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PMG Chapter 855: A New Life

PMG Chapter 855: A New Life
Tian Shu Zi rolled up his sleeves and caught Zi Yun Qing’s body.

He checked Zi Yun Qing’s injuries and found that all of his bones were broken. It would be very difficult to recover he might not ever be as strong as he was again. Lin Feng had ruined Zi Yun Qing’s future.

“He’s a successor of Tian Shu and possesses the same social status as you, yet you dared act so cruelly. Very good. Okay, great.” said Tian Shu Zi while handing Zi Yun Qing over to some people behind him. He was glaring at Lin Feng with a most concentrated coldness.

“You’re really are shameless. You attacked me while I was breaking through to the Tian Qi layer and you still talk about ideals? We know about your sly and cruel methods already.” said Lin Feng mockingly. He then glanced at Zi Yun Qing, whose cultivation had been crippled and said, “You’re too weak to be a successor of Tian Shu, you couldn’t even withstand a single attack. On top of that, you’re a coward. Tian Shu’s people can thank me for crippling his cultivation, at least if he comes out now, you won’t lose face anymore.”

“Humiliate Tian Chi?” asked Tian Shu Zi as he looked up at the star Zun cultivator and continued, “Brother, Tian Xuan’s people are insane. They bully others and now they even crippled my successor’s cultivation. They took our Tian Shu soul bell and I don’t even feel like staying here anymore, so I’m leaving.” Tian Shu Zi finished talking, took Tian Shu with him and left.

The old star cultivator remained silent, cool-headed and detached.

Many people were looking at Lin Feng with astonishment. Tian Chi was witnessing the rise of a monstrous genius. After a while, he would probably become stronger than the other Tian Chi successors as well.

Besides, Lin Feng had already become the successor of Tian Xuan. If he became stronger than the other successors, he could even become the leader of Tian Chi.

Besides, something else had surprised the crowd. The snow Zun cultivator was hiding his strength until now. He could even seal the soul bell. Tian Shu Zi was feeling bad, he had understood that Tian Xuan would rise now.

Tian Shu’s people were humiliated though, would they give up so easily?

“Tian Chi’s people, don’t forget our purpose and our beliefs.” said the old star Zun cultivator slowly while glancing at  the crowd. He sounded solemn and serious.

Immediately after, he raised his hand and condensed some energy, his hand was as sharp as a blade aS he cut some of his hair off. His white hair floated in the wind and everybody followed it with their eyes.

“Nothing like that has ever happened in Tian Chi. I cut my hair to tell you that it is my fault, I should have prevented this.” said the old man slowly. He wanted to bear the responsibility for what had happened.

“I hope that nothing like this will ever happen again. From today on, Lin Feng is a leader and successor in Tian Chi, no matter what, you can’t offend him. Instead, you should support him. If outsiders attack him, you must help him. If you act selfishly and let pollution invade your heart, please tell me what your purpose is and I will help guide you through it.” shouted the star Zun cultivator so that everybody could hear.

He then put his hand on his heart in a solemn way.

Everybody did the same as him and put their hands on their heart as well.

“Everything for the Empire! ”

Their voices resonated in unison and made their hearts shook harmoniously. Many people felt bewitched in a positive way. No matter what, they had to support Lin Feng and prevent him from losing his treasures. They would make Tian Chi glorious and powerful.

“Okay, now everybody can disperse.” said the star cultivator while waving. He then jumped into the star again and disappeared.

Everybody slowly dispersed and left the Tian Xuan snowy peak.

The snow Zun cultivator looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, what happened today made Tian Shu Zi furious. He will never forgive you. Although It’s a disservice for Tian Chi to have such people among us, he will never let you off. You must be careful from now on.”

“I understand.” said Lin Feng nodding. Though, he still thought Tian Shu Zi was a loser.

“Why didn’t our brothers punish Tian Shu Zi? It stinks so much here!” said Jian Feng Zi, he was furious.

“We should have attacked him but I think that our star brother only has good reasons so we resisted.” said the snow Zun cultivator.

Lin Feng was already very satisfied. He felt proud, three Zun cultivators were protecting him now. Without them, the situation would have ended differently.

“Lin Feng, you’re doing a great job. I really wanted to crush them.” said Huang Fu Long while Lin Feng was walking towards him and the others. Huang Fu Long wanted to slaughter Zi Yun Qing.

“He would have crushed you if you tried.” said Yun Fei Yang laughing. Huang Fu Long just scratched his head looking silly.

“Lin Feng, I thought that you weren’t as strong as me, it seems like I was wrong.” said Huang Fu Long while giggling in a silly way. Everybody was speechless, was he just realizing that?

“Alright, you all obtained some great treasures in the mysterious world and before Lin Feng came back, you all had no time to practice. Now that Lin Feng’s back, you should all practice for a while as well. You should all try to break through to the Tian Qi layer as well.” said the snow Zun cultivator while looking at those talented young people in a warm and gentle way. Lin Feng brought his friends along with him to Tian Chi, they would all be a great benefit to Tian Chi.

Besides, this time they had all obtained incredible treasures and they had all broken through to the eight or ninth Xuan Qi layer. With proper teachings, they would break through to the Tian Qi layer.

“Hehe, I understand. Lin Feng broke through to the Tian Qi layer.. I’m almost as strong as him so I shouldn’t waste time and should catch up quickly.” said Huang Fu Long smiling. The others smiled back, that guy was so funny. But joking aside, it was true that they all needed to practice.

“And you Lin Feng, you broke through to the Tian Qi layer so you need to get used to it and stabilize your cultivation level. Now, you must try to understand the universe, it’s a completely different dimension from the Xuan Qi layer.” said the snow Zun cultivator to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. The Tian Qi layer was related to the Earth and the sky. Now that he could use their power, he needed to understand its mechanisms and potential.

After cultivating for a while, it would be time for him to go back to Xue Zue and to the Black Wind Mountain. He had already broken through to the Tian Qi layer and the middle-aged woman told him he would be able to get Meng Qing back if he managed to do so.

The snow Zun cultivator prepared some special places in the mountains for Jun Mo Xi and the others to practice cultivation. Not far from Tian Xuan, there was a nice place to practice in peace. At the same time, Jian Feng Zi and the fire Zun cultivator stayed there.

Lin Feng would practice in a special place at the top of another snowy mountain where nobody would disturb him.

At the top of that snowy mountain, the seven snow eagles came and transformed into people. They landed behind the snow Zun cultivator and said, “Master. ”

“From today on, you are not in charge of the affairs of Tian Xuan. Instead, you are Lin Feng’s protectors. Protect him until he becomes stronger than you.” said the snow Zun cultivator slowly.

The seven eagles nodded and said, “We understand. ”

The snow Zun cultivator turned his head towards the eagles and smiled, “When Lin Feng is here, you can stay in Tian Xuan, and there is no need to follow me. If he goes somewhere else, you can follow him and you will benefit from great treasures because of him.”

After that, the snow Zun cultivator left and the seven eagles as well. They all flew in different directions, protecting the seven snowy peaks of Tian Chi, keeping the peace and tranquility of the empire!

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