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PMG Chapter 875: Nature pills

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PMG Chapter 875: Nature pills
Ba Dao had suffered a lot in the past and experienced many hardships. He was feeling grateful to have such good friends. He wasn’t a talkative man but he enjoyed the feeling of having good friends.
“Brother, we have to drink a few glasses today!” said Po Jun thinking of the hot unit they used to drink together.
“No problem.” said Lin Feng while laughing naturally. He naturally didn’t lack alcohol.
“My son…” said Yue Meng He, before asking, “Do you have more of those pills?”
“I do.” said Lin Feng while nodding. Yue Meng He looked surprised, she wanted to say something but Yue Qing Shan interrupted her, “Meng He, I’m a century old man, my cultivation has limits so there’s no need to waste such precious pills on me. Little Feng may need them.” said Yue Qing Shan who knew what Yue Meng He meant. He knew that he had made a lot of mistakes in the past, he had even pushed Lin Feng’s woman to leave him for Yue Tian Ming. He had been a bad grandfather. so he understood if Lin Feng didn’t want to give him his pills.
Lin Feng looked at his mother and grandfather and smiled wryly. He understood what they meant.
“Mom, don’t misunderstand me. Let bygones be bygones. Grandpa got injured because of us, how could I be unwilling to help him? Divine water pills can, indeed, heal him but I want to give him another kind of pill which is more suitable for his condition.” explained Lin Feng. Yue Meng He smiled. No matter what happened in the past, Yue Qing Shan was her father and she knew that Yue Qing Shan had always loved her. She also knew that old people could stubborn at times. If Lin Feng had refused to help his grandfather, she would have been angry with him. But, it seemed like she had been thinking too much. Her son was kind-hearted.
Yue Qing Shan was surprised but he smiled in a warm and gentle way. After seeing that Lin Feng had helped them all recover, if Lin Feng had refused to help him, he would have understood but would have felt frustrated.
“Mister Chi, Mister Huo.” Lin Feng called the two old men. After seeing all those young people who had become stronger than them, they weren’t feeling so great themselves.
“Mister Chi, Mister Huo, have you heard of nature pills?” asked Lin Feng.
“Nature pills.” whispered Mister Huo. He then frowned and glanced at Mister Chi. The two old men looked surprised.
Lin Feng knew that they had heard about those pills when he saw their reaction.
“Lin Feng, do you have the recipe for nature pills?” asked Mister Huo. He was shivering while thinking about what Lin Feng had just told his mother.
“I do.” said Lin Feng while nodding. In the purple golden mountain forbidden territory, the Zun cultivator had transmitted him the recipe. The Zun cultivator particularly liked that pill.
“Kacha!” Mister Chi and Mister Huo clenched their fists. They looked at Lin Feng while smiling, they were speechless. Lin Feng could always surprise them.
“Nature pills are incredible Tian level pills. They can make people come back to life, regenerate their vital organs and blood systems, heal their bones and soul, give them the strength of the Earth and sky… Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer would kill for such pills. They can even help people break through to a new cultivation layer.” said Mister Huo slowly. Everybody was looking at him surprised. What a powerful pill… divine water pills were holy healing pills and nature pills were… holy cultivation pills. They could take vitality from the Earth and sky and give it to cultivators.
Yue Meng He and Yue Qing Shan shivered when they thought of the implications. Yue Qing Shan’s heart was beating much faster all of a sudden. How nice! Lin Feng had planned everything already. He wanted to give him nature pills which would not only give him back his strength but make him stronger.
After all, he had only broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. At a certain age, he would become weaker again. It made sense that he needed to start a new life to become stronger. It was different for people like Lin Feng who had broken through to the Tian Qi layer at such a young age. Such individuals aged slower than others.
“Mister Chi, Mister Huo, the ingredients are not easy to get. You can first take the required purity stones to purchase the ingredients. Once you have them, we’ll be able to make nature pills, then you two and my grandpa will be able to recover.” explained Lin Feng while handing a piece of paper to the old men. It was the recipe for the nature pills.
Mister Chi and Mister Huo took it. Of course they were going to look for those ingredients. Any person able to concoct nature pills, no matter where, was considered an extremely talented alchemist. Lin Feng had been able to find the recipe and that was incredible already, they could only imagine what he had gone through to find it.
“Lin Feng, we’re off then.” said the two old men. Lin Feng smiled wryly, the two old men were impatient but he could understand them. Seeing all those young people surpass them wasn’t easy so they hoped to find the ingredients for the nature pills as soon as possible.
Yi Xue and Yun Xi were chatting. From what Yi Xue was saying, Yun Xi knew that Lin Feng hadn’t fooled her, she really had been in a coma for a few years. The Luo Xia Sect disappeared for a long time already. Many powerful sects had actually disappeared already. Great wars had taken place even.
“Sister, where am I now? In Lin Feng’s house? Is Lin Feng the disciple of an aristocratic clan?” asked Yun Xi.
Yi Xue smiled and said, “You can say that you’re in our master’s house. Of course, this is the imperial palace of Xue Yue.”
“The Imperial Palace of Xue Yue!” said Yun Xi surprised. “Is Lin Feng a nobleman of Xue Yue?”
Yi Xue smiled and shook her head, “He’s not a nobleman, he’s the king. ”
“The King!” Yun Xi was surprised. Lin Feng was a… king?
Yi Xue grabbed Yun Xi’s hand and took her to some bench and told her Lin Feng’s story. Yun Xi listened carefully as if she was listening to ancient legends. Lin Feng was that extraordinary.
On the other side, men were drinking hot unit on the floor.
“Brother, you remember when we were in Black Wind Mountain hunting? That was a great time. Nowadays, we can’t do that with you anymore because the gap between us is too wide. Of course, I’m really happy for you but your fate is to reach the clouds. We don’t belong in the same world anymore. Brother, sometimes, I wish you weren’t so strong. Otherwise, we would be able to stay altogether, travel around the continent and even get drunk sometimes.” said Han Man while drinking more hot unit. His cheeks were burning. He only said said these things because he thought of Lin Feng as a brother.
Lin Feng gazed into the distance and remained silent. Han Man was actually right, the gap between them was ever increasing.
Jing Yun seemed to sadden about what Han Man was saying. She lowered her head and also remained silent.
“Han Man, you silly boy. Why are you saying such pessimistic things? Let’s get drunk today and be happy!” said Po Jun which made Han Man smile, “Alright, Lin Feng, bro, let’s drink!”
Han Man and Lin Feng raised their glasses but deep in their heart, they weren’t feeling as comfortable anymore.

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