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PMG Chapter 842: Who committed a crime?

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PMG Chapter 842: Who committed a crime?

Snowflakes were falling from the sky, making things look magical. A silhouette came out of the palace, that person looked extraordinary. Their silhouette was surrounding by snowflakes but they didn’t fall to the ground, instead they kept floating around them.

A Zun cultivator, a representative of Tian Chi.

“It seems like people from Tian Ji and the six other snowy peaks have arrived.” said the snow Zun cultivator while glancing at the crowd, especially at the other Zun cultivators. “Brothers, why did you come here? ”

“I came here because I was wondering why Tian Shu’s people were unhappy.” said an old man in a green robe. He looked like he stood aloof from worldly affairs. It was difficult to know, from his tone of speech, if he really meant what he was saying.

“You know why I came here. Your disciple violated our rules when he killed my disciples in the mysterious world. He is a traitor so Tian Shu’s people came here to punish him for his crimes but he crippled a Tian Shu disciple’s cultivation. I will bring him back to Tian Shu now so he can be punished for his crimes.” said the Tian Shu Zun cultivator while staring at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, is that so?” asked the snow Zun cultivator while looking at Lin Feng who was standing next to him.

“In the mysterious world, Tian Shu’s cultivators said we weren’t Tian Chi’s people and wanted to kill my friends and I. I want to ask the venerable Zun cultivator of Tian Shu, what should I have done? Let them kill us?” said Lin Feng indifferently while looking at the Tian Shu cultivator.

“You are so insolent! You surprisingly dare invert right and wrong.” shouted that Zun cultivator furiously. His terrifying voice made Lin Feng shake.

“Since you are always right and I am always wrong, then there is no need to argue. Okay, fine, whatever you say is the truth.” said Lin Feng mockingly which made the Zun cultivator narrow his eyes. He then said coldly, “You are very brave, surprisingly you actually made fun of me. I want to ask you, are you saying that Bai Li Xi, a member of Tian Xuan, lied? ”

“You said it, Bai Li Xi was initially a member of Tian Xuan and then he left the group and joined Tian Shu, didn’t he betray Tian Xuan? Do you mean that someone who betrayed his own group is more entitled to say the truth than someone else?” said Lin Feng while smiling in a cold way.

“Indeed, Bai Li Xi is a traitor and lied. He betrayed the others for Tian Shu and wanted to kill us. How ridiculous.”

“Tian Shu’s people started first.” said Jun Mo Xi and the others confirming Lin Feng’s words.

“You are Lin Feng’s friends and you’ll just joined Tian Chi together. How could we trust you? ”

“I confirm what they are saying. Tian Shu’s people attacked first.” said a female voice. Lin Feng was extremely surprised, it was Tian Chi Xue.

“You are lying. Has Tian Shu ever tried to attack you? You are traitors that kill your fellow disciples. That is obvious.” said someone from the Tian Shu group.

“What a traitor and a coward. All you can do is hide.” said Lin Feng while glancing at Bai Li Xi despisingly.

Bai Li Xi came out of the crowd and glared at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, you killed your disciples from Tian Shu and I saw it with my own eyes. Tian Xuan’s people even helped you. I couldn’t stay in the same group as you all, that’s why I joined Tian Shu. ”

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards and arrived in the middle of the scene. “I dare you to come near me and say that again! ”

Bai Li Xi glanced at the people from Tian Shu and slowly walked towards Lin Feng. He then arrived in front of him and said, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Bai Li Xi, telling lies to cause disharmony between Tian Xuan and Tian Shu, that is the biggest betrayal. Such an offense is unforgivable and the only punishment is death.” said Lin Feng whose eyes were filled with murder.

