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PMG Chapter 841: Together

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PMG Chapter 841: Together

“Ahhhhh……. my cultivation!” a horrible shriek could be heard off in the distance. The people from Tian Shu ran and appeared next to the young man.

They all looked solemn as they turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Their facial expressions looked perplex, Lin Feng had crippled his cultivation? That young man was the son of a famous Zun cultivator and Lin Feng had crippled his cultivation.

When Lin Feng saw all those people look at him, he said indifferently, “The first time I told you to leave, I didn’t hurt you but you’ve been acting wildly. You keep coming here over and over again to cause trouble, humiliate people and you even want to kill me. Everybody listen to me very carefully, I crippled his cultivation but I didn’t kill him. That’s only because I respect Tian Chi. ”

“What? You’re still not leaving? Does that mean you want me to continue?” said Lin Feng furiously. Ice-cold lights were twinkling in his eyes.

The young man whose cultivation was crippled by Lin Feng looked deathly pale as if he had lost his vitality. He still couldn’t accept the fact that his cultivation had been crippled. How cruel.

His father was a Zun cultivator and he was a genius. However, because he came to punish Lin Feng, his cultivation had been crippled. Even a Zun cultivator wouldn’t have dared do such a thing.

“I will kill you.” he said furiously. However, his voice wasn’t as loud as before. No Qi emerged from his body and never would any again.

The Zun cultivator was quickly informed about how Lin Feng had crippled his son’s cultivation. Very quickly, everybody in Tian Chi knew that the Lin Feng had come back. Now there were several people going to the palace where Lin Feng was.

Tian Shu’s people came back as well, this time they were not composed of Xuan and Tian level cultivators anymore. There were many Tian Qi layer cultivators whose Qi was incredible, burning like fire.

“Lin Feng!” shouted a terrifying voice from the sky which painfully pierced people’s eardrums. That voice seemed like razor blades in the sky.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the crowd in the sky.

“Lin Feng, you violated the rules of Tian Chi by killing Tian Shu’s people. Then you came back to Tian Chi as if you had never done anything. Then, you injured my people and even crippled a disciple’s cultivation, do you admit your offenses?” said someone extremely loudly. That voice shook the palace

“Admit my offenses? Tian Shu’s people kept coming back over and over again to cause me trouble. They even wanted to kill me. According to you, if Tian Shu’s people caused me trouble and want to kill me, so I should let them do so?” replied Lin Feng while smiling coldly.

“How audacious!” shouted the voice furiously. A gigantic hand appeared and attacked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng dodged the attack using his Xiao Yao agility technique and disappeared from his initial location.

“Boom boom boom!” explosion sounds spread in the air and the gigantic hand crashed onto the ground and created a crater.

“You’re a little cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer and you dare contradict me? Do you want to die? Now, come with me to Tian Shu and admit your offenses. Maybe then I will spare your life.” said that Tian level cultivator.

“According to you, breaking through to the Tian Qi layer makes you an incredible cultivator but I defeated your Tian level cultivator. You’re really shameless. If everybody in Tian Chi were like you, Tian Chi would collapse on itself.” said Lin Feng.

“You sure have a glib tongue but that won’t change anything, come with us.” said the Tian level cultivator while jumping onto the ground. This time, Lin Feng’s hair and robe were fluttering in with the wind. The Tian level cultivator’s gigantic hand moved straight for Lin Feng to capture him.

“Come with you?” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. A terrifying fire Qi appeared in his hand and started burning. That fire was filled with a monstrously deadly energy.

“Boom!” a hand print appeared on the fire and the fire lost a lot of its strength. However, the fire didn’t disappear.

“Burn!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His terrifying fire ignited again and headed towards the Tian level cultivator.

“Eh?” The Tian level cultivator was surprised. His sleeves fluttered and a strong wind brushed against his skin. It seemed like Lin Feng’s fire could even hurt him.

“You dare resist me!” the atmosphere was filled with pressure. Lin Feng noticed that the cultivator was furious as well. His body was suddenly surrounded by a green light which shot out at Lin Feng.

“Stop.” someone said from the distance. Lin Feng recognized the voice though, it was the snow Zun cultivator’s. He couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Tian Shu’s people are too shameless. You dare come to my palace and cause trouble. By doing so, you don’t respect me.” said the voice furiously from the distance.

“Zun cultivator!” the crowd was astonished. A zun cultivator was intervening so things weren’t going to end quietly.

“Master, Lin Feng violated the rules first. I came here to protect Tian Chi. I hope you won’t blame us. ”

“Protect Tian Chi? Since when are you a protector of Tian Chi? If you want Lin Feng’s life, come straight to me!” said the Zun cultivator seemingly not talking to anyone in particular.

His voice was rolling in the air and snowflakes were following the sound waves. A silhouette then slowly appeared in the sky. That person’s Qi was much stronger than that of a Tian level cultivator’s. Their Qi looked enigmatic and unfathomable.

“Who else? Since you’re all here, come to me!” said the snow Zun cultivator. In a flash, many silhouettes appeared all around in the sky. They had planned the whole thing from the start, it seemed!

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