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PMG Chapter 852: Great Surprise and the Zun Cultivator’s Fury

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 852: Great Surprise and the Zun Cultivator’s Fury
Lin Feng’s book spirit was finally taking action. Each time it turned a page, Lin Feng would be pleasantly surprised.

The first time, he ended up with his world of darkness and was able to sense everything very clearly in his surroundings and enabled him to understand skills much faster than before. The second time, he obtained a sword which was perfect for him, a black sword, his so-called killer sword.

The third time his book spirit came into play, the all-conquering black lotus was born. It contained a terrifying power and enabled him to challenge cultivators much stronger than him.

Lin Feng inspected his book spirit and found nothing, a black hole. It was a vast, black and desolate world seemingly without anything interesting.

“What’s going on?” thought Lin Feng surprised. What was that blackness?

“Ding……” the bell resonated in his brain again and Lin Feng shook violently, his face was deathly pale at this rate.

Fortunately, the Tian Xuan meteorite contained an incredible strength which was protecting his soul.

“Brother! Jian Feng Zi saw that Lin Feng’s face had turned deathly pale, so he wanted to help him. However, the snow Zun cultivator shook his head, “The Tian Xuan meteorite is an incredible treasure with more than enough physical strength. It is so mysterious that even I can’t understand it very well… but in any case, it can help Lin Feng obtain what he wants. Just wait.”

Jian Feng Zi was surprised and looked back at Lin Feng. He had heard about the mysterious powers of the stone in the past. However, even some Zun cultivators were not able to take full advantage of it because of its mysteriousness. Surely, Lin Feng was less capable of using it than them… and now the situation was getting even more dangerous.

Without Tian Shu Zi, that battle would have finished much earlier and Lin Feng would have defeated the other cultivators. Lin Feng was extremely talented. Now, even though Zi Yun Qing had recovered his power of the second Tian Qi layer, Lin Feng still had the advantage.

He jumped up in the air and threw himself at Lin Feng while releasing a terrifying Qi.

“Eh?” Lin Feng moved away. He was still inspecting his mysterious spirit and using the power of the Tian Xuan meteorite to protect himself. When Lin Feng sensed that Zi Yun Qing was throwing himself at him, he raised the meteorite to block his opponent’s advance.

A terrifying oppressive strength was directed towards Zi Yun Qing, rumbling sounds were still sounding. Zi Yun Qing’s body was hit and blown away by Lin Feng’s fist.

“What’s going on?” the crowd was astonished. How was that possible? How could Lin Feng use the strength of the Earth and sky to overpower Zi Yun Qing only by punching him. Even Zi Yun Qing who had broken through to the second Tian Qi layer couldn’t use the strength of the Earth to such an extent.

Lin Feng was just as surprised with the exchange. Lin Feng guessed that he wasn’t using his own strength a moment before, he used that of the Earth and the sky. It was as if he fused together with his surroundings, with the Earth.

“It’s the power of the Tian Xuan stone!” Lin Feng was convinced that it was thanks to the meteorite.

“Eh?” Lin Feng suddenly had another bizarre yet marvelous feeling. His book moved again and it seemed to be attracting Qi as if his spirit was absorbing the power of the meteorite.

The feeling was became even more intense as the mysterious strength contained in the stone was flowing into Lin Feng’s spirit. From the blackness which had appeared on the new page of his spirit, a light suddenly appeared.

“Boom!” The soul bell was still assaulting Lin Feng’s soul, but the meteorite was still releasing its incredible powers to soften the blows.

At the same time, its incredible strength was flowing into Lin Feng’s spirit. From that blackness, more and more lights were appearing. A snowy mountain appeared and stars were twinkling, there were many different patterns appearing. It looked like the world around him and they kept changing in an unfathomable way. Everything was appearing clearly now.

“Is that the power of the meteorite?” thought Lin Feng. Was the meteorite so powerful that it could make a world appear in his book? In the past, Lin Feng would appear in a specific world of his own and could understand his surroundings.

At that moment, Lin Feng remembered what the snow Zun cultivator said. It was an incredible treasure, even Zun cultivators were unable to understand all of its mysteries.

However, the meteorite made the world around him appear in his book, giving Lin Feng a feeling of superiority, like he was reigning over the region.

“It’s time for the Tian Qi layer.”

Lin Feng concentrated as his entire body fused together with his surroundings. With the Earth and sky, Lin Feng became an authentic part of his surroundings, he was an element of nature.

His soul and the Earth were in symbiosis. Lin Feng’s awareness had become extremely calm and peaceful.

In fusion with the earth, he also possessed godly awareness… he rose up in the air and looked like he was standing aloof from worldly affairs, as if he hadn’t existed at all.

In the air around him, pure Qi was whistling and penetrating into his body. His body was sucking it all in from the air. That Qi quickly became a vortex. His pure Qi wasn’t enough so he had to borrow the strength of the Earth and the sky.

Suddenly, Lin Feng broke through to the Tian Qi layer.

People were astonished and shaking. Not only had Lin Feng surprised everybody with his incredible
strength, now he had broken through to the Tian Qi layer as well.

The bell was still ringing and surprisingly, Lin Feng was becoming stronger.

“Cling ling ling!” The bell kept resonating. The snow Zun cultivator’s long hair was fluttering in the wind, he was furious as he was releasing some Qi. Lin Feng was about to break through to the Tian Qi layer and Tian Shu Zi, that bastard, wanted to attack him.

The snow Zun cultivator jumped and appeared in front of the soul bell. Then he began attacking it.

“How audacious! You even dare attack the precious item of Tian Shu!” shouted Tian Shu Zi furiously, but inside he was smiling. He then released his awareness which fused together with the bell and he attacked the snow Zun cultivator.

“Tian Shu Zi, I don’t like causing trouble but do you really think that I am not as strong as you? You’re just a loser.” said the snow Zun cultivator smiling coldly. Then his awareness turned into a terrifying kind of snow which enveloped the bell. Tian Shu Zi couldn’t react fast enough, it seemed like his awareness was frozen, as he immediately turned pale.

“How is that possible!” Tian Shu Zi couldn’t believe what was happening. How could the snow Zun cultivator’s awareness be so strong?

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