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PMG Chapter 84: The Real Threat

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The small Blue Bamboo Snake slithered up onto Wen Ren Yan’s body until it finally sat atop his head. Its blue eyes looked incredibly evil.

“Lin Feng, look into my eyes.”

Wen Ren Yan was speaking loudly. Lin Feng was staring at Wen Ren Yan’s evil blue eyes. They looked like torrents of lightning. Lin Feng was so absorbed in Wen Ren Yan’s eyes that he was absent minded for a second.

Wen Ren Yan had an evil smile on his face. He suddenly moved as fast as lightning and landed in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye. He thrust out his hand directly towards Lin Feng’s head.

“How quick!”

Everybody was stupefied. Not only did Wen Ren Yan’s eyes look really evil but he was also extremely quick and agile. When Wen Ren Yan released his spirit, his entire body looked like a snake. Looking directly into his eyes for even a few seconds could lead to your death.

“This looks bad.”

Lin Feng had been absent minded for only a brief moment and had quickly used his sword to block the attack. In the blink of an eye, an extremely powerful energy struck against Lin Feng’s sword and sent him into the air. His soft sword was zigzagging in the air and it looked like he was going to fall heavily on the ground because of Wen Ren Yan’s attack.

“Moonlight Feather Agility.”

Lin Feng’s body started to twist in mid air and he managed to land steadily on both his feet.

Wen Ren Yan didn’t even try to come close to Lin Feng. He was still at the same place and said with an evil smile: “You see the colossal difference? You may be a genius, but in front of me, you are nothing. If I want to play with you, I can play with you. Even if I don’t attack you, my speed alone would make it impossible for you to even touch a hair on my body.”

“As expected, Lin Feng is strong but the difference between Wen Ren Yan is gigantic. Lin Feng is unable to even touch him. Wen Ren Yan is way too powerful. Even the second of the ranking list would be unable to compete with him.”

The crowd was convinced that Lin Feng couldn’t do anything. Wen Ren Yan’s attacks almost couldn’t be blocked. Lin Feng would quickly get discouraged and end up losing his life.

Lin Feng’s eyes shrunk. He didn’t dare look at Wen Ren Yan’s blue pupils again.

When Wen Ren Yan released his spirit, his eyes were filled with an evil light. If you looked at them even for even a second, you could be paralyzed. Lin Feng hadn’t forgotten what had happened just a moment ago.

What the Blue Bamboo Beast spirit allowed Wen Ren Yan to do was extremely frightening. It granted him incredible speed and the ability to paralyze an opponent.

It was a wonderful natural ability. Some geniuses had such amazing spirits that they had a clear advantage over many people. Wen Ren Yan was one of those people with an amazing spirit.

“Celestial Spirit.”

Lin Feng’s cold look disappeared and was replaced by a pair of pitch black eyes which looked extremely evil. He gradually became aware of every single movement within the atmosphere as if the world was moving in slow motion. His brain was processing the data at an incredible speed.

His sword was diffusing an extremely powerful Qi and sword force was gathering. The entire fighting stage was filled with the power from his sword. The smell of blood was still fresh on the fighting stage, however the sword was emanating an aura of death. It felt like whatever the sword attacked would be cursed to death.

“Sword force, oh isn’t that terrific?”

Wen Ren Yan was smiling coldly. He was motionless and suddenly an extremely violent energy spread through the atmosphere and attacked Lin Feng. The energy was being released from Wen Ren Yan’s hand in an attempt to crush Lin Feng. This energy was so strong that it did not compare with Wen Ren Yan’s previous attack.

Lin Feng managed to break free while looking as agile as the wind.

The energy being released by Wen Ren Yan’s hand was shaking the atmosphere.


Wen Ren Yen took a deep breath and tried to attack Lin Feng again.

But it seemed like Lin Feng already knew in advance what attack Wen Ren Yan was attempting and where his attack would target. With graceful and effortless movements, Lin Feng dodged the incoming attack. His body moved like the wind, looking light and agile. It seemed like Lin Feng hadn’t required any effort to dodge the attack.


The crowd was observing Lin Feng with the greatest attention. Lin Feng’s body looked so graceful and agile. Could it be that Lin Feng had learnt and practiced an agility technique to dodge attacks?

“What kind of agility technique could make him so quick and agile?”

“Could it be that it’s not an agility technique and that it’s just an illusion?”

“If Lin Feng is able to create illusions, then that’s really terrifying.”

Many people in the crowd were talking about that move Lin Feng had just displayed. Wen Ren Yan who was extremely quick and agile had suddenly been unable to reach Lin Feng. Lin Feng had been able to dodge his attacks very easily.

