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PMG Chapter 856: The snow Zun cultivator

PMG Chapter 856: The snow Zun cultivator

There was a glacier on a mountain in Tian Chi and there was somebody practicing cultivation in, borrowing the strength of the stars.

At the top of that glacier were two old people. They weren’t releasing Qi and they looked like ordinary people. However, that freezing atmosphere couldn’t influence them at all.

Yu Tian Ji has incredible natural abilities, he is a good guy and possesses great principles. In the future, he will surely replace you.” said one of the old men while looking at the younger cultivator in the glacier.

“I think so too. Initially, I used to think that he would become the leader of Tian Chi but now there is another genius. I admire you for having such good eyes and for immediately handing Tian Xuan over to him… this also means you’re willing to leave…” said the other old man who was almost bald. It was the dignified leader of Tian Chi, the old star man.

On his side, there was the leader of Tian Xuan, the snow Zun cultivator

“Willing to leave? Not yet, but even with me nothing incredible will happen in Tian Xuan anymore. And letting Lin Feng reign over Tian Xuan alone now is not the right time, I have to wait until he becomes stronger. Then, I’ll be able to enjoy a break without worrying about Tian Xuan.” said the snow Zun cultivator, he was smiling just thinking about it.

“Don’t pretend to be someone else in front of me. If anyone can defeat me in Tian Chi, it must be you. The Tian Xuan meteorite is incredible, probably the most precious item in all of Tian Chi, but it’s the most mysterious one as well. You’ve been practicing cultivation for a long time but it seems like you haven’t made any progress for so many years, do you think I believe that? We’re old men, tell me your real cultivation level.” said the old star cultivator. Back then, when they had become leaders, they used to be the two strongest cultivators of Tian Chi.

They respected each other and considered one another as the best cultivators of Tian Chi. Of course, they were also best friends. Therefore, the star man wanted to understand the snow Zun cultivator but he was so mysterious.

“It’s not important anymore, I just want to see our young disciples become stronger and reign over Tian Chi. Our future is limited and I don’t think we can become stronger anymore.” said the snow Zun cultivator sounding a bit melancholic. He knew that sooner or later Lin Feng would replace him.

They all wanted to become stronger and reach the cultivation level of emperor, however, talent was a mysterious thing… after having broken through a specific cultivation layer, some cultivators felt like they hit a brick wall…

the old star man raised his head and looked at the sky, “I know that you haven’t given up. Like our masters, you also want to find somebody to pass on our traditions, principles and beliefs. One you are free from these concerns you will untie those chains which prevent you from progressing to that cultivation level which you and I have always dreamt of. ”

The snow Zun cultivator smiled in a resplendent way: “Don’t you think the same way as me? After our masters passed on all those responsibilities to us, they left and never contacted us again. I don’t know where they are or what they are doing now. I wonder if they are still practicing to become stronger.”

“If you don’t abandon everything, you’ll always be worried and then it’ll be too difficult to practice cultivation. Wait until they are mature and strong enough, we will do the same.” said the old star man sounding nostalgic. They felt sad about what their masters did but they could understand for they would have to do the same someday.

“Shouldn’t we “clean” Tian Chi a little before?” asked the snow Zun cultivator. Tian Shu Zi’s behavior had exasperated him and it would be difficult to forgive him.

“They do not feel safe and instead feel like they’re in danger. Isn’t it better to leave them sweating? We can give them a chance to cling obstinately to their course. They are acting willfully, let’s see what the future will look like for them.” said the old star man as if he could already see the whole situation.

Ordinary disciples couldn’t see as far as those old and wise men.


After half a month in a mountain, Lin Feng was still sitting cross-legged near a precipice. His eyes were closed and he was calmly inspecting his new powers of the Tian Qi layer.

At that moment, Lin Feng was condensing his godly awareness into ancient bells. His myriad of broken souls were now surrounded by dazzling golden lights.

Lin Feng’s godly awareness was now thicker and more powerful. His ancient bells were also more solid, not looking like illusions anymore.

The godly awareness skill was incredible precious, especially because he could use them to attack and protect himself at the same time. Ordinary cultivators of the Tian Qi layer could barely learn that skill. A powerful soul was required as well.

Lin Feng was different, his soul was so much more powerful than ordinary cultivators.

When his awareness stopped improving, Lin Feng stopped practicing. His awareness could turn into an ancient bell that could leave his brain.

People who watched Lin Feng break through to the Tian Qi layer would be flabbergasted seeing him now. They would be speechless, Lin Feng’s natural abilities were too incredible.

Lin Feng took out the Tian Xuan meteorite again and held it firmly. His book spirit appeared and seven rays of light illuminated it. The new page was still empty. However, Lin Feng was attracting energies to strength the blank page.

Lin Feng felt nostalgic when he saw that landscape again, he could see his entire surroundings. He could see the mountains and vitality floating through the Earth and sky. Everything was perfectly distinct and it was constantly enlightening.

Lin Feng raised his hands up and flew into the air, fusing together with the Earth and sky.

“Boom boom boom! ”

Lin Feng punched the air and explosions sounded. The air in front of Lin Feng was shaking violently and unceasingly. Then, Lin Feng’s attack disappeared, but the thick Qi remained.

“How scary.” Lin Feng looked at his hands and was surprised by the strength. The Tian Xuan meteorite provided him such explosive power.

Besides, Lin Feng was convinced that he hadn’t understood all the mysteries of the stone yet. It was probably even more incredible.

Lin Feng didn’t spend too much time trying to understand it though. Even though he had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, it was just the beginning. He still had a lot to do. He had to keep fighting and striving for higher cultivation levels and one day, he would become a Zun cultivator… Maybe then, he would consider himself as a truly strong cultivator.

Of course, even with Lin Feng’s low cultivation level, an ordinary country such as Xue Yue would consider Lin Feng as a warlord.

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