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PMG Chapter 844: New Era for Tian Xuan

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 844: New Era for Tian Xuan

A terrifying pressure was emerging from Jian Feng Zi’s body which oppressed the crowd under him. It seemed like his entire body had turned into an indestructible sword and that nothing and nobody could stop him.

A man like a sword, his sword Qi seemed infinite all around him.

“He’s going to attack…!” the crowd panicked. Jian Feng Zi of Tian Xuan was surprisingly going to attack the Zun cultivator of Tian Shu. He was fearless and insufferably arrogant. The Zun cultivator of Tian Shu had humiliated Tian Xuan and now he was going to show him and his disciples that such behaviour was intolerable.

The Zun cultivator of Tian Shu pulled a long face as his Qi was shaking. He came to punish Lin Feng but hadn’t thought that Jian Feng Zi would come out even if he attacked.

“Good, very good.” The Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s facial expression became cold. In a flash, a terrifying blood Qi became palpable in the air. Cultivators of the Zun Qi layer could turn their blood into a blood spirit and they could use blood strength to transmit it from generation to generation over thousands of years. His blood Qi was now dashing to the skies.

At that moment, the crowd could sense the blood Qi of the Tian Shu Zun cultivator, it felt like it would spill all over the region like an ocean.

“Crrrr…. crrr….” some subtle sounds spread in the air. Jian Feng Zi still looked like a peerless sword. A dazzling light appeared above his eyebrows. It was a sharp silver sword that shot straight for the Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s head, right between his eyebrows.

People’s hearts were pounding, they gulped down but their tongues were too dry. How insane. Everybody had heard of Jian Feng Zi’s name (T.N.: Feng Zi = insane, Jian = sword) but they had never thought that he was this insane. His sword was extremely sharp and he was aiming at the Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s awareness. Such attacks were even scarier than physical attacks. Such an attack could make the soul fly away or scatter into pieces.

“ARGH….!” the Tian Shu Zun cultivator roared violently. A dazzling light emerged from his body. Jian Feng Zi had gone too far!

A vast ocean appeared in front of the Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s eyebrows. It looked like a tsunami and it headed straight towards the sword. At that moment, many people were shaking violently. If they had been the targets of such attacks, their souls would have been crushed instantly.

The sword penetrated into the water and crushed wave after wave without faltering.

Between the eyebrows of the Tian Shu Zun cultivator, dazzling lights kept twinkling. He closed his eyes and condensed his awareness in order to block the sword.

A gigantic wave emerged with a crash. His incredible awareness made the crowd shiver. Their ears were buzzing as if there were millions of ants in them. Everybody was agonizing and were barely able stand.

Gigantic waves kept emerging out of the Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s body and the dazzling sword finally began to slow down.

“Hmph! ”

Jian Feng Zi groaned as thunders came out of his mouth. Dazzling lights appeared between his eyebrows again and another terrifying sword appeared. It mixed with the awareness of the sword which was in front of him. A terrifying pressure oppressed the whole crowd and their souls seemed to fly away. On top of that, the Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s wave was destroyed again.

The Tian Shu Zun cultivator started shaking and his entire body was covered with cold sweat. Even though his eyes were still closed, his facial expression was the proof that he was struggling.

The sword cultivator looked as cold-headed as before and his facial expression looked just as sharp. He jumped forwards and the pressure was as unbearable as before. His dazzling lights invaded the entire atmosphere and his infinite sword energy shot at the Tian Shu Zun cultivator.

“Aahhhh….!” a terrible shriek spread in the air. The crowd only saw that blood was spilling out of the Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s eyes, nose and ears.

“He’s insane… he’s completely mental.” The crowd was still suffocating. Did Jian Feng Zi want to kill the Tian Shu Zun cultivator? At the same time, the crowd was also surprised by his strength. Even the Tian Shu Zun cultivator was no match for him.

“Boom boom!” Incredible amounts of Qi kept crashing on the Tian Shu Zun cultivator, making him fly away. His body crashed on some Tian Shu disciples violently. He couldn’t stand up anymore.

He opened his eyes and looked furious. With both his hands, he pushed the Tian Shu disciples away and stood up. He coughed up some blood after which he looked even paler.

“The great and majestic Tian Shu Zun cultivator bullied my Xuan level disciple, how incredible! You’re really shameless, you’ve humiliated Tian Chi. If you were not a citizen of Tian Chi, I would kill you right now. If Tian Shu has anything to say, send Tian Shu Zi to talk. You are worthless, all you can do is bully an ordinary disciple.” said Jian Feng Zi in a despising tone. The Tian Shu Zun cultivator’s face looked hideous. He was a Zun cultivator but he was humiliated so badly. He had just lost face. Jian Feng Zi even said that he wanted to kill him but because they were citizens of the same empire, he didn’t.

“How aggressive and violent.” thought the crowd. Jian Feng Zi really was insanely violent. If the Tian Shu Zun cultivator made him fight seriously, maybe he would have really killed him.

“Lin Feng is lucky because Jian Feng Zi is protecting him. If Jian Feng Zi hadn’t helped him, he would already be in Tian Shu.” thought some other people. The snow and the sword cultivators were both protecting Lin Feng. They even humiliated Tian Shu and injured their Zun cultivator. They wouldn’t be able to take Lin Feng with them, the most outstanding disciple of Tian Xuan.

“Jian Feng Zi is right, make Tian Shu Zi come here. Otherwise, your disciples will stay in Tian Xuan.” said someone else in the distance. Flames were burning in the air as another silhouette appeared gradually. It was the third Zun cultivator of Tian Xuan, the fire Zun cultivator.

At that moment, he was bathing in flames in the sky but his facial expression didn’t look warm like his flames. He was staring at the crowd from Tian Shu, “You surrounded our palace and made trouble out of nothing… then your Zun cultivator bullies my disciple and tries to attack his awareness… how awe-inspiring, right?! If Tian Shu Zi doesn’t give me an explanation, all the Tian Shu disciples will stay here and I will take care of them.” said the fire Zun cultivator aggressively. Jian Feng Zi wasn’t the only one who was furious. In the past, Tian Xuan had been bullied a lot and it was finally enough.

Lin Feng had brought his friends into the mysterious world and solicited many geniuses. They had all obtained great treasures and were all talented. Now Tian Xuan was rising thanks to them and nobody would bully Tian Xuan’s people anymore.

“You went too far.” said the Zun cultivator of Tian Shu while staring at the three Zun cultivators of Tian Xuan. He looked furious. Jian Feng Zi had injured all the cultivators of Tian Shu and had injured his awareness. His soul was even injured. Now the sun Zun cultivator appeared and was bullying them again. He even wanted to keep the Tian Shu disciples in Tian Xuan.

“We went too far? You must have a bad memory. Did you forget who came here and bullied us?” said the fire Zun cultivator aggressively. He seemed to have become a different person from before. In the past, Tian Shu’s people used to act extremely aggressive at Tian Xuan. Now, the three Zun cultivators of Tian Xuan were protecting Lin Feng because they thought highly of him. A new era had started for Tian Xuan!

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