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PMG Chapter 867: Murder!

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 867: Murder!
“Lin Feng, King of Xue Yue!” Citizens of Xue Yue were astonished. Lin Feng had just killed two cultivators of the Tian Qi layer.
Not only had Lin Feng broken through to the Tian Qi layer but he was also much stronger than Duan Ren Huang. With only two attacks, he had been able to slaughter two cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. That golden bell was something that they had never seen before. In the end, the crowd didn’t understand how Lin Feng had killed the Tian level cultivator from Lie Yun but… both Tian level cultivators from Tian Feng and Lie Yun had died.
They could only guess that Lin Feng may have just crushed his opponent’s soul.
At that moment, Lin Hai and Yue Meng He were astonished as well.
Tian Qi layer… After turning into a demon and leaving Xue Yue, Lin Feng had broken through to the Tian Qi layer. Now he came back as a king and could crush other cultivators of the Tian Qi layer so very easily. They were incredibly proud.
Lin Feng told them, he said that he would kill them, even if they were Tian level cultivators.
“Mom, dad, the eagle will protect you. Just stay on his back and don’t worry.” said Lin Feng to his parents who nodded. Without spending time talking to them, he rushed over to the former imperial palace of Xue Yue.
He wanted to see who had organized all of this. How many people were still there? They all had to die.
The snow eagle flapped its wings and followed Lin Feng inside the palace.
Lin Feng was glancing around. For him, cultivators at the same level were nobodies, like tiny insects. He was flying around the palace like a madman searching.
The crowd outside of the palace followed him as well. They wanted to keep watching him. Many people rose into the air to follow him more closely.
Nobody wanted to miss Lin Feng’s revenge. They wanted to see if anybody was able to contend against their king.
That massive group of people looked like a tidal wave gushing into the former imperial city.
Many strong cultivators inside the palace seemed to be aware that Lin Feng had come back. Very quickly, some people appeared on Lin Feng’s way. Lin Feng released some terrifying sword energy.
Those who had just came close to Lin Feng could sense his Qi and wanted to escape but they couldn’t move fast enough. Lin Feng released golden lights and killed them.
It was raining bodies.. the ancient city turned into an ocean of blood.
After that, many people decided not to watch from the sky anymore. They were too terrified of Lin Feng.
Finally, Lin Feng moved towards the center of the palace. Many of the people from Tian Feng and Lie Yun had settled there. There was even an army, they knew that Lin Feng had turned into a demon so the two countries brought back-up. They wanted to conquer the former capital city of Xue Yue and then conquer the entire country.
Unfortunately, they had had no choice but to change their plan after the Tian Sha Sect came to Xue Yue. They had to take Lin Feng’s parents as hostages and wait for him to come… But they both came to kill Lin Feng.
In the main palace, many people sensed the terrifying Qi and raised their heads.
There was a handsome young man whose energies were terrifying. It seemed like nobody could stop him.
Lin Feng glanced at them coldly and released some energies. He shook his hand and the crowd couldn’t see anything but golden lights which streaked across the sky and murdered Lin Feng’s enemies.
“Die” said Lin Feng coldly. Blood splashed everywhere. The walls of the palace were covered everywhere with blood.
Not only had those people invaded Xue Yue but they had also captured his parents. They had almost killed them. Lin Feng had to get his revenge, he had to kill them. Otherwise, what would they do if he wasn’t in Xue Yue?
“You animal!”
“Jie Jie!” said gloomy voices coming from coffins. Then, two coffins then started flying.
“Those two pieces of trash were unsurprisingly unable to stop you.” said a voice coming from one of the coffins. Then, a terrifying gloomy Qi surrounded Lin Feng.
In a flash, the gloomy Qi crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. However, he had already ignited a fire and the gloomy Qi disappeared whenever it touched that fire.
At the same time, Lin Feng jumped forwards and released a terrifyingly oppressive punch which contained an inextinguishable fire.
“Boom!” the fire made short work of the coffin.
“Ahhh…” the cultivator inside gave a horrible shriek which echoed far off in the distance. The Tian level cultivator inside the coffin wanted to come out and attack.
But at that moment, Lin Feng’s hand crashed into the coffin, that punch possessed the power of the demon seal stone so the entire coffin was sealed. The person inside couldn’t escape.
The fire was becoming more intense. The coffin was already surrounded by flames to the extent that it wasn’t visible anymore.
Inside, the cultivator was crying with pain. The crowd was astonished, especially the cultivators of the Tian Sha Sect who came later.
At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t look like the other Tian level cultivators of the same level, he had surpassed them.
The other cultivator came out of his coffin when he saw that Lin Feng had imprisoned his fellow inside his coffin. He didn’t want stay inside the coffin anymore, instead he immediately attacked.
“Die.” that released a monstrous amount of gloomy Qi.
“You filthy bastard!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A black lotus appeared in his hand that contained some corrosive energy.
The terrifying gloomy Qi was destroyed by Lin Feng’s attack. Lin Feng used the Xiao Yao agility technique and immediately punched his opponent, not giving him any chance to escape. The black lotus then made contact with his opponent who then exploded and disappeared.

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