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PMG Chapter 854: Super Violent Genius

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 854: Super Violent Genius

Lin Feng took back his demon seal stone and said slowly, “Now, the incense is done burning and I was lucky that everyone was so merciful to me. On top of that, I acquired some incredible treasures in the mysterious world which is why I survived for so long.”

Lin Feng’s politeness surprised many people. He was saying that his opponents were playing nice with him and that he wouldn’t have survived if he didn’t possess such incredible treasures.

He was giving face to everyone, and in that way, he was also giving all the leaders of the snowy peaks face.

Tian Chi was a united country and that was why Tian Chi was so strong. Lin Feng had become a successor of Tian Xuan. As a new leader, he couldn’t afford to act too aggressive or arrogant.

“You definitely all deserve to be leaders in the different snowy peaks. You constricted your strength to fight against me to protect me and are thus too generous. I admire your strength and feel grateful. In the future, we will have the opportunity to fight together again and learn from each other. We will become stronger together and make Tian Chi even stronger.” continued Lin Feng. That was enough, anymore and people would think he was making fun of them. If the star Zun cultivator hadn’t told them to constrict their cultivation level, they wouldn’t have done so, but Lin Feng was saying that they were generous. Those leaders even believed him, otherwise, how could they have lost. With a few sentences, everybody suddenly liked Lin Feng.

The three Zun cultivators glanced at each other and smiled. Lin Feng remained calm and peaceful. They felt like they made the right decision. Even the star Zun cultivator was pleasantly surprised. Yu Tian Ji had told him about a genius in Tian Xuan whose name was Lin Feng, whose abilities were incredible. The old Zun cultivator could already guess that it was him.

“But….” however at that moment, Lin Feng turned to Zi Yun Qing.

“In every group of influence, there are losers. Maybe it’s due to their education, but no matter, they can act shamelessly. If you had constricted your own cultivation level, then I could have learned from you. But in the end, you used your full strength and benefited from the help of your teacher… I don’t see why you should have to belong to the same group as us, it’s humiliating.”

Lin Feng’s tone of speech had changed. He was accusing Tian Shu’s people of acting shamelessly. They had joined hands to fight him so the relationship between the two was definitely ruined and there were no way for reconciliation. Lin Feng could not easily forgive his enemies.

Zi Yun Qing felt furious and humiliated. However, Lin Feng spoke the truth. Tian Shu Zi had really turned Zi Yun Qing into scum, a hopeless case.

“Since you really want to fight against me, I will fulfill your wish. Now that you don’t have the soul bell, I will not use the Tian Xuan meteorite. You are a successor of Tian Shu and I am a successor of Tian Xuan. Let’s have a fair battle. Your cultivation level is still higher than mine, so you can keep it.” said Lin Feng challenging Zi Yun Qing.

Zi Yun Qing’s eyes were twinkling. He didn’t feel like fighting Lin Feng who had just broken through to the Tian Qi layer. Zi Yun Qing was convinced that he had no chance to win and he wasn’t in the mood to fight a losing battle.

However, he had no choice, he had no reason to refuse. If Lin Feng was right, they were both successors of their respective groups, even his cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng’s, so why would he refuse? If he refused to fight Lin Feng, what would it mean?

Zi Yun Qing opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to give him any opportunity to refuse anyways as he said coldly, “Let’s start. Show me what a shameless successor like you can do. Show me your real strength. ”

Lin Feng then jumped forwards and threw himself at Zi Yun Qing while releasing a terrifying Qi. Since Zi Yun Qing couldn’t avoid the battle anymore, he released his terrifying battle energy.

He released oppressive energies as Lin Feng took out a gigantic stone which contained sealing energies.

The word “seal” was carved into that stone and it contained an incredible strength. He was constricting the oppressive energies with the stone.

“The demon seal stone, how shameless!” shouted Tian Shu Zi furiously when he saw the stone.

“Shut the hell up! He’s just doing the same as you! Lin Feng is extremely far from being as shameless as you guys!” said the fire Zun cultivator mockingly. Lin Feng hated Tian Shu Zi.

Zi Yun Qing sensed the strength and his face turned deathly pale. The demon seal stone could oppress the soul bell, so it was an incredible treasure. Lin Feng was in the sky and could sense everything clearly now.

He had just bullied Lin Feng with his soul bell and now the situation was reversed.

“Go!” said Lin Feng while releasing pure Qi into the stone. The word “seal” then started shining, it was dazzling to the eyes. Rumbling sounds were heard as the stone became gigantic and shot straight towards Zi Yun Qing. He couldn’t even see the sky anymore.

“Boom boom boom!” the stone fell down from the sky and oppressed Zi Yun Qing’s body. The crowd couldn’t see him anymore as the power of the stone was too great.

Lin Feng was smiling coldly. Zi Yun Qing’s strength was at the top of the second Tian Qi layer, he was extremely strong so he should be able to resist.

Lin Feng used his agility technique and quickly landed on the stone.

Lin Feng punched the stone violently like a hammer. He had broken through to the Tian Qi layer so his punches could make the entire area shaket. The stone ended up deeper in the ground.

Zi Yun Qing emitted a horrible shriek. He had sensed Lin Feng’s punch through the stone and the pain was unbearable.

“What perseverance.” Lin Feng was surprised but was still smiling coldly. He jumped up in the air again and kicked the stone again. A terrifying strength spread in the stone again. Zi Yun Qing gave a horrible shriek again as as the ground shook.

“How tragic.” thought the crowd. If Zi Yun Qing was buried in the ground, it meant that he had used all his strength already and couldn’t put up anymore of a fight. He might even die.

Lin Feng smiled as he pulled back his seal stone and guarded the hole which Zi Yun Qing was in.

He wanted to kill..

Lin Feng released a terrifying and dazzling fire which burned the ground and then started to punch the ground as well.

“Ahhhhhh…..” a horrible shriek came from under the ground as a silhouette rose up in the air. It was a black burnt silhouette without any hair.

“You dared come out again?” said Lin Feng smiling. In a flash, he landed in front of Zi Yun Qing and punched him with a fist containing a terrifying physical strength. Cracking sounds were heard as Zi Yun Qing’ bones were breaking. After receiving the blow, his body was blown away in Tian Shu Zi’s direction.

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