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PMG Chapter 839: Piss off, all of you!

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 839: Piss off, all of you!

“Lin Feng, get the hell out of here!” shouted a voice furiously outside of the palace.

“You killed Tian Chi’s people, how audacious and shameless. Get ready to die for your offense!

”You killed disciples of Tian Chi, that is an offense. Surprisingly, you came back. ”

Those people all wanted to kill Lin Feng.

From inside the palace, Lin Feng looked at the crowd and slowly walked towards. He looked at them in a despising way.

“Lin Feng, do you know the gravity of the offense you committed?” said someone pointing at Lin Feng.

“Offense?” asked Lin Feng calmly.

“Hmph! Back in the mysterious world, you surprisingly killed people from Tian Chi. You killed everyone from the Tian Shu group! You violated the rules of our empire so get ready to pay for your offense.” said that person in a sharp voice while walking towards Lin Feng.

“Who said that I killed them?” said Lin Feng sounding indifferently yet his indifference contained some coldness.

“Bai Li Xi saw you kill them. Could it be that you’re trying to make up excuses now? Because it’s useless at this point.”

“Make up excuses? I’m not, I did kill them.” replied Lin Feng as indifferently as before. They all looked even more furious now.

“But, you’re pieces of trash, so who gave you the authorization to tell me that I had committed an offense. Make Bai Li Xi come here and let’s settle accounts. ”

Pieces of trash?

“Those who said I committed an offense should come here and talk to me directly.” said Lin Feng slowly.

“Could it be that you want to get your revenge now?” said the people from Tian Shu.

“Can’t be bothered talking shit with a bunch of nobodies like you. People from Tian Shu are all sly. You plotted against me and wanted to kill me outside of Tian Shu. Back then, when I killed them and protected myself, everybody saw the incident. So if anyone thinks I committed an offense, make them come here and fight me. Otherwise, you can all piss off!” said Lin Feng. How insane was this guy, telling them off like that?

“The only way we’re going back is if we take you along.” said the people from Tian Shu.

“Shut the hell up!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His voice emitted rumbling sounds which pierced through their ears.

Immediately after, Lin Feng furiously shouted, “You came here and surrounded the palace, falsely accusing me of an offense. You have gone too far. If you don’t piss off right now, I will make you piss off. ”

“Are you threatening us?”

“I am.” said Lin Feng while walking towards them. His eyes looked like thunder and were filled with murder.

“Pfeww…” those people deciding what to do. How brutal, now he was humiliating Tian Shu’s people.

“I am curious to see how you will make us piss off.” said the leader of the group, a cultivator of the ninth Xuan Qi layer. His facial expression looked ice-cold and was filled with murderous intentions as well.

“Okay, I will show you. ”

Lin Feng jumped and many shadows of him appeared. They could only see blurry shadows, unable to distinguish the real Lin Feng from those shadows.

“Boom” a thunderclap sound spread in the air and a wind was blowing so hard that it hurt like razor blades.

That guy’s hair was fluttering and his facial expression change drastically. He randomly punched the air, hoping to get lucky.

“Get lost!” shouted a furious voice as crackling sounds spread in the air. A terrifying strength pierced that guy’s bones. A fist crashed into his chest and he was blown away far into the distance. A crashing sound could be heard along with a terrible shriek of pain.

Everybody was astonished by Lin Feng’s punch.

Lin Feng quickly glanced back at them, and they started sweating.

“Since you’re not leaving, it looks like I’m going to have to make you leave.”

Lin Feng jumped again using his agility technique, looking incredible.

“Boom!” Lin Feng, using his agility technique, punched some more of them and blood splashed as they flew off into the distance.

“Boom boom boom!”

A terrifying storm started. Those Tian Shu people were all being punched away, one after the other. Nobody could keep up with Lin Feng nor resist his punch.

Lin Feng had become too strong, he possessed the strength of the Heruka and he had eaten a demon bodhi. Now his muscles were monstrously hard, like iron. No cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer could challenge him.

“His agility technique…” Tang You You had studied that agility technique and she was already very quick, but Lin Feng was quicker.

Tang You You was smiling in a resplendent way. Lin Feng was so much more talented than her. They were using the same skill but Lin Feng could pull out more of its potential. How could she know that Lin Feng had studied the real and complete technique?

“That strength…” people were speechless. Lin Feng had absolute strength and seemed capable of crushing the Earth.

“Do I need to bring all of you back to your door?” said Lin Feng while staring at all the people in the distance who were lying and crawling on the ground. Those people were all injured without exception and their faces looked hideous.

“Lin Feng, Tian Shu will never let you off!” said the crowd while leaving.

Jun Mo Xi and the others walked towards Lin Feng and watched as those people left.

“Lin Feng, those people came because of their friends’ death. Maybe they had no right to come and blame you, but now they have an excuse.” said Jun Mo Xi in a low voice. Even though Tian Chi’s people were united, Lin Feng had incredible secrets that could draw people’s attention.

Lin Feng was Lin Feng after all. If he had been a Zun cultivator in Tian Chi, nobody would have said anything. Lin Feng’s situation was different, he was strong but he wasn’t a core member of the empire. Some people might say that those treasures would be better off in the hands of other people from Tian pChi.

It wouldn’t be long before stronger cultivators from Tian Shu came to exact their revenge.

“I know. They’ve already gone so far so what’s the use in hiding anything.” replied Lin Feng. Even if he tried to hide, he couldn’t escape. No need to be polite.

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