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PMG Chapter 847: Transmission

PMG Chapter 847: Transmission

Jian Feng Zi’s eyes were twinkling, he looked back at his fellows and was surprised as well.

All the Zun cultivators understood what it meant for Tian Xuan.

Outside of the Tian Xuan palace, many Tian Xuan disciples and many of them were Xuan level cultivators. Many of them were Tian level cultivators as well. At first, they were surprised and then they seemed to understand that the meteorite had something to do with Tian Xuan.

The snow Zun cultivator walked slowly and stared at Lin Feng. He stretched out his hand and the meteorite flew away at full speed. It then turned into a gigantic stone where strange marks began to appear.

“Those are… holy marks?! ”

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. It seemed like Tian Chi’s people attached a great importance to that stone.

There were two characters on the stone, “Tian Xuan”. Those words were written with a beautiful handwriting. It seemed like those words contained the power of heaven. However, there was a mark on that stone.

“It’s the Tian Xuan stone!” Tian Shu Zi was astonished. He was fixated on the stone in front of Lin Feng, looking rather greedy.

The seven peaks of Tian Chi were extremely old. They had been created by their powerful ancestors and forged over the centuries. Apart from the common treasures which most empires possessed, each peak had its own precious treasure.

Tian Xuan’s precious treasure was a meteorite. The ancestors of Tian Xuan had transmitted that precious treasure at a time when Tian Xuan was prosperous. It held an incredible power. It was also the most mysterious treasure owned by any of the seven peaks. It contained an explosive power that the six other peaks couldn’t understand. Only the offspring of Tian Xuan could understand it for some reason.

Even though most people didn’t know what kind of magic it had, the leaders of Tian Xuan were the three old Zun cultivators: the snow, fire and sword Zun cultivators. When they were young and ordinary cultivators, many people didn’t want them to become the leaders of Tian Xuan. However, they obtained the stone and their cultivation level took off with incredible speeds. Very quickly, nobody in Tian Chi wanted to fight them anymore.

However, after that the stone disappeared. Many people thought that the stone couldn’t be transmitted and that Tian Xuan was going to decline. Nobody knew that the stone was in the snow Zun cultivator’s hands.

“Lin Feng, kneel down.” said the snow Zun cultivator solemnly.

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding, shivering even. He was staring at the snow Zun cultivator’s stone and seemed to be hesitating.

However, when he looked at the snow Zun cultivator and saw him look that solemn, he also noticed how old he was. He looked old yet wise and one could see some impatience in his eyes as well.

Lin Feng slowly knelt down in front of the meteorite.

“Lin Feng, this stone is the blood spirit of Tian Xuan, it has witnessed its climaxes and declines over time. It also represents our traditions.” said the snow Zun cultivator. At that moment, Lin Feng understood what the old man meant. However, he still couldn’t believe it, it seemed too sudden.

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one to feel that way, everybody felt the same way. They were both perplexed and surprised.

The traditions of Tian Xuan…

“Impossible!” shouted Tian Shu Zi furiously while glaring at the snow Zun cultivator. He then added, “How can you be so careless! That stone is extremely valuable and represents Tian Xuan. I, Tian Shu Zi, refuse! How could you handle such an important matter in such a childish way! I suggest that Tian Chi takes your stone and gives it to another snowy peak! ”

“Shut the hell up!” said the snow Zun cultivator coldly before adding, “I am a leader of Tian Xuan and this is our history. I can decide who receives its treasures. If you say that you want to take it again and humiliate Tian Xuan and myself, I will start war between Tian Xuan and Tian Shu! ”

The stone belonged to Tian Xuan and Tian Shu Zi had no sway when it came to taking decisions in Tian Xuan.

“Hmph!” Tian Shu Zi groaned coldly and looked at the star Zun cultivator in the sky. However, the old man looked calm and serene.

The stone had been transmitted from generation to generation by the very forefathers of Tian Xuan. Anyone who didn’t belong to Tian Xuan couldn’t intervene in this tradition.

“Tian Chi has existed for a very long time but I’ve never heard about anyone transmitting it to a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer! Tian Xuan is coming to its end because of you! It’s over for Tian Xuan. If someone tries to kill him, the stone will disappear and that will be a great humiliation for your ancestors!” said Tian Shu Zi aggressively.

“Well, I will be an exception for the history of Tian Chi!” replied the snow Zun cultivator.

“Lin Feng, from today on the stone is yours. From today on you are an offspring of Tian Xuan and you are in charge of transmitting it to the next generations. In other words, you are the leader of Tian Xuan. Remember that.” said the snow Zun cultivator very seriously.

“Master… I…..” Lin Feng was completely stunned, astonished! He had only broken through to the Xuan Qi layer.

“No need to say anything. My fellow said he trusted Yu Tian Ji, his talent and his temperament. I feel the same about you. I trust you and I am certain that you can make Tian Xuan glorious again.” said the snow Zun cultivator. Lin Feng was moved, he couldn’t believe it… The word “trust” was easy to say but difficult to prove.

The snow Zun cultivator was putting Tian Xuan’s destiny in Lin Feng’s hands..

“In Tian Xuan, I am not as strong nor as talented as my brothers, like Jian Feng Zi. However, when our ancestor passed away, he didn’t give him the stone and instead gave it to me. It’s because of Jian Feng Zi’s temperament, he’s too brutal. I am quite calm and discreet. However, I was able to do whatever the elders and my friends required me to do. Lin Feng, when I first met you, I already thought about giving it to you. Now, I’m going to do it.” said the snow Zun cultivator with a warm and gentle voice. His brothers had told him that if he ever had a suitable disciple, he could give him the stone. He understood now that a real genius wouldn’t necessarily attach tons of importance to them.

“Lin Feng, I finished explaining my thoughts so you can stand up. Put your blood on the stone. By placing your blood on the stone, you will be giving your oath. Accept the tradition of Tian Xuan.” said the snow Zun cultivator solemnly. Lin Feng’s heart felt very heavy. However, he stood up and cut his finger to spill his blood on the stone.

The meteorite became even more dazzling. When the blood penetrated into the meteorite, Lin Feng quickly sensed information being transferred into his body. What a mysterious Qi. It contained incredible powers.


The crowd was astonished. They had witnessed a transmission ritual. Now, Lin Feng, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was the leader of Tian Xuan!

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