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PMG Chapter 838: Denouncing Lin Feng

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PMG Chapter 838: Denouncing Lin Feng

It was freezing cold in Tian Chi because the atmosphere was filled with ice Qi.

On one of the mountains of the main mountain range of Tian Chi, there was someone wearing a snowy-white robe. She was as beautiful as before but these days, Tian Chi Xue had lost her self-esteem and confidence. She wasn’t the pure and holy woman of Tian Chi anymore.

Even though she had come back safely from the mysterious world and had obtained many treasures and skills, she didn’t feel as proud as before. Her heart was wounded. There were too many strong geniuses in Gan Yu and she had thought that she could rival with all of them. But during the real battle, she realized that she could only observe with her strength.

No need to talk about those “young leaders”, they had come back to Tian Chi having made fools of themselves. However, amongst them, Tian Chi Xue was maybe the weakest. She was far from being as strong as Lin Feng. She used to say they weren’t disciples of Tian Chi and she used to despise Huang Fu Long.

Needless to say, the trip to the mysterious world had negative consequences on her psyche.

At that moment, in the distance, there was a powerful Qi. Tian Chi Xue raised her head and gazed into the distance. There was a silhouette on the horizon but she couldn’t see it clearly because of the snow.

That silhouette was extremely quick, so quick that people couldn’t even follow it with their eyes. Their steps were incredible as if they had achieved a perfect unison with the clouds.

“What a marvelous agility technique.” thought Tian Chi Xue surprised. That person streaked across the sky and passed right beside her. A hurricane blew her hair around as they passed her, but she had time to see the face.

“Lin Feng.” That person was Lin Feng, free and unrestrained, moving at such incredible speeds. Lin Feng’s speed had drastically increased since the mysterious world. Tian Chi Xue had reached the very top of the Xuan Qi layer but she couldn’t even follow Lin Feng with her eyes.

Her self-esteem was even lower now.

Lin Feng despised her, the woman who used to be admired and worshiped in Tian Chi. Lin Feng’s words resonated in her head, “You don’t deserve someone like Huang Fu Long, he’s too good for you.”

In the past, amongst the seven snowy peaks of Tian Chi, Tian Xuan Feng was the only one which didn’t have a palace. It had declined and was the weakest group of Tian Chi. Strong cultivators who were recruited didn’t want to go there and ultimately, they were later recruited by the other snowy peaks.

However, the days after the journey to the mysterious world, Tian Xuan Feng had astonished everybody. Almost all of those who had obtained the most extraordinary treasures in the mysterious world were from Tian Xuan Feng. They had become the underdogs.

Tian Xuan Feng had three Zun cultivators, Lin Feng’s teachers. The snow Zun cultivator, the fire Zun cultivator and the sword Zun cultivator.

At this time, they had left their private cultivation and went to the great palace on the main peak where they normally lived.

Outside of a palace, at the top of a peak, there was a great palace that showed no signs of habitation. It seemed abandoned. But all around it, there were students talking and studying cultivation.

However, that peak seemed like it had gone through a disaster. There was a group of silhouettes at the top, wearing mourning clothes. They were blocking the entrance into the palace.

Those people were also members of Tian Chi Xue but they were from Tian Shu Feng.

Amongst the disciples of Tian Shu who had gone to the mysterious world, none of them had come back alive. The reason wasn’t that they had been killed by others, but had suffered from internal tensions instead. They couldn’t stand that those who had killed Tian Shu’s people had violated the rules of Tian Chi, they had to be punished.

However, why would they get punished? In the mysterious world, those Tian Shu disciples wanted to kill Lin Feng and his friends. That was what had caused Lin Feng’s fury in the first place.

Nobody knew exactly what happened in Tian Chi, but the offenders wouldn’t admit their mistakes. Now, some people from Tian Shu were circling a palace.

Lin Feng flickered nearby, running in their direction.

Lin Feng decided to ignore the crowd around the palace, he was surprised but decided not to bother with it.

They turned their heads. They knew Lin Feng’s name but they had never seen him. Therefore, they didn’t recognize him. They just watched as he streaked across the sky towards the palace.

Jun Mo Xi, Huang Fu Long and the group were inside the palace. They all stood up and looked delighted to see Lin Feng again.

“Lin Feng.”

“Lin Feng.”

Everybody was shouting Lin Feng’s name. They hadn’t heard anything about him in quite a while now. They didn’t know if he was still alive. They had, of course, been very worried about him. Lin Feng had made them come back without them so they were terrified about his outcome.

“Lin Feng, you’re insane. Why didn’t you take me with you?” said Huang Fu Long smiling. Everybody walked towards Lin Feng, they looked worried as if he had come back injured.

Lin Feng smiled in a warm and gentle way. He had really good friends, what a wonderful feeling to come back to.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” said Lin Feng smiling. Everybody nodded and asked him what had happened. Lin Feng replied with the story about how East Sea Dragon Palace had hunted him but didn’t talk about the Death Valley. The consequences were too grave, he had to be careful when talking about it.

“So you’re Lin Feng.” said an ice-cold voice from the back of the room. Those who were blocking the entrance to the palace outside in the mourning clothes heard Lin Feng’s name and immediately came inside looking furious.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and walked towards them. Those people had encircled the palace and were impolite when he first arrived. It seemed that they hadn’t respected Tian Chi and its rules.

“Lin Feng, they are Tian Shu’s people. When Bai Li Xi came back, he betrayed his own group and decided to join Tian Shu. He also denounced you and told them that you had killed Tian Shu’s people. Ever since then, they’ve been standing around the palace everyday all day.” whispered Tang You You in Lin Feng’s ears.

Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly looked cold. What a bastard.

“Tian Chi allowed a group of trivial Xuan level cultivators to encircle the palace and humiliate the empire?” Lin Feng asked while glancing back at the crowd.

“It’s not that easy. They have received an order from a Tian Shu Zun cultivator, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible.” Yun Fei Yang explained.

Lin Feng nodded, he understood the situation now. Those people had backing from a Zun cultivator.

Tian Shu’s people had all been killed by Lin Feng in the mysterious world, so naturally they were furious.
Now, Lin Feng was back.
. . .

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