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PMG Chapter 863: Flames of Fury

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 863: Flames of Fury
Back then, the four amazing cultivators of Xue Yue were already astonishing and worshiped in Xue Yue but now Lin Feng had broken through to the Tian Qi layer. For a country like Xue Yue, Lin Feng was already considered a strong cultivator. He had broken through to the Tian Qi layer like the strongest cultivator of Xue Yue: Duan Ren Huang.
His talent and natural abilities were just incredible.
“I can’t, he has to be even stronger than that… then someday he will reach the clouds and I will tell him.” thought Yue Qing Shan while clenching his fists. He had to do this for Lin Feng’s future. Yue Meng He would not blame her father, Meng He herself didn’t want Lin Feng to know.
“Tell me now!” said Lin Feng whose Qi was becoming more and more frightening. Yue Qing Shan felt like he was going to fall down from the Qi.
“Stop asking. Practice cultivation and forget about it for now, Lin Feng.” said Yue Qing Shan.
“Yangzhou City is a big city, there are many people in the palace. You’re probably not the only ones who know, The army probably knows, the Chi Xie forces and so on, and they won’t lie to me.” said Lin Feng.
Indeed, Yangzhou City was so big and had so many inhabitants. Everybody knew about this… Lin Feng just had to ask and he would know in a few seconds. It wasn’t a secret so could they hide the truth from him?
“Lin Feng, promise me that if I tell you, you won’t attack anyone and won’t act carelessly?” asked Yue Qing Shan.
“Okay, I promise.” replied Lin Feng without hesitating.
“Back then, when you turned into a demon, you brought the Chi Xie troops to Duan Ren Border and killed an incredible number of people. The people from the country of Lie Yun hate you. Then, people from the country of Tian Feng also hate you because of what happened at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. After you turned into a demon, they came to Xue Yue. ” said Yue Qing Shan slowly. Lin Feng was even more furious. As expected, each action a person took had consequences.
“And then what happened?” said Lin Feng nervous.
“They sent some strong cultivators to the former imperial city and invaded the palace. Then they attacked Yangzhou City and wanted to capture Xin Ye, they threatened to rape her, saying the widow couldn’t stay single forever and many more horrible things.” said Yue Qing Shan.
“Your parents couldn’t agree to let them act that way! So they attacked the strong cultivators of both countries, including some Tian level cultivators. Even if your parents had broken through to the Tian Qi layer as well, they couldn’t recover completely, so they were defeated by the last two cultivators. It is also at that moment that my cultivation was crippled.”
“How are my parents now?” asked Lin Feng feeling extremely worried.
“The cultivators of the two countries kept your parents in the ancient palace of Xue Yue and then took them away. They said that your parents would never come back to Xue Yue unless we brought Xin Ye and all your concubines to them. Otherwise, they would kill your parents. They did that to humiliate Xue Yue and to humiliate you.” said Yue Qing Shan who sounded furious as well.
“Lin Feng, everything is my fault, I am a bad wife.” said Duan Xin Ye who felt guilty. She had the feeling that she kept hurting the people around her.
Lin Feng took Duan Xin Ye’s hand, shook his head and said, “You’re only an excuse for them. Without you, they would have found another excuse to humiliate Xue Yue and me.”
“Indeed, they all knew that. When they said that they wanted us to bring Xin Ye there, it was just to humiliate Xue Yue even more.” said Yue Qing Shan, his heart felt painful, he felt powerless… He had witnessed everything without being able to do anything.
“How are my parents now? Are they safe?” asked Lin Feng, he was extremely worried about his parents.
“Nothing happened to them, the enemies put them on the gate outside of the former imperial city of Xue Yue, they use them as totems to humiliate Xue Yue.” said Yue Qing Shan, his face was red with anger.
At that moment, a terrifying Qi was emerging out Lin Feng’s body.
Yue Qing Shan was shaking, that Qi was making him suffocate but he found the strength to shout, “Lin Feng, you promised me you wouldn’t go and attack them. You are our only hope, all of us see you as our only hope!”
“I know. I will not attack. But I will make them pay and it will be unbearable for them.” shouted Lin Feng coldly. “Snow eagles! ” a terrifying voice shook the entire palace. Immediately, seven terrifying Tian level beasts appeared in the sky and peaked down. They appeared around Lin Feng and turned into human beings.
“Boom boom boom!” the ground was shaking and fissures were appearing. The seven snow eagles looked terrifying, and Yue Qing Shan kept shaking.
Those terrifying wild beasts were all Tian level beasts!
“Master!” said the seven snow eagles while bowing in front of Lin Feng, Yue Qing Shan’s chest pounded harder. He was absolutely stunned, astonished, he was about to faint!
Master, Tian level beasts, those beasts were calling Lin Feng master!
What was going on! After Lin Feng had turned into a demon, what had happened!
Yue Qing Shan couldn’t think anymore, his vision was even blurry and he was shivering from head to foot. Those Tian level beasts were bowing in front of Lin Feng and calling him master…
Many Chi Xie forces rushed over as well and saw Lin Feng, that young man from Xue Yue who used to be so arrogant… Their general had seemingly gained a certain reputation outside of the country as well… those seven Tian level beasts were calling him master…
Liu Fei was astonished as well and shaking. Incredible things always happened to Lin Feng. She was astonished each time she saw him after they were apart.
“One of you can turn into a beast, that’ll be enough.” said Lin Feng. One snow eagle immediately dashed to the sky and turned into a gigantic snow eagle again. Its Qi was absolutely terrifying and oppressive.
Besides, the six others dashed to the skies as well and disappeared, as if they had never appeared.
“Wait for me.” said Lin Feng, jumping up onto the back of the snow eagle. It then opened its gigantic wings and began flying with incredible speed.
Yue Qing Shan watched as Lin Feng and the eagle disappeared. For a very long time, he stood there, speechless. Then some tears appeared in his eyes… he felt proud. Lin Feng would be redoubtable later in life, it seemed like Yue Qing Shan had been too worried.
A terrifying Qi streaked across the sky above Yangzhou City surprising its people. They had never seen Tian level beasts which could turn into human beings.
However, they could recognize Lin Feng, the young and outstanding man from Yangzhou City!
Lin Feng was riding a Tian level beast, but he didn’t know what the former imperial city had become…
At that moment, many people were watching Lin Feng fly in the direction of the former imperial city.
At the same time, the news that Lin Feng had come back was heard everywhere. According to the legends, he had turned into a demon back then and had almost died.
Now, the king came back and he would reign over Xue Yue. And this time, he had already broken through to the Tian Qi layer. Duan Ren Huang was already a middle-aged man by the time he hit the Tian Qi layer. Besides, so many people of the same age as Lin Feng hadn’t even broken through to the Xuan Qi layer yet.
Lin Feng was riding a Tian level beast… a terrifying Tian level beast… Those beasts could turn into human beings… and Lin Feng was their master!
Lin Feng had become the master of such powerful creatures…
Did they belong to an empire of low quality like Dragon Mountain…?

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