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PMG Chapter 877: So Close Yet Worlds Apart

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 877: So Close Yet Worlds Apart
Black Wind Mountain and the Yun Hai mountain range shared a border. They were both quite vast territories so nobody in Xue Yue didn’t really know anything about the Black Wind Mountains. Nobody had ever traveled into the depths of the Black Wind Mountain and those who had dared had never come back out alive. All that was known was the presence of the ferocious beasts.
At the border between Black Wind Mountain and Yun Hai was a terrifying storm. It contained a monstrous Qi. Black clouds were in the sky that were filled with bestial Qi. It had huge wings which could create hurricanes.
Many beasts in Black Wind Mountain were raising their heads to look up at that Qi. The roc wasn’t a Xuan level beast, it was a Tian level beast.
“There’s a human being…” at that moment, the beasts also realized that there was a human being on the roc. That human seemed unphased by the strong winds created by the roc.
That person was Lin Feng. At that moment, he was looking down at Yun Hai, the place where everything started.
“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned. How hot, there was a scorching Qi emerging out of Yun Hai.
However, Lin Feng was one kilometer high in the air so he shouldn’t sense such anything.
“What’s going on?” thought Lin Feng. He frowned but relaxed again. He wanted to go to Black Wind Mountain first to see Meng Qing. After that, he would come back to check out what was happening.
Lin Feng couldn’t recognize where Meng Qing lived but the roc could. That’s why Lin Feng decided to ride his roc there.
The Qi of the roc was terrifying so the small beasts of Black Wind Mountain were all crouching and crawling to avoid him.
Lin Feng remained calm as he finally arrived at the Black Wind Mountain. He was wondering where that middle-aged woman was, was Meng Qing with her? Back when she took Meng Qing, she told Lin Feng that only after breaking through to the Tian Qi layer, could he go and look for her.
There were vast grass fields, forests and beasts in Lin Feng’s line of vision. Only now was he realizing how large the Black Wind Mountain was. There were fewer beasts in the depths of Black Wind Mountain, but they were more powerful than the beasts he had come across up until then. There were strong Xuan level beasts which possessed their own territories. Stronger beasts had broader territories and it wasn’t so easy to steal a territory from them.
The beast tides that Lin Feng had experienced in the past as a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect were actually nothing. Those tides actually happened because Xuan level beasts scared the small beasts away. If the strong beasts from Black Wind Mountain had come out back then, a small sect like the Yun Hai Sect wouldn’t have been able to compete with them.
Finally, after a long time, things started feeling cold. Lin Feng looked in front of him and saw a snowy territory. Lin Feng hadn’t arrived yet but could sense how cold it was. That coldness wasn’t the same as other places, that kind of coldness was bestial and could chill the bones.
“Bzzzzz.” The Tian level roc arrived in front of that vast snowy area. This was a forbidden area in the Black Wind Mountain, a territory reserved to high-tier beasts. There were terrifying Tian level beasts there. If Mother Master was willing, she could take Tian level beasts into the forbidden territory or she could expel them.
In the distance, an ox glanced at the roc with its big eyes and looked surprised. There was a human riding a roc and was entering the forbidden territory…
Last time, the ox had seen a terrifying energy inside the forbidden area when it couldn’t help curb the curiosity. It wanted to see Tian level beasts.
Lin Feng landed on the ground and stepped on the ice, coldness immediately invaded his legs. There was bestial Qi in the snow, it had some of Meng Qing’s bestial Qi.
Lin Feng slowly walked forwards into the middle of that white immensity and the roc was following Lin Feng. Although they left footprints behind them, those footprints disappeared quickly because it was snowing so much.
After walking for a long time, Lin Feng arrived in front of a gigantic snowy field. It seemed like an incredible beast was curled up there. If it stood up, it would be as tall and aloof as a palace or a mountain.
“Snow fox!” Lin Feng looked at that gigantic beast, it had a white tail and appeared to be in symbiosis with the snow. She sensed Lin Feng and opened her eyes. Lin Feng’s heart started beating faster..
“It’s her.” Lin Feng recognized the middle-aged woman.
At that moment, a small white silhouette appeared, it looked at Lin Feng with tears in the corners of its eyes. She ran towards Lin Feng as fast as she could.
“Meng Qing!”
Lin Feng ran towards her using his Xiao Ya agility technique.
“Bzzzzz.” The ground shook as the gigantic snow fox turned into a middle-aged woman wearing a white robe. She looked like a queen.
Lin Feng kept running towards Meng Qing and Meng Qing kept running towards him. However, it seemed like the distance between them wasn’t changing.
“What’s going on?” thought Lin Feng. He stopped running but Meng Qing didn’t, even then she wasn’t getting any closer.
A path appeared as the lady shook her hand, trees lined the sides of that path.
Not only were Meng Qing and Lin Feng not getting any closer to each other but the distance between them was increasing.
So close yet worlds apart, that was the feeling Lin Feng had and it was a horrible feeling.
Mother Master was separating them.
“You said that I could come back after breaking through to the Tian Qi layer and I did.” said Lin Feng while looking at the beautiful mother. He knew the woman was way too strong for him, if she didn’t agree, he wouldn’t be able to see Meng Qing.
“I only said, after breaking through to the Tian Qi layer that you can come and look for me. That’s all.” said the middle-aged woman looking proud. Even though Lin Feng had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, the woman didn’t look proud of him or anything.
If it hadn’t been because of Ling Long, she would have killed him a long time ago. Xue Ling Long perfectly understood what it meant. Ling Long’s blood was pure, she had the blood of a queen.
“What do I need to do?” asked Lin Feng.
“From here is a snowy path, if you want to take Ling Long with you, you must walk to the end of that path.” said the middle-aged woman. She then shook her hand again and Lin Feng lost all the sounds of world, as if he was in another world, a world made of snow.
The middle-aged woman and Meng Qing were at the end of that path and he could see them clearly..

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