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PMG Chapter 86: Only Option!

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“For you, it’s too late. For him, he still has a chance. If he wishes to go to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue then we would welcome him with open arms.”

Duan Tian Lang was looking at Nan Gong Ling and Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng was a real genius. In comparison to all of the other disciples of the Hao Yue Sect and the Yun Hai Sect, Lin Feng definitely stood at the top. He was such a talented disciple that he had to go to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

Of course, there was still Wen Ren Yan as well. Even though he had been defeated by Lin Feng, he was still extremely strong and his fighting style was indeed lethal. If Lin Feng hadn’t been there then Wen Ren Yan would have been the most outstanding disciple of the Yun Hai Sect.

“Even if they destroy the Yun Hai Sect, they will never kill Lin Feng. He’s way too important. He’s a unique genius which is only seen once.”

“Lin Feng has a bright future with endless possibilities.”

Everybody was amazed by Lin Feng’s talent and envied him. What did they have to do to be as respected by others as Lin Feng?

Besides, it really seemed like the situation was as Lin Feng had described. In the Yun Hai Sect, those who were weak were bullied and threatened. So the Yun Hai Sect had nothing to offer to those whose strength hasn’t manifested itself yet.

“You two, you just have agree to my terms and the doors of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue will open themselves for you. There is no need to repeat myself, but statement that the training conditions will be much better than in the Yun Hai Sect is a fact.”

Duan Tian Lang was looking directly at Lin Feng and Wen Ren Yan.

“That Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue again…”

Lin Feng thought about the fact that Liu Fei had already solicited him a few times and wanted him to join the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue but he still hadn’t given his reply.

He wouldn’t have thought that somebody would ask him to go there again and in such a short period of time. He definitely never thought it would be under these conditions.

Wen Ren Yan looked rigid, he then glanced at the old woman who was standing on his side and then at Duan Tian Lang. He had a evil smile on his face.

“My teacher is great and the Yun Hai Sect respects me… would it be right for me to leave?” Thought Wen Ren Yan.

The old woman had prevented Lin Feng from killing Wen Ren Yan. Wen Ren Yan could finally repay all of the things she had done for him.

“Wen Ren Yan is extremely strong and there is no doubt to his talent. Staying here would just be a waste of his talent. He should definitely go.”

“Even though he was defeated by Lin Feng, there is nothing to be ashamed when comparing such geniuses.”

The whole crowd was looking at Wen Ren Yan who was furiously looking at Duan Tian Lang.

“The history of the Yun Hai Sect dates back a thousand years and you want to destroy it in the blink of an eye. How tragic, how pitiful! The Yun Hai Sect……..”

While saying this, Wen Ren Yan had released his Blue Bamboo Beast Spirit.

At full speed, he launched himself at Duan Tian Lang while shouting loudly.

“The Yun Hai Sect’s will live on through me. I will become stronger than anyone within the sect has before!”

When he finished his sentence, Wen Ren Yan had already landed next to Duan Tian Lang while looking as evil as always.


The entire crowd was surprised. They didn’t know what Wen Ren Yan was doing and they only saw an evil look in his eyes. He was going to betray the sect and join the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

“What a shameless person!”

“He really doesn’t care about losing face. How can the sect create such disgusting and shameless person?”

Many disciples and elders were cursing at him.

“Haha….” Duan Tian Lang paused and then said while smiling: “A wise man submits to circumstances. Wen Ren Yan, do not worry because in the future you will never be forced into such a sorry state.”

“Evil little monster!!!”

The old woman looked furious and released an extremely cold Qi and then she rushed towards Wen Ren Yan.

At the moment when the old woman was passing next to Duan Tian Lang, he swung down towards her using his gigantic sword.

A loud thunderous impact spread through the Life and Death Arena. The body of the old woman was thrown back to where she was initially standing and she couldn’t help but feel a sensation of fear fill her heart.

“Teacher, don’t worry. In the future, I will become much stronger than you ever could. I will never disappoint you.”

Wen Ren Yan was looking at his teacher with eyes filled with arrogance. The old woman who was forcefully repressing her injuries could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood after hearing these words. It had been a long time since she had seen the sight of her own blood.

“Don’t be impatient.”

Duan Tian Lang was staring at the old woman while watching her movements closely and then looked at Lin Feng and said: “What about you? Will you accept my offer like Wen Ren Yan? The Yun Hai Sect has made you suffer greatly, is there even any reason for you to give it face?”

Lin Feng looked at Duan Tian Land with a calm look as if everything that had happened did not affect him in any way. It was impossible to remove the serenity covering Lin Feng’s face.

Everybody in the crowd was staring at Lin Feng while impatient to hear his answer.

“Lin Feng, he’s right. The Yun Hai Sect has made you suffer so much. You should go with him. I will not try to prevent you from leaving. Nobody in the Yun Hai Sect will blame you for leaving after everything that has happened.”

Nan Gong Ling had spoken these words as he stood motionless on the viewing platform. Wen Ren Yan had accepted so it would be normal for Lin Feng. Wen Ren Yan had been treated completely differently to Lin Feng. He had received a lot of attention from the sect at the beginning. He had been protected, admired and respected by all of the elders. He had also become the direct disciple of a powerful teacher.

