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PMG Chapter 878: Struggling through the path

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PMG Chapter 878: Struggling through the path
Lin Feng knew that simply walking the path wasn’t enough to reach the other side. The middle-aged woman had condensed abstruse energy and infused that path. How long would it take to walk that path? Lin Feng wasn’t sure but he had no choice, he had to find a solution so he started walking slowly.
Just as he guessed, after walking a while, the distance  between them remained the same. Lin Feng didn’t know what to do.
That path seemed like it’s goal was to make people lose hope.
“Eh?” Lin Feng took a few steps and felt ice penetrating into his body.
“I can surprisingly feel the cold?” thought Lin Feng. He couldn’t believe it. He had already broken through to the Tian Qi layer, he could of course tell whether it was hot or cold, but that feeling of having coldness penetrate his body like daggers.
That coldness was extremely potent.
After stopping for a few seconds, Lin Feng started walking again, but it was useless.
The coldness was also becoming more intense. The more he walked, the more the ice penetrated into his body.
After so many steps, the distance between them was still the same. It seemed like Lin Feng would never reach the other end.
Meng Qing was watching him with tears in her eyes.
Lin Feng was already shivering and shaking because of the cold.
“Woo… woo…” Meng Qing was crying while looking back at the middle-aged woman. However, the middle-aged woman looked indifferent about Lin Feng’s suffering.
Meng Qing couldn’t do anything so she looked back at Lin Feng again. He wasn’t stopping. Lin Feng had to stop if he wanted to live but couldn’t because he couldn’t give up Meng Qing.
No matter what, he had to reach the other end. The only way he would stop is if he died.
Time passed slowly, Lin Feng was now surrounded by a layer of ice. He was still breathing but it was slowing. For each step he took, he had to take incredible efforts.
That snowy path was called the “So Close Yet So Far” path. No matter what Lin Feng did, he couldn’t reach the other end.
Lin Feng understood that but he didn’t want to give so kept walking. He had a strange feeling though, like he could actually make it to Meng Qing.
His legs couldn’t support his body anymore because they were frozen. Lin Feng fell down but he smiled at Meng Qing, it seemed like his strength was infinite. He stood up again and started walking. As long as he was alive, he would continue.
“Woo, woo woo…” Meng Qing kept crying and looking at the middle-aged woman but she seemed determined to let Lin Feng die.
“Ling Long, do you know why you, as a celestial fox, are called Xue Ling Long?” asked the middle-aged woman.
“We are snow foxes and there is a legend that says that Ling Long is not an animal but a deity. The Earth was pregnant and gave birth to a snow fox. Then, the snow fox and Ling Long had a child who was called Xue Ling Long. Xue Ling Long was a Fox Emperor and transmitted its blood spirit from generation to generation. However, very few descendants had a pure and unadulterated blood spirit. Many of them are just like me, they have inherited only a part of the blood spirit. Very rarely, someone with a pure and unadulterated blood spirit appears like you. Such people are kings or queens and you, Xue Ling Long, are a queen. Your blood is pure. You are a direct offspring of this lineage, you have the same blood as those ancestors in the legends.” said the middle-aged woman. It was difficult to distinguish those who had a pure blood from those who didn’t but the middle-aged woman never doubted Xue Ling Long. She was a celestial fox, a queen, a direct descendant of the ancient emperors. Her future could only be extraordinary.
“Ling Long, you have to understand that your holy celestial Qi is extremely important… yet, you surprisingly chose to be with a human. You gave your pure and celestial Qi to a human being.” said the middle-aged woman who sounded furious. Fury had appeared on her beautiful and noble face, just like the last time when she had seen that Lin Feng and Meng Qing were together.
She wanted to kill Lin Feng but she couldn’t. Ling Long had offered her purity to Lin Feng, therefore, Lin Feng couldn’t die. Unfortunately, she couldn’t handle Ling Long easily, otherwise Lin Feng wouldn’t cherish her as much as he would if he had fought for her.
A celestial being, a king, should have taken Meng Qing’s virginity.
“Woo…” Meng Qing was sad which made the middle-aged woman shake her head and sigh. Meng Qing wasn’t worried about her celestial Qi, she was worried about Lin Feng.
“I want to kill him but I can’t because he took your virginity. What can I do?” asked the middle-aged woman. “But, he’s just an ordinary human being. How could he be with a celestial snow fox…?”
“Therefore, you shouldn’t worry Ling Long, I won’t kill him.” said the middle-aged woman in a cold way, but at least Meng Qing could relax. She knew that Lin Feng was safe. However, seeing Lin Feng suffer like that was horrible. She wished she could replace Lin Feng on that snowy path.
“The one who wants to be the lover of a snow fox queen has to be extraordinary.” said the middle-aged woman while looking at Lin Feng. The ice Qi was becoming even more intense and it was enveloping Lin Feng’s body. He had the feeling that his feet and legs weighed millions of tons.
That ice Qi was terrifying and Lin Feng couldn’t stop it. He didn’t know how many more steps he would be able to make.

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