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PMG Chapter 861: General’s Tomb

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 861: General’s Tomb
This young man who was disrespecting their leader was surprisingly Lin Feng.
Qi Yun didn’t know what to say so he just stared at him. The one who had taught him about spears was Lin Feng, the young man he admired most… his god.
“Stand up.” said Lin Feng to the officer. Lin Feng then gave a friendly tap to the officer. He could see memories and nostalgia in the officer’s eyes.
“General, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” said the officer while lowering his head. He looked extremely sad.
“No need to be like that.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head.
“But…” the officer still wanted to say something but Lin Feng interrupted him, “Continue what you were doing. No need to change your routine because of me. ”
Then Lin Feng disappeared with the blink of an eye.
The officer watched as Lin Feng disappeared in the horizon. His eyes were twinkling, “Our general has gone through such terrifying hardships… his cultivation level must be unfathomable now… but…” the officer looked even more preoccupied and sad.
Qi Yun looked at Lin Feng and remember what he had taught him with the spear. Before, he hadn’t realized that his dear king was teaching him something.
Lin Feng quickly arrived at the imperial palace, the governmental building. It had expanded since before and was now incredibly large. Inside, there was a very thick pure Qi. Back then, Lin Feng had created nine palaces with condensed pure Qi and then used some great skills to make them even more suitable for cultivation.
Of course, there were also gigantic gardens filled with valuable and rare plants.
The guards put down their spears when they saw Lin Feng approaching.
That was General Lin Feng.
They all knelt down and shouted, “General! ”
Lin Feng had come back. He had survived the demon episode.
“Stand up.” said Lin Feng while lifting his hand. They all sensed a strength which made them stand back up.
“No need to exaggerate.” said Lin Feng while smiling. His silhouette flickered and he immediately entered the palace.
The palace was different from the old imperial palace of Xue Yue. The new palace was composed of several buildings which looked quite simple.

Lin Feng walked slowly while enjoying the peace and tranquility of the atmosphere.
At the same time, he released his awareness and enjoyed the familiar surroundings.
After a short while, Lin Feng came across a simple courtyard. There were many peculiar flowers and herbs. The courtyard looked extremely peaceful but outside the courtyard were the many outstanding Chi Xie guards.
Lin Feng had his awareness enter the garden and saw a beautiful woman.
She looked more mature than before and had lost some weight. Now her breasts were more plentiful than before. She was wearing a white robe and appeared to be sad while standing there.
The General’s tomb!
The young woman there was Liu Cang Lan’s daughter, Liu Fei.
Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered without producing any wind or noise. He entered the courtyard and appeared not far behind Liu Fei.
Her Qi wasn’t as incredible as in the past and now she just looked sad, maybe hurt.
Lin Feng slowly walked towards her. After the general died, he had rushed back to Xue Yue and turned into a demon, he wasn’t able to say goodbye to Liu Cang Lan.
Liu Fei hadn’t even noticed Lin Feng arriving.
“Psss…” a sound spread in the air that surprised Liu Fei.
“Who’s there?” said Liu Fei, turning around and releasing some cold Qi while grabbing her blade. However, when she saw that face, she froze and remained motionless.
“You lost so much weight. ” said Lin Feng. It was a simple sentence, but it seemed like he was trying to seduce the Liu Fei of his memories. That sentence even made her blush.
“You’re back.” said Liu Fei trying to control herself. She just wiped her face trying not to let tears flow down her face.
Lin Feng walked forwards and knelt down in front of the General’s tomb, he then kowtowed three times and continued the same process in front of all the tombs. He remained silent for a long time.
The General was an incredible man but he had died in the hands of despicable people.
“Uncle Liu, Uncle Ren, Uncle Feng, I killed Duan Wu Ya and captured Duan Wu Dao, sooner or later I will kill him too. If there is another world, I hope that you are resting in peace there.” said Lin Feng in a solemn way. Lin Feng had come from an azure blue celestial body, sometimes he wondered what it was like back in that world. Were emperors even stronger there?
Between that world and the cultivation world, were there links?
In the cultivation world, there were emperors and ferocious beasts, but were there real ghosts as well?
When Liu Fei heard that Lin Feng had already killed Duan Wu Ya, she was speechless and knelt down next to Lin Feng. She lowered her head, it seemed like she was trying not to cry.
“It’s okay to cry.” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, Liu Fei couldn’t control herself anymore and started crying.
She then put her head on Lin Feng’s shoulders, onto which her tears were flowing.
They remained silent while she was crying, after a long time, Liu Fei calmed down and raised her head. She looked at Lin Feng and asked, “How have you been? ”
“Fine.” said Lin Feng while smiling slightly. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and opened Liu Fei’s white cloth.
Very quickly, Lin Feng took off her clothes as her beautiful and perfect body appeared. She looked very slim.
The clothes she was wearing were mourning clothes so Lin Feng lit them on fire in front of General Liu’s tomb. Liu Fei’s mouth was wide open as Lin Feng said, “Uncle Liu wouldn’t want to see you like that. Here is his tomb, not a place where people should be living. Put other clothes on and come with me. ”
Liu Fei didn’t know what to say. Then Lin Feng said, “When Uncle Liu was at war, he was mostly worried about you and nobody else. Now that you’re alive, he would be very happy about that. ”
Liu Fei was surprised and then nodded. She went into a sepulchre and put on a bright fire red dress again. She looked at Lin Feng and smiled in a gentle way. Even though she was sad, she looked very beautiful.
Lin Feng looked Liu Fei and rose up in the air while shouting, “From now on, the entombment must be closed and it is a forbidden area of the imperial palace. Nobody can come here. ”
“Who’s this?” thought the guards when they heard that voice. They all rose up in the air and saw two silhouettes in the horizon. One of them was Liu Fei.
The other one was… Lin Feng. They recognized him when he turned his head around. It was General Lin Feng!
“General, you’re back.”
Lin Feng’s voice had been so loud that many people had heard him in the surroundings.
People were extremely happy. Back in the days, Lin Feng had left as a demon and now he had come back, that was a great surprise to them!
However, their happiness was being hindered by something else, something Lin Feng didn’t know!

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