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PMG Chapter 872: Concocting pills

PMG Chapter 872: Concocting pills
Lin Feng could sense his ancient cauldron and its holy marks very clearly. With his acute perceptions, Lin Feng could distinguish a dragon shape in the holy marks.
Lin Feng released his awareness onto the holy marks, it was as if pure Qi was flowing through them. In a flash, the holy marks diffused incredible lights in Lin Feng’s spirit. A dragon appeared and opened its mouth, spewing endless Qi.
“Bzzzzzz…….” An alarm began blaring in Lin Feng’s head as if the dragon was attacking his awareness. His body started shaking violently, but luckily, his awareness was absorbing the shocks. Lin Feng struggled but managed to continue observing the holy marks. He was staring to understand them.
But in a few seconds, Lin Feng was covered with cold sweat. His awareness was communicating with the holy marks and it seemed like it could attract the dragon’s attacks. Although dragon was in the emptiness, it seemed very real.
“The heavenly nine dragon cauldron!” whispered Lin Feng. He seemed to be in another world, something strange to find in an ancient cauldron. As the dragon was spitting out energy, Lin Feng had an incredible sensation. That Qi was rotating while the pills were being concocted. Indeed, the cauldron was initially a tool to concoct pills.
Of course, the ancient dragon also had an incredible offensive power.
“Lin Feng, what’s going on?” asked Mister Chi and Mister Huo who hadn’t started concocting pills yet. They were too concerned by Lin Feng’s reaction. How strange!
“Mister Chi, Mister Huo, I’m fine. I was just about to start. If anything strange happens, please help me and thank you.” said Lin Feng. The two old men nodded. Even if they didn’t say anything, they knew what to do. They had seen Lin Feng concoct pills in the past and found that he was quite talented. With his incredible power of understanding and his powerful soul, Lin Feng had surpassed them in terms of pill concoction. They could only assist him now.
“Bzzzzzz…….” A fire ignited and the entire room was invaded with fire Qi and heat. The fire was terrifying and burning all around the cauldron. Although powerful, the fire seemed to contain a level of calmness.
They put the ingredients in the cauldron and dazzling lights appeared.
The nine sun herb, the divine fungus and the sanguine soul herb were such precious medicinal herbs and were terribly expensive, but in the cauldron, they looked like ordinary items… Lin Feng was simply throwing them into the cauldron to mix their mix their qualities.
Divine water pills were sun type pills, holy healing pills… but their price was enormous. It was no surprise that they cost so much in the continent. Even if one was willing to spend money, it wasn’t easy to find pills.
Divine water pills weren’t just healing pills, they could also help cultivators develop their natural abilities and make strengthen people’s souls. They could enhance cultivators’ flesh and organs.
Things were getting hotter in the room. Lin Feng started making gestures with his hands and the cauldron began buzzing. At the same time, Lin Feng’s godly awareness was everywhere in the room. Everything that was happening was appearing very clearly in his brain, including what was going on in the cauldron. This time, Lin Feng couldn’t fail, he had to succeed.
Mister Chi and Mister Huo were watching Lin Feng’s moves and were surprised. The fire was so powerful, no to mention his methods. What really surprised the two old men was Lin Feng’s control. While practicing mindful consciousness, he could control each and every step of the process.
The two old men sighed. What a pity that Lin Feng hadn’t become an alchemist but they knew that it was impossible. Lin Feng had such natural abilities, how could he only focus on pills? Alchemy was only a means to help him on the path of cultivation. If Lin Feng hadn’t gone through so many hardships though, maybe alchemy wouldn’t have been possible for him.
Cultivation was at the roots of the cultivation world, everybody wanted to be strong and powerful.
Time passed slowly… after a very long time, a strange Qi invaded the room. There were many sorts of Qi mixing together, the Qi of the herbs were starting to condense.
Lin Feng frowned and focused even more. He couldn’t be careless at that moment, otherwise, he might lose everything.
The fragrance of the medicine was becoming more dense, the entire room was filled with it. Lin Feng could sense that some pills were starting to condense. Very soon, divine water pills would appear.
However, after a while, the Qi of the ingredients had fused already but the pills hadn’t appeared. Lin Feng was wondering what was going on.
“Almost, almost…” thought the two old men. They could sense the energy and everything had to be very precise for the concoction to work.
A dazzling light started to appear and it contained a terrifying Qi. The strength of the Earth and sky was drawn towards the pills which were absorbing it. This was the last step.
“It’s risky.” Lin Feng knew that it wasn’t working… but with the fire and his technique, there was no reason for it not to work. Maybe he didn’t have enough experience. He knew how to concoct the pills thanks to the recipe, but maybe he missed something.
His godly awareness entered the cauldron and then the entire cauldron started shaking violently. It seemed like a dragon was waking.
Lin Feng poured sun pure Qi into the holy marks of the cauldron. The dragon started roaring and spitting out energy.
“Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz…” a terrifying roared emanated from the cauldron. Lin Feng’s awareness shook and a thousand rays of light appeared.
Without hesitating, Lin Feng rose up in the air and broke through the ceiling of the room. A gigantic hole appeared there.
Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and streaked across the sky as he grabbed everything that flashed out of the cauldron. His hands were hot, it seemed like they were boiling. The blood Qi was incredible, but besides blood Qi, there was some sun Qi. Lin Feng was overjoyed by his success.
“Divine water pills! ”
Lin Feng opened his hands… he had taken great efforts to make those pills…!
Silhouettes flickered and neared him, attracted by the pills’ thick energies. But when they saw Lin Feng, they stopped and they looked surprised.
Lin Feng glanced at them and nodded, and then they all smiled in a resplendent way.

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