Lin Feng didn’t even look at him. He looked at the Zun cultivator and said, “Since we all have different views on the matter, I would like to ask you, who is the disciple we can trust the most among the seven snowy peaks? ”

“Yu Tian Ji of the Tian Ji snowy peak.” said the Zun cultivator indifferently. Everybody agreed. Yu Tian Ji was the young leader of the Tian Ji snowy peaks. Besides, he had an outstanding talent. He would, someday become a real leader in Tian Ji.

“Okay.” said lin Feng while jumping forwards. Bai Li Xi’s facial expression changed drastically, he wanted to escape but a gigantic hand grabbed his throat causing his eyes to almost pop out of their orbits. Lin Feng was audacious and insane. Lin Feng dared act that way in front of the Zun cultivator of Tian Shu, let alone everyone else.

“Insolent!” shouted the Zun cultivator furiously. Lin Feng didn’t fear him, he looked at him and said, “Yu Tian Ji arrived already. We won’t have to wait for more than a second, so there’s need to be that impatient. ”

When Lin Feng finished talking, a silhouette appeared in the sky, it was Yu Tian Ji and he was surrounded by star lights.

“Tian Qi layer!” the crowd was astonished and staring at Yu Tian Ji. No wonder he was predestined to become a leader in Tian Ji. Before the mysterious world, he was unable to break through to the Tian Qi layer. And now, it had been only a few days since he came back from the mysterious world and in such a short time he broke through to the Tian Qi layer, what a genius!

Lin Feng was just as surprised as everyone else.

Yu Tian Ji nodded at Lin Feng and to the Zun cultivator. “Tian Shu’s people really attacked Lin Feng and his friends in the mysterious world. Lin Feng just defended himself.” said Yu Tian Ji and then slightly bowed. Star lights twinkled around him as he disappeared. It seemed like he was practicing cultivation and while practicing, he had heard what was going on over there.

“Bai Li Xi, you wanted to create a disharmony between Tian Xuan and Tian Shu, you are the traitor. You wanted to weaken Tian Chi and this is an unforgivable offense so you must die.” shouted Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng was really going to kill him.

“Traitors of Tian Chi must be killed without mercy!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Crackling sounds spread in the air as a fire ignited and burnt Bai Li Xi.

“Do you have any last words?” said Lin Feng while looking at the Tian Shu Zun cultivator. His facial expression looked hideous and he said, “Even if I was wrong about the mysterious world, what is your excuse for having crippled my son’s cultivation?”

“If I, Lin Feng, brought people to Tian Shu like you did, how would you react?” replied Lin Feng indifferently. The Zun cultivator was speechless. If Lin Feng had brought people and surrounded his palace, he wouldn’t have just told them to go away. Things would have been much more complicated than that.

“He had broken through to the Tian Qi layer and acted impolitely. He came here to humiliate everybody and on top of that, wanted to take me back to Tian Shu to kill me. Not to mention he said I could punch him three times in front of everybody. I just punched him twice and crippled his cultivation. You are furious now so you’re trying to find excuses to accuse me of something. I can’t say anything in return.” said Lin Feng. It was a humiliation for the Zun cultivator. They had all gone to go there to kill Lin Feng, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, but he had crippled the Tian level young man’s cultivation in two punches. And now a Zun cultivator was arguing with Lin Feng, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer…

The crowd was astonished as well. Lin Feng didn’t sound like he felt guilty at all. It was Tian Shu’s fault. They had died and it was their problem now.

“Very good. Surprisingly, you are blaming Tian Shu as if I hadn’t educated my disciples properly. However, since you killed lots of my disciples, I will still take you back to Tian Shu for a few days.” said the Zun cultivator after remaining silent for a few seconds. He still wanted to take Lin Feng back to Tian Shu.

“You’re humiliating yourself and everyone else in Tian Chi. I joined Tian Chi because of the harmony in the empire and for the empire to rise up. I want Tian Chi to become powerful and famous in the region. However, you are trying to make the different groups of the empire divide, and thus disappointed me. If everyone were like you in Tian Chi, the empire would be in great danger. ”

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