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PMG Chapter 850: Soul Bell

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 850: Soul Bell

A little bit more than half of the incense had burnt and nobody felt like fighting Lin Feng anymore. Two cultivators had already been defeated.

At that moment, Lin Feng was in the sky and whistling sounds were spreading in the air.

“Who still wants to see if I’m strong enough?” said Lin Feng while staring down at the three other opponents. He looked violent and aggressive, to the extent that the others wouldn’t look at him in the eyes anymore. From one second to another, he had completely changed.

Now they were staring at him with surprise. They had to be careful, they couldn’t underestimate Lin Feng anymore. They were the same as the one who was just crushed into the ground. They were also relying on the strength of the first Tian Qi layer.

“I’ll taste your supreme handprint.” said one of them while releasing some battle energy. His long hair and clothes were fluttering in the wind. He jumped in the sky and released incredible strength. At that moment, Lin Feng felt like he was facing a large mountain.

“Dong! ”

“Dong!” that person jumped again. He was only three meters away from Lin Feng. One more step and he would arrive next to Lin Feng.

“Mountain Print!” shouted that cultivator furiously. He stretched both his hands and from between them a terrifying mountain appeared. It was a hundred meters high and pierced through the clouds.

“Surprisingly, it’s the tian level mountain print skill of average quality. What a terrifying strength. This time, Lin Feng’s supreme hand print is useless.” thought the crowd. Even though that cultivator was oppressing his own strength, it didn’t have any impact on his understanding of cultivation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to use the gigantic mountain print with only the strength of the first Tian Qi layer. Lin Feng was doomed.

“Supreme hand print.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Surprisingly, Lin Feng attacked again with the same attack.


A terrifying explosion sounded, it was so loud that it hurt people’s eardrums.

The crowd only saw Lin Feng’s silhouette being blown away and they gulped down. They were relieved, if Lin Feng had been able to resist that the gigantic mountain print attack from a Tian level cultivator, that would have been too strange!

Lin Feng had probably been badly injured.

However, very quickly, they were astonished. They watched as Lin Feng jumped up again and looked at his opponent, “Your physical strength doesn’t suffice! Try again! ”

“That guy…” the crowd was watching Lin Feng. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Lin Feng’s opponent was stunned too. He jumped forwards and condensed his strength again. Another gigantic mountain print appeared, challenging Lin Feng’s strength.

“Boom!” Lin Feng used his hand attack again. Rumbling sounds and even cracking sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng jumped again, he didn’t wait for the mountain to get near. He just threw himself at it. Rumbling and explosion sounds spread in the air again. The sounds were as loud as before and people couldn’t stand it anymore, their ears were bleeding.

“Boom boom boom, supreme hand print!” Lin Feng used his hand attack again as the gigantic mountain print broke in two. This time the Tian level cultivator groaned and coughed up some blood.

Lin Feng jumped up again and used his Xiao Yao agility technique. He appeared in front of his opponent who opened his eyes widely, unable to defend himself.

“Go.” Lin Feng didn’t punch his opponent and told him to leave. He had two opponents left.

At that moment, three quarter of the incense had burnt and three people had already lost.

Tian Chi’s people were astonished. They couldn’t believe that those three were defeated by Lin Feng. Even if they had oppressed their own cultivation level, they still had the strength of the first Tian Qi layer, Lin Feng was only a Xuan level cultivator so they thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to resist for any amount of time.

Now the question was, would those people be able to resist Lin Feng with the remaining time?

“Boom boom boom!” the crowd saw Lin Feng jump forwards towards the other two. This time, Lin Feng was taking the offensive.

A terrifying sword Qi invaded the atmosphere. Lin Feng was using his level seven sword intent.

“Go!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. In the air, a million swords condensed and moved towards Zi Yun Qing and the other cultivator. The Earth and sky were emitting whistling sounds under the oppressive sword energy.

Zi Yun Qing’s silhouette flickered but the sword light became larger and attacked the other one.

Even if Lin Feng was only a Xuan level cultivator, as before, level seven sword intent was impressive.

That person moved his arm and it seemed like a crystal appeared. Subtle sounds spread in the air as the crystal broke and the sword continued moving towards him.

“Enough! I can’t stop you with the strength of the first Tian Qi layer.” said that person. He then stopped oppressing his own strength and a terrifying ice Qi emerged, freezing everything around him. Crystals appeared in front of him and cracking sounds were heard. The gigantic sword continued moving forwards through the crystals, one after the other. The sword stopped as it arrived in front of that cultivator’s head and disappeared.

That person stopped oppressing their own strength and acknowledged Lin Feng’s strength. He went back to his place in the crowd defeated.

The crowd acknowledged him as well. With the strength of the first Tian Qi layer, it wasn’t possible to resist Lin Feng. His sword intent was level seven, his supreme handprint was incredible and his agility technique was marvelous.

Only one fighter was left, Zi Yun Qing from Tian Shu.

But at that moment the crowd was convinced that he had no hope anymore. Unless Zi Yun Qing used his full strength, he had no way to defeat Lin Feng. Otherwise, there would be no difference with the others.

Lin Feng was surprisingly strong. He was much more talented than all the other young leaders. Maybe he really would make Tian Xuan glorious again.

“He’s really strong because he obtained the meteorite. I wouldn’t have thought that he would become so powerful. Yun Qing, we can’t fool around anymore, let’s use our treasure as well, use the soul bell. Otherwise, the battle won’t be fair.”

Tian Shu Zi decided to persuade the fight again. From his hand appeared a golden light which he threw at Zi Yun Qing who immediately grabbed it. It was Tian Shu’s treasure.

Tian Xuan’s people were astonished, especially the three Zun cultivators. Tian Shu Zi was going way too far. Surprisingly, he was saying that Lin Feng was only so strong thanks to Tian Xuan’s meteorite… this was no longer a competition of fairness, but an excuse to defeat Lin Feng… Zi Yun Qing was a Tian level cultivator, wasn’t this unfair already?!

“In the history of Tian Chi, we’ve never had such vermin!” said the snow Zun cultivator. He hoped that Lin Feng could resist this final assault!

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