Lin Feng was different. He owed nothing to the Yun Hai Sect. Nan Gong Ling hoped from the bottom of his heart that Lin Feng would stay but he also could blame him if he wanted to leave… because he had no reason to stay.

Even if Lin Feng accepted Duan Tian Lang’s proposition, Nan Gong Ling wouldn’t blame him but he would definitely be depressed..

“You are asking Wen Ren Yan and me at the same time, do you think that I would reply positively knowing that he might go as well?” said Lin Feng with a cold tone. Lin Feng’s reply stupefied Wen Ren Yan. Wen Ren Yan could not suppress the hatred which had appeared on his face when he heard the words from Lin Feng’s mouth.

“In this world, enemies cannot be enemies forever. Even if you hate him, I will give you both the same chance to join the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and the possibility to advance your cultivation in such an amazing environment, where you will receive the best resources. In few years, you can kill him if that is your wish. I will stay out of personal grudges. All that matters is if you have the strength to achieve your goal.”

“No.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head: “If you have me then you don’t have him, if you have him then you don’t have me.”

Lin Feng was strict with his words which made Duan Tian Lang frown.

“What do you want then?” said Duan Tian Lang.

“I want to kill him, right now.”  Lin Feng’s ruthless words had surprised Wen Ren Yan… that bastard…

“Are there no other solutions?” asked Duan Tian Lang.

“No other solution will ease my anger. This is the only option.” replied Lin Feng.

Duan Tian Lang was surprised and after a small moment said: “Alright. But first, you have to promise that you will join us. Once you have joined our side and agreed to my offer then I will kill him where he stands.”

“BOOM.” Wen Ren Yan had the impression that a bomb had detonated in his brain. Lin Feng just had to agree for Duan Tian Lang….. to kill him?

He was betraying the sect which had nurtured him and what was going to happen in the end?! How ridiculous.

Everybody watching felt a cold shiver run down their spines. Surprisingly, Duan Tian Lang attached so much importance to Lin Feng that he suddenly was ready to kill Wen Ren Yan to make Lin Feng join them.

It looked like Wen Ren Yan was going to die a miserable death.

“No. You must kill him first.” replied Lin Feng shaking his head as firm as before.

“If I kill him, will you go back on your promise?” said Duan Tian Lang while shaking his head as well: “Are you trying to use me?”

Lin Feng smiled when he heard Duan Tian Lang’s words: “You are very smart but you are also very heartless. You are good at manipulating others to your will, I don’t like those types of people.”

“So do you mean that you are refusing my offer?” said Duan Tian Lang in a slightly angry tone.

“Indeed.” Said Lin Feng as he indifferently nodded which made everyone watching astonished.

Lin Feng had surprisingly refused to go to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. He had even tried to trick Duan Tian Lang into killing Wen Ren Yan.

Everybody was looking at Lin Feng with a perplexed expression. Nobody understood why Lin Feng would act in such a way.

“Wen Ren Yan, did you see? You are a piece of trash. When you are not needed anymore, nobody will hesitate to throw you away. Even if you stay alive, you are doomed to forever live in my shadow.”

Lin Feng’s words were like sharp blades which cut Wen Ren Yan’s pride into tiny little pieces. His arrogance and pride had just been crushed, he would never forget this moment.

That’s right. Lin Feng just had to nod once and Wen Ren Yan would be killed. How laughable was his situation.

“That’s enough.” said Duan Tian Lang who was now in a bad mood after being used. Staring at Lin Feng, he said: “I admire your courage but could you give me your reason for refusing my offer?”

Duan Tian Lang thought that Lin Feng hated the Yun Hai Sect because of everything that he had said. He could easily kill Wen Ren Yan at any time if it would convince Lin Feng to join them.

“Even though the Yun Hai Sect itself doesn’t mean much to me, I have a debt of gratitude owed for Protector Bei’s recognition and appreciation. He cares about me deeply and has continued to protect me. Besides, in the Yun Hai Sect, I have friends who are like brothers to me. How could I ever abandon them for worldly items?”

Lin Feng still had a very calm look on his face. He then added with an indifferent tone: “I, Lin Feng, have my own talents and my loyalty cannot be bought.”

His voice wasn’t loud but everybody heard and understood him clearly.

“Protector Bei cares about me.”

“How could I ever abandon them for worldly items?”

These were sentences that the entire crowd of disciples would never forget just like the sound which came from the drums on the Precipice of Zhangu. This would be something which they would never forget in their lifetime.

Although they sounded like simple words, it was not something that just anyone could have said under these circumstances.

At that moment, many people thought of Protector Bei and realized how important he was to the sect.

Protector Bei was really proud of two things in his life. The first one was that he had accepted Liu Cang Lan as his student and the second was Lin Feng.

That young disciple’s words had profoundly touched him.

“Protector Bei, you don’t make mistakes. I have eyes but I did not recognise Mt. Tai and now I realize that we have such a wonderful disciple within the sect.”

Nan Gong Ling could not help but praise Protector Bei and scold himself.

The old woman was also looking at Protector Bei and said: “You have a much better eye than I do. I’ll remember our agreement.”

“Don’t worry.” said Protector Bei while nodding which made a bunch of people curious. They were all wondering what these two protectors were talking about. People could hear about their agreement but still didn’t know what they were talking about.

At that moment, Duan Tian Lang had a furious look on his face.

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