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PMG Chapter 868: Tian Qi layer

PMG Chapter 868: Tian Qi layer
Lin Feng’s Qi was still hanging around in the atmosphere after killing the Tian level cultivator.
He then released some sword Qi and attacked people from both Lie Yun and Tian Feng. Nobody was able to stop Lin Feng. All they could do was wait and die.
Nobody thought that the situation would turn out this way. Lin Feng didn’t fear any of them and nobody could challenge him. Each time he attacked, blood spilled. He could kill Tian level cultivators in one punch. The worst part is that they used his parents to attract him, but that seemingly pissed him off more.
Finally, Lin Feng made his way to the original palace of the former imperial city. A myriad of black chains containing terrifying gloomy Qi appeared and attacked Lin Feng.
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as he released his awareness to block the chains. A few buildings were destroyed by his sword Qi as more coffins appeared. The black chains were precisely coming from those coffins.
“A bunch of undead pieces of trash.” said Lin Feng coldly.
“Kacha, Boom boom boom!” the coffins moved in every direction and their chains continued to target Lin Feng.
Very quickly, the coffins stopped and the chains were about to trap Lin Feng, but he didn’t look like he was scared. At that moment, Lin Feng turned into a majestic mountain standing aloof.
Lin Feng became enchained when two coffins decided to attack him head-on. Lin Feng then moved and the chains moved along with him. It seemed like his body contained an extraordinary strength.
It wasn’t long before the two coffins arrived in front of Lin Feng. He punched the two coffins and an explosion sounded. The bronze coffins broke into pieces. At the same time, the corpses they contained vanished as well without even having the time to shout.
“Boom boom boom!” The other coffins moved away and landed on a building. From there, they were observing Lin Feng with terrified expressions.
Lin Feng’s physical strength was terrific.
Some silhouettes descended from the sky and Lin Feng ended up surrounded by many people, of which many of them also had chains.
In front of Lin Feng, there was a huge palace filled with a large group of people. They were in fusion with the Earth sand sky, especially the one at the very front. He was wearing an ordinary grey robe, he had at least broken through to the third Tian Qi layer, and his Qi contained intent.
“What a big army.” thought Lin Feng. There were a dozen of them who had all broken through to the Tian Qi layer.
“Lie Yun and Tian Feng are such small countries… having two cultivators of the Tian Qi layer is already something exceptional… those Tian level cultivators can’t be from those two countries. ” thought Lin Feng. Those Tian Qi layer cultivators had participated to the great war back then and it seemed like they had all been waiting for him to come back.
The leader of the group smiled coldly and said, “Lin Feng, you are extremely strong and your natural abilities are breathtaking. But no matter how talented you are, your cultivation level is limited. You can’t contend against us. Now, if you decide to join us, listen to my orders and only to my orders, maybe I will let you live. Perhaps I won’t harm your family members or friends either.”
“You want me to accept defeat without fighting back?” said Lin Feng mockingly before adding, “Tell me, to which group of influence do you belong to? The East Sea Dragon Palace or the Jade Heaven Empire? ”
“I am asking you something, you should accept. If you refuse, accepting later will be too late and will be left with regrets.” said the cultivator wearing the grey robe. Lin Feng then replied, “Too late for regrets? How ridiculous. Because of me, you wasted time and energy. You’ve surprisingly been waiting for me all this time and captured my parents as hostages… You knew that sooner or later, I would leave Tian Chi and would come back home for a while…Therefore, I know that you’ve been waiting here for a long while.” His interlocutor understood him, he even seemed to know a lot about Lin Feng. They had brought so many cultivators of the Tian Qi layer to ensure that they would win.
“Even if you know all those things, so what? I will repeat myself one more time, if you listen to my orders, maybe I will let you live. At least, I will let all your friends and family members off.” said his interlocutor calmly. He seemed to think he had already won.
Lin Feng was strong but had just broken through to the first Tian Qi layer. He could kill cultivators of the same level but no matter what, he couldn’t kill a dozen cultivators of the Tian Qi layer… Amongst them, there were cultivators of the second Tian Qi layer, and a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer. Lin Feng couldn’t resist.
“Is that so? There are so many of you, you all should at least show me what you can do.” said Lin Feng. A storm appeared and a terrifying hurricane started blowing. Some white silhouettes appeared with incredible speed and exuded powerful bestial Qi.
“Boom boom boom!” the silhouettes landed on the ground and surrounded those Tian level cultivators.
“Tian level beasts…! ”
Those cultivators were astonished and puzzled. Where did those beasts come from?
Surprisingly, there were some people up in the clouds. They couldn’t even sense the Qi of the beasts which meant that those beasts were stronger than them!
“Is that enough?” said Lin Feng while looking at the cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer. That person was too stunned to reply.
The crowd in the palace was astonished as well. How could Lin Feng have so many strong allies?
“If that’s not enough. I can call more people.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He then raised his hand and his snow tower appeared. Immediately, some gigantic beasts appeared.
“Argh! ”
“Boom boom boom!” those beasts were roaring furiously and punching their chests… the atmosphere was filled with a terrifying bestial Qi.
Those new beasts were also Tian level beasts and they were all surrounding the enemies.
They were scared to death. If they had foreseen this outcome they would have let Lin Feng off.
But now it was too late, Lin Feng was ready able to kill them. If that group of ferocious wild beasts attacked, they would all get slaughtered!

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