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PMG Chapter 860: King Lin Feng

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PMG Chapter 860: King Lin Feng
“Stop.” when Lin Feng passed above the gate, a silhouette rose up in the air and prevented him from going ahead.

“This is the imperial city, it’s forbidden to fly and enter.” said the Chi Xie guard. It was a cultivator of the second Xuan Qi layer. He had probably joined the Chi Xie forces later on. Otherwise, he would recognize Lin Feng.

The guard was feeling very nervous. Even though the young man he was facing was the same age as him, he wasn’t using pure Qi to travel by air. He was simply standing in the emptiness and the guard could sense that. The guard was looking deep in Lin Feng’s eyes and could see that he was extremely strong. Was he going to kill him?

But he was a member of the Chi Xie forces and had sworn an oath to protect the country even if he had to lose his life, all of this for the splendor of the nation. Yangzhou was the new capital city of Xue Yue and the hometown of the monarch, nobody was allowed to enter the city from the sky.

Lin Feng was, of course, not going to blame him. He smiled but looked firm and said, “You cannot rival me, just move aside. Or I could kill you in a second. ”

While saying that, Lin Feng condensed some pure Qi in his hand and oppressed the entire area.

As the young man had thought, Lin Feng was extremely strong.

“Yangzhou City is the capital city of the country and King Lin Feng’s hometown, nobody can enter from the sky. If you want to go inside, you will have to kill me first.” said the guard looking more and more worried. He sounded like he had faith, though. He believed in Lin Feng, Lin Feng had become a god in Yangzhou City. The guard had heard many stories about Lin Feng, he was famous in Yangzhou back when he was 16 years old.

“King Lin Feng! ”

Lin Feng didn’t think that his parents would make him a king.

“After Lin Feng turned into a demon and left, he might have died. Why would he be qualified to be called a king?” whispered Lin Feng.

However, the guard looked at him coldly. That person was humiliating his religion, his monarch.

“Even if you’re strong, I will attack you for what you just said.” threatened the guard. He jumped forwards and threw his spear at Lin Fen while condensing some pure Qi.

Lin Feng slightly smiled and stretched out his hand and grabbed the spear. The guard kept fighting unceasingly with his full strength.

He looked surprised. The guard was glaring at Lin Feng, his strength was too incredible.

Lin Feng shook his hand and the guard’s spear fell down. The guard dropped down and grabbed the spear, looking at Lin Feng ferociously.

He felt humiliated. He was a member of the Chi Xie forces and was losing.

“I will teach you how to use your spear.” said Lin Feng, still smiling. He then made it fall down again and moved towards the guard.

A terrifying light appeared with the speed of lightning.

“Bzzzzzz…….” a buzzing sound spread in the air as the spear was filled with force. It hadn’t reached the guard yet but the atmosphere was already extremely oppressive. The guard already felt dea. In front of that spear, he had no chance to survive so he just closed his eyes.

After that, the forces disappeared. The guard opened his eyes and saw that the spear had stopped.

“Kacha! ”

The guard’s helmet broke and he was covered with ice-cold sweat. He had never seen such a terrifying spear.

“Did you see and understand that?” asked Lin Feng.

The guard nodded and then shook his head. He understood yet didn’t. Of course he had seen that spear but on the other hand he hadn’t seen it that clearly.

“What kind of spear skill is that?” asked the guard.

“It’s not a spear skill. I don’t understand spears and have never studied them.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head.

“You have never studied spears but you….?” the guard didn’t believe Lin Feng.

“A spear skill is fixed, it only gives you a way of doing things. If you don’t understand spears, then you can’t use a skill. Once you understand spears, you can use skills in an extraordinary way. Even if you don’t use skills, you can actually carry out powerful attacks if you borrow the force of the Earth and sky.” explained Lin Feng. The guard still didn’t understand. His cultivation level was too low to be compared with Lin Feng’s. However, what Lin Feng had just told him was still useful, he would be able to adapt his future practice in accordance.

“Qi Yun!” said some people, joining him in the air. They were looking at Lin Feng in a not so friendly way.

Qi Yun, the guard suddenly regained his senses and asked Lin Feng, “Wait, why did you teach me things about spears? And on top of that, you humiliated King Lin Feng.”

The others were astonished while looking at Lin Feng. Surprisingly, that guy had humiliated King Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was the king of Xue Yue and his people admired him. For the Chi Xie forces, it was even more than that, he was their god, their religion.

He was the core of all the legends the Chi Xie forces told each other.

“Stubborn guy.” Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, that guy reminded him of him back then.

“What’s going on?” someone else said in the distance. Several people wearing Chi Xie armors appeared in the distance. The guy turned around and said, “Officer, someone insulted King Lin Feng! ”

“Boom!” when that person heard the guard, they condensed their pure Qi to kill the offender.

People in front of him opened the way as he then saw the one who humiliated King Lin Feng. He looked just as handsome as before, just older. His eyes looked deep and profound, his Qi was unfathomable. He even had some silver hair.

The officer was astonished. He was recalling all that had happened in the past. Lin Feng had brought the Chi Xie forces to Duan Ren City. He had set the city on fire and had killed many people from Mo Yue, hundreds of thousands in fact. Lin Feng had brought them to Imperial City as well and saved General Liu.

Lin Feng had protected General Liu and killed the imperial guards, he had then gone back to the Imperial City and turned into a demon.

The officer could remember everything like a video. The former officers weren’t there anymore, only General Lei remained, but he was getting drunk everyday, all day. Therefore, that officer who used to be a sergeant had been promoted to the rank of officer.

Time passed quickly, things hadn’t change much but people came and went. Lin Feng had come back and he was alive!

Qi Yun looked at his officer and was surprised. The officer almost had tears in his eyes, he even started crying. They all looked at him seriously. He looked like a kid now.

They hadn’t gone through such incredible things together, real nightmares, great wars… They couldn’t understand what their officer was thinking.

The officer fell down on his knees and cried loudly, “General! ”


Qi Yun and the others were all astonished. General… their officer was calling that man general! He was so young… and in Xue Yue, there was only one general, the king of Xue Yue, Lin Feng!

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