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PMG Chapter 859: Back to Xue Yue

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 859: Back to Xue Yue
Lin Feng left some things behind for Tian Xuan and then left, crossing the snowy empire.

Lin Feng had broken through to the first Tian Qi layer so he had to make it back to Xue Yue. The previous time, he had turned into a demon and left Xue Yue. His parents were probably very worried.

“Bzzz… bzzz…” The snow eagles were following Lin Feng, they passed in front of him and turned into humans.

“Master.” said the snow eagles. “We’re coming with you. ”

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and then nodded, “Alright, just be discreet.”

The snow eagles nodded and they rose up in the air flying through the clouds. Lin Feng put on his mask again and turned into another person, that yellowish, sick person. His Qi became very weak and nobody could recognize him.

Even while crossing Tian Chi, he had to be careful. Many people were looking for him. Without the mask, it would be difficult to travel.

In fact, Lin Feng had anticipated all of this when he left the region of the snowy peaks and arrived in the Tian Chi countryside, he could sense how many people were looking at him. Besides, those people were from all sorts of powerful groups.

Even his teachers had warned him. If Lin Feng hadn’t put on his mask, he would have died right after leaving Tian Chi.

But Lin Feng wasn’t worried or nervous because he looked like an ordinary disciple of Tian Chi. He didn’t even fly in the air to avoid drawing people’s attention.

In the capital city, Lin Feng bought a snow colt horse and galloped through the town. Against all expectations, nothing slowed him down as he galloped on the huge road at full speed.

A few silhouettes flickered in the air. They were extremely fast, especially their leader. He was in fusion with the Earth and sky. It was seemingly a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer.

“Stop.” shouted one of them furiously. Lin Feng stopped immediately on his horse.

Lin Feng, appeared weak and fragile as he looked up at the three people and said, “How may I help you, gentlemen?”

Lin Feng analyzed their cultivation levels discreetly. One of them had broken through to the second Tian Qi layer and the two others were at the top of the Xuan Qi layer.

“You probably come from Tian Chi.” said the leader, coldly while glancing at Lin Feng.

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng while nodding. Lin Feng released his awareness and checked the neighboring regions to see if there were others there.

There was nobody in the region, only these three.

“Is Lin Feng in Tian Chi?” asked the leader coldly.

“He isn’t.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head.

“Where is he then?” asked the leader coldly.

Lin Feng took a small step forwards, this made the leader look at him in an even colder way. He was getting closer as he shouted, “Speak! ”

“Lin Feng is…… he’s here.” when Lin Feng finished talking, he immediately jumped. He had already prepared his bronze bells before that, and in a flash he attacked his opponent’s soul.

“Die.” Lin Feng had changed back so suddenly. His bronze bells penetrated his opponent’s head, golden lights were seen as he killed his opponent in that second.

His awareness moved back to his body and then he slowly moved fell back down. The other two were not ready for that, they were shaking with fear.

That’s Lin Feng!

Lin Feng could use his awareness to attack people and kill a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer with ease, how astonishing!

“Where are you from?” asked Lin Feng.

The two ignored Lin Feng and started running. What did they think? That Lin Feng was going to let them off?

“Die.” Lin Feng jumped towards them using his Xiao Yao agility technique and released some fire. One of them burnt and vanished into ashes.

Then, Lin Feng grabbed the other one by the throat and stretched out his hand so that the opponent couldn’t resist anymore. Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were nobodies, tiny insects before him.

“Speak! said Lin Feng while glaring at his opponent. It seemed like a sword was piercing through that person’s soul. He looked weak and terrified.

“Jade Heaven!” said the opponent. Then Lin Feng released his fire and killed him.

“Jade Heaven empire… You’re quite impatient, aren’t you…?” thought Lin Feng. People from Jade Heaven were the Jade Emperor’s offspring, they were supposed to be his successors. Unfortunately, the demon emperor appeared and the situation changed.

Those who wanted to capture Lin Feng the most were the people from Jade Heaven and from the East Sea Dragon Palace.

Lin Feng turned around and burnt the Tian level cultivator’s body, then he left. He had already left the empire now so he had to hurry.


Yangzhou City had become resplendent and magnificent. It had also become the new capital city of Xue Yue. There were many people walking around inside the city. It had become a lively and populated city. It wasn’t like the past when Xuan level cultivators were rarely found there.

In Xue Yue, many people were still talking about the great war, especially in Yangzhou City, Lin Feng’s hometown.

Before the war, Xue Yue’s people didn’t even think about cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. In the vast country of Xue Yue, people knew that Duan Ren Huang had broken through to the Tian Qi layer. They had later learnt that another cultivator, who back then used to be one of the four greatest cultivators of Xue Yue, Lin Hai. He had also broken through to the Tian Qi layer and astonished everybody.

Duan Wu Ya and Duan Wu Dao had also brought some Tian level cultivators to Xue Yue and attempted to kill everyone during Lin Feng’s wedding. Then, Lin Feng’s woman turned into a celestial animal, Xue Ling Long. What a crazy time that was.

Unfortunately, when she turned into an animal, she was unable to stop those strong cultivators. Then, because of his love for Meng Qing, Lin Feng turned into a demon and killed Duan Ren Huang and the king of Xue Yue. The other Tian level cultivators left with Lin Feng when he had turned into a demon.

Since then, Lin Feng had made great progress and became a true killer. It was as if he had completely changed.

The people from Xue Yue couldn’t help but be moved and amazed by Lin Feng’s story and romanticism. He turned into a demon for his loved one.

Not far from the gate of Yangzhou, outside was a silhouette flying through the air. It was a handsome man who had done a lot for Xue Yue. But at that moment, he had changed and looked more mature, his eyes seemed to have gained maturity.

Xue Yue was extremely far from Tian Chi so he no longer needed his mask.

He looked at his hometown with tender feelings. Yangzhou looked so much better than in the past. There were skyscrapers now, but for Lin Feng, it was the same.

“Yangzhou, I’m back.” whispered Lin Feng while heading towards the town.

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