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PMG Chapter 835

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 835:

“Boom boom boom!” terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air as the Earth and sky seemed to collapse. The animals in the Death Valley were crawling and those which could fly couldn’t fly very high in the sky.

Cracking and explosion sounds kept spreading in the air and gigantic cracks were appearing everywhere in the valley.

The most terrifying part were the black clouds covering the entire sky. No only the valley, the clouds were reaching into the outside world.

At that moment, outside the Death Valley, there were several people from the East Sea Dragon Palace. They were almost sure that Lin Feng would die inside but just in case he stayed at the periphery to run away, they had to wait.

At that moment, they raised their heads and saw the black demon clouds expanding outwards with incredible force.

What was going on?

That Qi seemed to be coming from the depths of the Death Valley.

They glanced at each other looking scared.

Nobody could survive inside of Death Valley. There was, according to legends, a gigantic demon seal stone in the Death Valley and a demon whose powers were sealed.

But those were only legends and nobody really knew what was inside. However, at that moment, it seemed like the legends were true. It really seemed like a demon Qi was emanating from Death Valley.

“Boom boom boom!” explosions sounded, the ground was shaking violently, and even those outside of the Death Valley could sense it clearly.

“Hahahaha, I, the Three Lives Demon have finally emerged! My powers have been sealed for thousands of years, but now I’m going to take back everything that belongs to me!” said the demon extremely loudly. His voice resonated thousands and thousands of kilometers away into the distance.

The Three Lives Demon has come back!

They all looked in the direction of the valley, there was a pitch black silhouette in the sky surrounded by black clouds.

The black silhouette then jumped higher up in the sky and entered the hurricane made of black clouds. And then no one could see it anymore

Lin Feng finally came to halt, he was drenched in sweat from running away.

He had stopped to look at the sky. The demon had left, surprisingly. He lent him his strength to break the seal and then left…

Before the demon left, Lin Feng sensed that the demon looked at him with murderous intentions. Lin Feng was sweating from fear. He knew he couldn’t rival the Three Lives Demon.

Maybe the demon considered Lin Feng too inferior and couldn’t be bothered killing a nobody. Or maybe he was grateful that Lin Feng lent him his body to break the seal. Lin Feng didn’t know why the demon spared him, but it no longer mattered.

He had obtained incredible skills and techniques.

Lin Feng looked back at the broken demon seal stone and ran towards the broken pieces of stone.

Two minutes later, Lin Feng arrived where the demon had broken the stone. The gigantic demon seal mountain had exploded,  pieces of it were everywhere. Even though it was completely broken, Lin Feng couldn’t help but admire that incredible stone. Even though it was broken, it hadn’t turned into powder..

Lin Feng grabbed a piece on the ground. It was broken but upon closer inspection it seemed like it could heal itself. What surprised Lin Feng was that a word had appeared on the stone: “seal”, and it still contained an oppressive energy.

No wonder the stone was considered a priceless treasure, it could even heal itself.

Lin Feng grabbed the stone and looked at the place where the demon was trapped. There was a huge hole where a large, evil-looking tree was now growing.

Several Bodhi were hanging from the tree, they were black and contained a terrifying demon Qi.

Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer, when practicing in seclusion and if their intent was strong enough, could produce intent crystals. Zun cultivators, when practicing could understand abstruse energy and if they practiced long enough, they could produce abstruse crystals.

The Three Lives Emperor had practiced there for a thousand years. He was demoniac so of course, it wasn’t possible for him to produce intent or abstruse crystals when practicing. Instead, these demon bodhi were formed.

From the legends dating back to antiquity, the strongest cultivators in the world could produce precious treasures while practicing. They could produce Buddha bodhi, while demons produced demon bodhis.

“Those are treasures to those who practice demon skills.” thought Lin Feng. His eyes were twinkling resplendently. He immediately grabbed all the demon bodhis.

“Bzzzzzz.” a terrifying death and demon Qi surrounded these demon bodhi. Lin Feng grabbed some more demon seal stones, small ones, big ones… Afterwards, he looked around him and found that he was surrounded by animals. The demon was gone and he had left behind the demon bodhi. Those animals had sensed them and had rushed over. Surprisingly, there was nothing there now, only a human being.

“Shit.” cursed Lin Feng. Those animals’ bodies were like iron. Lin Feng couldn’t win against them and they possessed death Qi to slowly widdle him away. Even though they were low leveled, with their death Qi, they could still kill seasoned cultivators. If Lin Feng hadn’t sensed their death Qi when he went into the depths of the valley, he would have died. Fortunately, he had sensed their Qi and used his palace to protect himself.

If someone else had gone into the valley, even someone stronger than Lin Feng, they probably would have died.

“Bzzzz….. bzzzz….” there was a terrifying wind as Lin Feng suddenly felt like suffocating. Lin Feng frowned and looked at a gigantic beast approaching.

“What a terrifying crow.” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. That crow must have been the king of the crows. When Lin Feng first came into Death Valley, the king of the crows hadn’t appeared. Maybe because he thought too little of a tiny cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, Lin Feng didn’t deserve its attention.

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