Lin Feng was effortlessly dodging attacks and moving with a calm look on his face. Even though the move he had done a moment before looked like an agility technique, it wasn’t one but his Celestial Spirit allowed him to move without wasted movements. His spirit made him omniscient and aware of everything surrounding him which enabled him to dodge to perfection. Besides with his spirit unleashed, Wen Ren Yan was moving in slow motion for him. Lin Feng also felt more relaxed which made it easy for him to dodge Wen Ren Yan’s attacks with a calm demeanor.

“Get lost.” Snorted Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s sword started glowing and he elegantly moved the sword through the air. The force diffused by the sword seemed like it could annihilate anything in its path. Wen Ren Yan immediately jumped back to a safe distance and did not want to approach Lin Feng. They were both moving incredibly quick.

“How can you be so quick?” said Wen Ren Yan, whose evil blue eyes were staring at Lin Feng in shock.

“I thought you wanted to play with me, why are you suddenly retreating? I thought I was nothing compared with you, what’s wrong? Why do you keep running away?”

Lin Feng’s tone was ice cold. Wen Ren Yan’s blue pupils and Lin Feng’s pitch black eyes both looked demonic but at that moment Wen Ren Yan couldn’t help but stare at Lin Feng’s black eyes with a hint of fear.

“Why have his eyes also changed? Could it be that he has a spirit similar to mine?”

Wen Ren Yan was wondering what was going on while looking at Lin Feng’s eyes. He had noticed that Lin Feng’s eyes had changed. They were ice cold a moment ago but now they seemed expressionless, lifeless and contained endless darkness. In Wen Ren Yan’s opinion, it could only be due to some sort of skill or a spirit. This would be the only thing which could explain Lin Feng’s eye transformation.

“Skill or spirit, it doesn’t matter. I will kill you anyway.” Wen Ren Yan thought that deep in his heart. He kept staring at Lin Feng and then said: “Lin Feng, look into my eyes.”

Wen Ren Yan’s normal aggressive and cold look was mixed with his beast like eyes. This time when Lin Feng stared at Wen Ren Yan’s pupils nothing happened. His eyes still looked like two endless black holes.

“As expected, it is a skill. It’s impossible to paralyze him.”

Wen Ren Yan looked surprised. It seemed like his two blue eyes were going to be useless against Lin Feng.

“Don’t worry, I was just playing with you. Since you seem so impatient to die, I will help you achieve your goal.”

Wen Ren Yan raised his head. He held his hand out in front of him. His blue eyes were refracting the light around him. An ash-grey Qi emerged from his palm. The Qi was carrying a deathly stillness and the smell of death filled the entire arena.

The Blue Bamboo Snake, apart from being extremely quick when dodging attacks, it was extremely venomous and touching it would be fatal. There was no cultivator who would risk the poison contained within the Blue Bamboo Snake.

Wen Ren Yan had used his spirit to practice demonic skills which allowed him to channel the poison of the Blue Bamboo Snake.

The venom was as powerful as an average Xuan level attack. It enabled Qi to transform into a venomous Qi. This type of attack was extremely powerful. It was also able to paralyze the opponent from pain. Touching it would lead to death or immense suffering.

These kinds of skills were also extremely hard to practice. Only extremely talented geniuses could learn such skills. Besides, they required spirits which could be considered as rare and mysterious. For example, Wen Ren Yan could learn such skills because he had a Blue Bamboo Snake Spirit. His spirit was a perfect combination for these types of skills which enabled him to carry out monstrously powerful attacks.

Wen Ren Yan’s silhouette flashed in the atmosphere. His velocity was as quick and agile as before. In the blink of an eye he was already in front of Lin Feng.

He then cruelly attacked Lin Feng with his deathly Qi. Lin Feng was surprised by this action. He had been already been touched by the Qi which suddenly made him move much slower than before.

However, Lin Feng was still very quick and agile when dodging the attacks. He jumped and his body suddenly looked like it was floating in the air. He suddenly thrust out with his glowing sword.

Wen Ren Yan’s movement abilities were also extremely good. He was moving like an extremely fast and agile snake. Suddenly, Lin Feng’s sword made a whistling sound when it passed next to Wen Ren Yan’s body. He had successfully dodged the sword strike from Lin Feng.

“No wonder that Wen Ren Yan is so arrogant. He is indeed extremely strong.”

Lin Feng was feeling gloomy for a second. Wen Ren Yan’s blue pupils as well as his venom were enough to carry out extremely powerful attacks. Besides, his speed when dodging was also extremely good. He could move his body to dodge attacks like a snake. And finally, his speed remained unchanged. It seemed like Wen Ren Yan had no weakness.

