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PMG Chapter 836: Crisis in Gan Yu

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 836: Crisis in Gan Yu

Lin Feng jumped up in the sky using his Xiao Yao agility technique. His body turned into a shadow as danced in the sky with incredible speed.

“Bzzzz….” Lin Feng couldn’t fly any higher because a group of crows blocked his way in the sky. It looked like a web of death trying to capture Lin Feng like a fish.

The Jade Emperor’s palace appeared in Lin Feng’s hand, it contained a terrifying imperial Qi which dispersed the death Qi as well as the crows.

Lin Feng’s palace dashed to the skies opening the way and then turned into a heart again. Lin Feng turned back into a shadow and used his Xiao Yao Step technique to fly away. He was trying to leave the Death Valley.

“Bzzz… bzzz…..”


Terrifying rays of death Qi continued appearing. Lin Feng was just starting to realize how truly terrifying the Death Valley was. Many gigantic wild beasts were there and their death Qi was terrifying! The beasts hadn’t even neared him but he could already sense their Qi.

Lin Feng grabbed a demon bodhi and immediately swallowed it. A terrifying strength started flowing in Lin Feng’s body, he felt like all of this power was going to explode inside him.

“Ka, kacha!” his bones were crackling, his eyes became colder. The death Qi couldn’t corrode his body anymore and he couldn’t even sense it anymore. His long hair, his entire body, he looked like a real demon.

“Boom!” Lin Feng rose up in the air with incredible speed. However, the beasts were faster, especially when they saw that Lin Feng had eaten one of the bodhi.

“The bodhis are on the tree down there, go and pick some!” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled, a bodhi appeared in his hand and he threw it away. In that time, two more demon bodhi had grown on the tree.

Those beasts went insane when they saw that, they suddenly turned around as if they had forgotten about Lin Feng. As they neared the tree a great war started.

Lin Feng took advantage of the chaos to run farther away, but as he was getting away a few silhouettes appeared.

“Eh?” Those who were outside of the valley, the strong cultivators of the East Sea Dragon Palace, had seen the demon leave the valley. After that, they suddenly became very interested in seeing what was in the valley. Was there still something inside?

Lin Feng previously entered the valley and surprisingly hadn’t died. He had probably survived and was responsible for the current chaos of Death Valley.

“Surprisingly, you haven’t died.” one of the strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace saw Lin Feng and released a terrifying deadly energy. He had a cold smile on his face as he threw himself at Lin Feng. Lin Feng might possess a treasure which previously belonged to the Jade Emperor, so he needed to be cautious.

“Die.” That person was a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. He stretched out his arm which then turned into dragon claws. The released Qi turned into a dragon and wanted to attack Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stretched his arm and punched, releasing demonic energies.

“Boom!” when the energies collided, the flood dragon immediately dispersed. Lin Feng’s terrifying punch continued on to crash into his opponent’s body. Crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng had literally destroyed his opponent’s body.

After killing that guy, Lin Feng didn’t stop moving. His silhouette flickered using the Xiao Yao Step technique, his speed was incredible.

The others were astonished, even stunned. Lin Feng had killed a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer in one punch?

How? Lin Feng’s fist was terrifying.

By the time they realized what happened, Lin Feng was already gone. With his agility technique, he could move faster than any of them.

“Chase him!” shouted someone furiously. But then, a terrifying death Qi appeared from behind them. They turned their heads and saw terrifying beasts emerging from Death Valley and attacking them. They were looking at those human beings in an ice-cold way. The cultivators had the impression they were going to die.

“Roaaarrr……” a terrifying Qi emerged out of those beasts and enveloped the cultivators. They were losing too much life too quickly.

“Escape.” They finally realized their only chance of surviving was escaping. However, that death Qi was sticking to their skin and they were still losing their life slowly. It didn’t take long before they all collapsed and died.

Those terrifying beasts were gazing into the distance. They wanted to leave the Death Valley but it seemed like they were scared, it seemed like something was preventing them from leaving.

Those beasts perfectly understood that when they were born, that extremely strong cultivator had created them dead already. Their souls were dead and unable to leave Death Valley. If they left the valley, they would actually die.

News that the demon broke the seal and left the Death Valley had spread quickly. Many strong cultivators from Gan Yu rushed over to the Death Valley.

The legends were true. A demon had really been trapped in the Death Valley and his strength was sealed.

Maybe the demon left something in the valley after leaving. Not only the disciples of the biggest sects and other influential groups were rushing over there, but their strong cultivators as well.

This time, the greatest groups of influence from the Gan Yu region would join hands to survive Death Valley.

At the same time, there was something else that everyone was wondering, where were the people who had gone to the mysterious world? They had disappeared, neither the young cultivators or their entourage had come back.

Then, some other news had spread. Many people had noticed that most of Tian Chi’s people had come back. Some influential groups could guess what happened.

Concerning the fact that Lin Feng had obtained a precious treasure belonging to the Jade Emperor, nobody knew about it. The people from the East Sea Dragon Palace kept the secret otherwise it would have been too difficult for them to steal the treasure. Nobody would renounce such a treasure, Lin Feng maybe attacked by people from Tian Chi if they knew that he had obtained the treasure.

While there was a crisis going on in Gan Yu which was linked to Lin Feng, the latter was sitting cross-legged in a cave in a mountain. His eyes were closed and he was meditating. He had so many incredible treasures and he needed to break through to the Tian Qi layer.

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