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PMG Chapter 853: Sealed for a year

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PMG Chapter 853: Sealed for a year

Even though the snow cultivator held an inferior cultivation level, he possessed a stronger awareness and had frozen the soul bell. Now, the amount of awareness which Tian Shu Zi put inside the bell was frozen along with it and his soul was injured because of that.

“Break!” shouted Tian Shu Zi furiously. Some of his awareness turned into golden bells and made the air around the soul bell shake.

“Kacha! ”

The sword Zun cultivator appeared in front of him. His awareness turned into a sharp sword and cut through the golden bells. At the same time, in the air, a terrifyingly sharp sword fell down. Dazzling lights were twinkling everywhere now.

“You really think that our meteorite is so useless? Even though my brother’s attacks aren’t as powerful as mine, his awareness is incredibly powerful. Even with your soul bell, you can’t do anything.” said Jian Feng Zi while his sword was still falling from the sky. Tian Shu Zi abruptly moved backwards, that soul could really kill him.

Tian Shu Zi yelled furiously and released Qi which dashed to the skies. Around him, snowflakes flew away as he raised his five fingers and a gigantic hand appeared in the ai. It was supposed to catch Jian Feng Zi’s sword.

“Break!” The sword released a myriad of lights that seemed like it wanted to tear through anything in its way. That powerful hand was destroyed and the sword continued falling.

“Piss off!” shouted Tian Shu Zi while pulling a long face. He released another attack as a vortex appeared which absorbed everything around it like a black hole. The crowd couldn’t stand it, it was unbearable. They all moved backwards to stay safe.

Finally, the sword disappeared. The Zun cultivators’ attacks were incredible, they had to use their full strength just to watch.

But even a superficial look at the sword was enough to understand Jian Feng Zi’s power. If Tian Shu Zi attacked again, Jian Feng Zi would probably lose controll of himself.

The snow Zun cultivator and the fire Zun cultivator appeared in front of the group of people from Tian Shu and looked at them coldly. The other Zun cultivators of Tian Shu rose up in the air. It seemed like a war was about to start.

“Stop fighting.” said the star Zun cultivator in the sky, he looked furious. He glanced at them and everybody calmed down.

“Tian Chi has always been peaceful and prosperous, don’t forget your beliefs and your purpose.” said the star Zun cultivator furiously.

“Brother, Tian Xuan keeps bullying us! They stole my bell and they truly despise us.” said Tian Shu Zi, “Now they don’t want to give back my bell. ”

“I will seal the bell for a year, if Tian Shu continues to act this way, then there is no need to give it back.” said the snow Zun cultivator.

Tian Shu Zi remained silent but he pulled a long face and looked at the star Zun cultivator saying, “Brother, you see? Tian Xuan wants a war. They want to destroy Tian Shu. ”
“What a shameless dog!” cursed the snow Zun cultivator. Tian Shu Zi was too shameless.

“Brother, you keep lying all the time. Tian Xuan has been patient enough. Surprisingly, you’re a leader and you keep acting so shamelessly. You even attacked my disciple when he was about to break through to the Tian Qi layer. You shouldn’t even be a leader for Tian Shu anymore.”  said the snow Zun cultivator. This time, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, Tian Shu Zi had gone too far.

The old star cultivator said indifferently, “Tian Xuan can take care of the soul bell for a year. ”

The calm voice of the old man made many people’s hearts shudder. It meant that the star Zun cultivator was on Tian Xuan’s side… everybody knew  that Tian Shu Zi had gone too far.

“Back everybody.” said the star Zun cultivator. The snow Zun cultivator and the fire Zun cultivator smiled and moved back while still protecting Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s soul started changing. His perceptions were particularly acute.

Incredible amounts of pure Qi from the sky and Earth was penetrating into his body and he was bathing in incredible lights.

Leaving the Xuan Qi layer and breaking through to the Tian Qi layer was something marvelous to behold.

After a short while, the terrifying pure Qi became calm again, but the crowd could still sense that things were changing inside of Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng opened his eyes and smiled resplendently. He had finally broken through to the Tian Qi layer.

In the end, he could thank Tian Shu Zi. Because he attacked him with the soul bell, it had awaken his book spirit and the power of the meteorite. The meteorite fused with his spirit and enabled him to break through to the Tian Qi layer.

Of course, without the Tian Xuan meteorite, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

“He broke through to the Tian Qi layer.” the snow Zun cultivator was smiling just as resplendently as Lin Feng

Tang You You and Lin Feng’s other friends were all smiling as well.

Besides, Lin Feng was instructed with the secrets of Tian Xuan, he had received the Tian Xuan meteorite and had broken through to the Tian Qi layer. Everything was happening so smoothly and Lin Feng was very happy.

“Lin Feng, show us your strength, show us that Tian Shu’s people are pieces of trash.” said Huang Fu Long who was still upset with Zi Yun Qing.

Zi Yun Qing was instructed with the secrets of Tian Shu and had received the soul bell, but he was being humiliated. In front of Lin Feng when he still possessed the power of the Xuan Qi layer, he couldn’t do anything. So now that he had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, he was going to be even more terrifying.

“Great minds think alike, brother!” said Lin Feng. He turned around and looked at Zi Yun Qing. Lin Feng had to exact revenge.

While breaking through to the Tian Qi layer, Lin Feng had forgotten about everything. Now that he could think clearly again, he knew what to do.

Tian Shu’s people despised him, Zi Yun Qing had to use his strength of the second Tian Qi layer again because Lin Feng was going to be merciless.

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