If Lin Feng didn’t have his Celestial Spirit, he wouldn’t be able to cope with Wen Ren Yan’s speed of attacks. Because of these things, there was probably no other elite disciple who could compete with Wen Ren Yan. If they fought against him, they would be in quite a terrible situation.

“I’ll see how long you can endure this.”

Wen Ren Yan said that while smiling coldly, he was looking down on Lin Feng more than ever. All of a sudden, an incredible Qi consumed the entire atmosphere.

“That’s enough!” shouted Lin Feng.

“Deadly sword.”

An incredible quantity of sword force emerged from the tip of his sword. It also seemed like it illuminated the entire arena with its glow. Wen Ren Yan venomous Qi was progressively being pierced and chopped off into pieces by Lin Feng’s sword force. Lin Feng stopped using his sword force and prepared to use his Sword of Nirvana.

“A moment ago you said that you were playing with me. I still have seen how you intend to play with me though. The top ranked elite disciple, a peerless genius? Please stop talking such nonsense when standing before me.”

Lin Feng’s voice resonated throughout the Stormy Gorge.

Wen Ren Yan thought that he was playing with Lin Feng but how was that even possible? Lin Feng hadn’t even been slightly harmed by any of Wen Ren Yan’s attacks. He had been able to easily dodge all of them without taking even a scratch.

“Stop talking nonsense and you are nothing. You are just pathetic and childish.” Said Wen Ren Yan whose tone was filled with disdain.

“Stop talking nonsense? Do you not have eyes in that head or do you have no brain? Do you think that you are the only one to possess a spirit?”

When Lin Feng finished talking, a black shadow appeared behind his back. What stupefied everybody was that within that shadow, there were two pitch black eyes. They looked extremely evil and demonic.

“That is the first time that Lin Feng has released his spirit. It looks like it is extremely powerful.”

“What kind of spirit is that? I have never such a thing before.”

Many people were stupefied when they saw Lin Feng’s spirit. That’s right, Lin Feng hadn’t released his spirit until now. They obviously didn’t know that Lin Feng had actually already released the first layer his Celestial Spirit during the battle however it could not be detected.

“Oh my… Is that Lin Feng’s spirit? I remember that everyone said Lin Feng had a small snake spirit and that it was completely useless. Since when does Lin Feng have such a spirit?

Someone had sighed while saying that. The crowd quickly glanced at him and then ignored what he had said. It was an ordinary disciple who was extremely weak. He was obviously misinformed.

“That’s right. I remember Lin Feng’s useless and crappy snake spirit. Could it be that Lin Feng has two spirits? Otherwise, how could he have this spirit as well?”

Another ordinary disciple said. Only the ordinary disciple knew that Lin Feng used to be bullied and humiliated by everyone because of his spirit. Almost all the ordinary disciples remembered that he was known to be a piece of trash.

It seemed like Lin Feng had become a completely new person. In such a short time, he had progressed become so powerful that he was respected by many of the other disciples.

Unfortunately for these ordinary disciples, even though they had said the truth, nobody believed them. They believed that these ordinary disciples were just idiots making up rumours.

Dual Spirit? How could it be that simple? Dual spirits were extremely rare. If Lin Feng had a double spirit, considering that he was already a genius then it would mean that he is not a genius but a monster!

Many of the ordinary disciples were absolutely fascinated by Lin Fen and had become completely captivated.

“Wen Ren Yan, I will show you my real power now.” 
Lin Feng sounded completely emotionless which made everybody shiver with fear.

Lin Feng hadn’t been using his full strength at all until now?

How strong was he?

A black fog emerged from his body and started to cover the fighting stage. Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes were looking more and more frightening and cruel than ever before.

He was holding his sword in his hand out of which was emanating a huge quantity of sword Qi.

“Celestial Ability.”

When Lin Feng said that, a small white light flashed in Lin Feng’s dark pupils. They looked even more dangerous than Wen Ren Yan’s blue eyes.

Lin Feng had already released his spirit but it was the first time that he was using spirit ability: Celestial Ability.

Wen Ren Yan was somehow paralyzed. Suddenly, Wen Ren Yan’s spirit had appeared in front of his eyes and was using his own skull against him. That was a refraction.

Wen Ren Yan had a strange sensation at that moment. He had the impression that, in that darkness, he was running but that his body was not moving at all.

“Moonlight Feather Agility.”

Lin Feng started to step forwards, Lin Feng was extremely fast and he suddenly appeared in front of Wen Ren Yan and thrust out his deadly sword.

Wen Ren Yan dodged the attack and retaliated with the poison from the palm of his hand.

But at the same time, a black Qi emerged absorbed the poison into the black fog. The sword started to glow again and sword force became extremely thick and powerful.


