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PMG Chapter 843: Insane Swordsman

PMG Chapter 843: Insane Swordsman
“You want to teach me a lesson?” said the Tian Shu Zun cultivator when he heard Lin Feng’s despising tone of speech.

“I wouldn’t dare.” said Lin Feng smirking, “Teachers will educate disciples and are one of the factors which make a sect or an influential group powerful. If the leaders are strong, then the group is strong. Tian Chi is rising and has started to become very influential in Gan Yu. Those who control Tian Chi devote their lives to making the empire strong. If the empire remains harmonious, we will never collapse. ”

“Tian Ji is the biggest peak and the leader of Tian Chi is the leader Tian Ji. As such, he must be infinitely powerful. Besides, Yu Tian Ji is a disciple of Tian Ji. Even though there were tensions between he and I in the past, in times of danger, we helped each other out because we cared about Tian Chi above all. Only a few cowards without principles like Tian Shu’s people went to the mysterious world to take treasures for themselves and hurt Tian Chi. After coming back to Tian Chi, I finally understand why the Tian Shu disciples are like that.” Lin Feng explained slowly, making the Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s facial expression look worse and worse.

Everybody understood what Lin Feng meant. People were secretly thinking that Lin Feng was quite audacious.

The Tian Shu Zun cultivator slowly turned around and didn’t look back at Lin Feng, but at the snow Zun cultivator.

“You heard him. He doesn’t respect me, so I will bring him back to Tian Shu for a few days but don’t worry, I will not kill him. I will teach him that he must respect Zun cultivators.” the snow Zun cultivator slightly shook his head. Tian Shu had made fools of themselves, how could he possibly let Lin Feng go to Tian Shu?

“I don’t feel like talking much, but you’re angry at Lin Feng because you think he doesn’t respect Zun cultivators. Those are just words. Your cultivators came here and surrounded my palace which is a humiliation to me. How could I let Lin Feng go away with you to Tian Shu after that? ”

The snow Zun cultivator’s eyes flashed. Tian Chi had existed for so many years and no tensions ever existed. But as Lin Feng had said, they hadn’t faced danger before. It wasn’t until the mysterious world where some people showed their true nature.

“Lin Feng killed my disciples and he is at the root of all our problems. I admit that my disciples haven’t been respectful towards you, so I will teach them respect. If you want to help me educate them, I will be happy to receive your help. However, I will still take Lin Feng back to Tian Shu.” said the Tian Shu Zun cultivator.

The snow Zun cultivator didn’t say much, he just shook his head. Taking Lin Feng away was impossible.

“You want to create a war between Tian Xuan and Tian Shu? As a leader, what are you thinking?” shouted the Tian Shu Zun cultivator which upset all the Tian Xuan members. Create tensions between the two groups?

“I thought that Zun cultivators in Tian Chi were benevolent. I wouldn’t have thought that some Zun cultivators would act like normal people and would act greedy, sly and shameless.” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. Tian Shu’s people caused troubles because they wanted Lin Feng’s treasures. Now, they were accusing Tian Xuan of causing trouble.

“How audacious!” shouted the Tian Shu Zun cultivator at Lin Feng. The atmosphere froze and he released an invisible energy shot straight at Lin Feng’s head. Weak cultivators couldn’t even sense it.

Lin Feng suddenly used his broken soul and his bronze bells to protect himself. The bronze bells resonated and Lin Feng’s body shook violently. He was even pushed backwards of a few steps.

“Kacha!” Lin Feng fell down on the ground. Lin Feng controlled his blood circulation to stop his blood from flowing to his face, causing his face to pale.

The Zun cultivator could attack people’s awareness and had managed to make Lin Feng’s soul shake. However, because Lin Feng practiced the broken spirit skill and the godly awareness which the three lives demon previously taught him, he was able to protect his awareness. However, he had to pretend that he was injured, otherwise people would believe that he had obtained incredible treasures and would want to steal them even more.

“You keep humiliating me over and over again, if I don’t educate you, you will never respect your elders.” said the Zun cultivator smiling coldly. He looked insane. However, A terrifying sword energy invaded the atmosphere when he finished talking.

The Zun cultivators could only sense the sword Qi as it seemed to threaten them. Xuan and Tian level cultivators all felt like suffocating and were unable move.

“Who’s that?” the Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s facial expression suddenly changed.


“Ahhhhhhh” horrible shrieks kept spreading in the atmosphere. Tian Shu disciples kept shouting one after the other as they were suffocating. Even though no wounds appeared on their bodies, they felt like blades were ripping them apart.

They couldn’t bear the pain anymore as they were now covered in a cold sweat and crouched down under the pressure. A little bit more pressure and they would all die.

“Come out.” shouted the Tian Shu cultivator furiously. Thunder sounds were spreading in the air.

A sword streaked across the sky and someone appeared above the crowd. That person was releasing a terrifyingly sharp sword Qi which could kill everyone easily.

“Jian Feng Zi, what is the meaning of all of this?” said the Tian Shu Zun cultivator, but deep in his eyes, one could see that he was scared. If he had had to fear only one person in Tian Xuan, that would be him.

That person was insane and his attacks were very frightening. In Tian Xuan, there were three Zun cultivators and Jian Feng Zi was the strongest one.

“Even if Tian Xuan made a mistake, you would still have nothing to do here. However, I will educate Tian Shu’s disciples I think!” said the sword cultivator. His facial expression looked as sharp as a sword. Each and every single Tian Shu disciple was terrified.

“Jian Feng Zi, you too arrogant.” said the Tian Shu Zun cultivator coldly.

“Arrogant?” said the sword cultivator smiling. “You, Tian Shu people came and surrounded my palace and act as if you had done nothing wrong. Then you want to take away my disciple, and now you’re calling me arrogant. How ridiculous. Why did you come here, really? Everybody knows why. Tian Chi refused earlier already. When disciples are lucky, it’s good for them to hold onto their own treasures. Now, I will teach Tian Shu’s people why we can act arrogantly in front of you.” when he finished talking, a terrifying sword Qi fell down from the sky. Jian Feng Zi wanted to attack Tian Shu’s disciples as well as the Tian Shu Zun cultivator. He wouldn’t let anyone bully Tian Xuan’s people!

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