became as hard as iron. He then turned into a demon while sitting in an ocean of demon energy.

The demon Qi became more potent. Demon lights started twinkling all around Lin Feng and dashed to the skies.

“Everlasting through the ages.” a mystical voice spread in the air, it was that of a demon. Lin Feng looked calm while surrounded by the incredible demonic Qi.

“Reigning over the universe.” said the demon in a strange and mystical way again. His entire body was diffusing an infinite amount of light.

“Everything is evil, I am the beginning and the end. There is nothing that I cannot do. There is nothing that is forbidden. I can kill all deities.” said the demon. The demon Qi made Lin Feng’s body rise up.

“The power I lend you is for me to crush the entire world! Infinite Demon Print, kill!” shouted the demon furiously. The terrifying pure Qi of the Earth and the sky turned into demon Qi which could destroy the very Earth and the sky. Lin Feng had completely turned into a demon!

“Infinite Demon Print, kill!” shouted a terrifying voice again. This time the terrifying demon Qi was released. There were no rumbling sounds, but the sky and the Earth were collapsing. The terrifying demon print turned into a mountain carved from domonic energies.

“Boom!” the demon print crashed onto the word “seal” on the demon seal mountain, which suddenly became distorted. The mountain suddenly started shaking violently and a crack appeared.

“Mwahahahaha, mwahahaha!” the demon raised his head towards the sky and laughed frantically. He began grabbing pieces of that mountain and throwing them around.

At that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes and became normal again. He looked down at his hands, he was lost.

When he had practiced the three lives skill, had felt like he couldn’t control himself. He turned into a demon and carried out a terrifying attack.

When Lin Feng saw the mountain, he understood. No wonder that the demon had listened to and obeyed him, he even taught him the godly awareness and the Xiao Yao Step technique. The demon never trusted Lin Feng, so how could he put his destiny in Lin Feng’s hands? He taught him the demon part of the three lives skill so Lin Feng could turn into the exact same demon as him. A moment before, the voice Lin Feng was hearing was the demon’s, both of them had been in symbiosis and Lin Feng was unable to control himself. The demon had borrowed Lin Feng’s body to attack the mountain.

Lin Feng had, in the end, acted as a puppet for the demon.

“I’m off.” Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique, his silhouette flickered and he disappeared into the distance. He didn’t want to stay there any longer.

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