Wen Ren Yan tried to retreat but he found that Lin Feng was closely following him like his own shadow. No matter what he did he could not escape from Lin Feng.

The dazzling glow from the deadly sword swallowed the entire atmosphere once again.

As Wen Ren Yan retreated he continued to be met with Lin Feng’s sword and it was getting harder and harder to dodge his strikes.

Wen Ren Yan gnashed his teeth. He was confused because he could see the glow from the sword attacking him from every angle. No matter where he moved, he would be in danger.

What astonished Wen Ren Yan the most though is that Lin Feng was attacking continuously without break. It seemed like he did not have to think about anything and was reacting and attacking instantly.

“How is this possible?”

Wen Ren Yan was really astonished. How terrifying. It was as if Lin Feng knew exactly what Wen Ren Yan was going to do at any moment. Just a moment before, Lin Feng had actually aimed his strike where Wen Ren Yan was planning to dodge. It seemed like Lin Feng already knew exactly what Wen Ren Yan would do before he did it.

Maybe it has something to do with the oppressing force in the atmosphere?

Wen Ren Yan’s face looked ghastly pale. Lin Feng’s sword was glowing again ready to attack.

Wen Ren Yan was exhausted and felt hopeless. He tried to release more poison but it immediately got absorbed by the strange black fog. It seemed like Lin Feng was able to completely dominate Wen Ren Yan’s strength and abilities.

“Lin Feng is surprisingly able to put Wen Ren Yan in such a dire situation?”

Everybody’s face looked as rigid as wood. It seemed like Wen Ren Yan was no longer at an advantage but was actually in danger. He was just defending himself from attacks. No matter where he dodged, he would be attacked again. Each attack was growing more and more dangerous. It looked like he could be killed at any moment.

Was it really Wen Ren Yan who was playing with Lin Feng or the opposite? It more looked like Wen Ren Yan was in serious trouble.

Everybody was fascinated by Lin Feng. He was so powerful once he released his spirit. He was a real genius and his power was terrifying. The entire crowd envied his power and his talent.

At that moment, they all understood that Lin Feng was hiding another terrifying power. It seemed like he had another horrifying yet sensational power. How frightening! It seemed like Lin Feng was able to block all of Wen Ren Yan’s senses and abilities.

“Hey, genius! Why are you having such a hard time dodging and continue to spend your time running away?” Lin Feng said these words with an emotionless tone which sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

Lin Feng surprisingly looked like he wasn’t tired at all. It almost even looks like he had more energy than at the beginning of the battle as if he had just finished his warm up. The entire crowd was so stupefied that they had mixed feelings: they were both excited and scared of Lin Feng at the same time.

Lin Feng’s tone and voice had sounded just like that of Wen Ren Yan before the battle when Wen Ren Yan believed he was just toying with Lin Feng. The crowd was looking at Lin Feng like he was an absolute monster.

In the end, who was the true genius?

“Wen Ren Yan, didn’t you say that there was a huge different between you and me? I believe you said that I’d be unable to reach a hair on your body? Yet now you just keep running away and blocking my attacks. Aren’t you feeling ashamed of yourself by now?”

Lin Feng unsheathed his sword while saying these words which stabbed deep into Wen Ren Yan’s pride. He was going insane from the humiliation he was suffering.

“Wen Ren Yan, were you not supposed to prove everybody that you were an amazing genius? Is this how you intend to prove it?”

Lin Feng did not look like he was going to let Wen Ren Yan off at all. He was humiliating Wen Ren Yan as he continued to attack him endlessly. Wen Ren Yan’s thoughts were getting more and more confused. He was going crazy from the humiliation and Lin Feng continued attacking him over and over again.

“You insult others and call them “a piece of trash”. Well, it seems like you are a piece of trash yourself. Can you feel it? It is called humiliation, but you are a shameless person so I guess that you do not understand how to feel shame.”

Lin Feng’s words continued to bombard Wen Ren Yan’s pride and arrogance. He stopped dodging attacks and started to gather a large quantity of poison which threw itself straight at Lin Feng while looking like a snake. Wen Ren Yan was finally brave enough to challenge death.

“You should wait until I am done. Then death will come to collect you.”

Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes were expressionless. The sword force was getting more and more intense. It was consuming everything within the atmosphere and growing in power.

“Deadly sword.”

Lin Feng’s sword illuminated the atmosphere. It was thrusting towards Wen Ren Yan whose heart was pounding.

“Retreat!”  A voice shouted from the crowd. Wen Ren Yan, without hesitation, retreated backwards while focusing all of his remaining power on escaping.


That word spread throughout the atmosphere and Lin Feng’s deadly sword begun to pierce through the atmosphere annihilating everything in its path.

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