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PMG Chapter 881: Collapsing atmosphere

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PMG Chapter 881: Collapsing atmosphere
“Meng Qing.” said Lin Feng lovelingly.
Xue Ling Long emitted a small sound and jumped into Lin Feng’s arms. Lin Feng hugged her tightly and caressed her snowy-white hair.
The middle-aged woman looked at her silently then slowly turned around. She flew off into the distance as a myriad of snowflakes followed her. However, Meng Qing and Lin Feng seemingly didn’t notice that she left.
From the distance, a terrifying bestial Qi dashed to the skies and invaded the atmosphere. Meng Qing shivered and turned her head around and gazed into the distance. There was an incredible bestial Qi.
“Mother!” Tears appeared in Meng Qing’s eyes. Even though she knew that the middle-aged woman wasn’t her mother, she was still sad to see her leave. Before meeting Lin Feng, she had always stayed with that woman. Now, Lin Feng was there for Meng Qing so the middle-aged woman left them alone. Lin Feng would take care of her now.
“Leave this place. Before Ling Long turns into a human being again, don’t go to the Holy City.” said a nostalgic voice from the distance. The Earth and sky then turned back to normal.
Meng Qing remained motionless. She knew that her mother had only stayed there to protect her.
Lin Feng sensed the bestial Qi getting farther away, so he sighed. He felt grateful, he didn’t hate her at all. Everything she did was for Meng Qing so he had no reason to hate her.
“Meng Qing, don’t think too much about it. I will never leave you again.” said Lin Feng while wiping off her tears. She raised her head and looked at Lin Feng while nodding. She then snuggled into his arms.
Lin Feng held her tightly and slowly turned around. He gazed into the distance and looked at the mountains. The middle-aged woman told him to leave that place so could it be that there were other treasures there?
“Roc!” shouted Lin Feng. The roc came to him in an instance. He was surprised to see that Mother Master had agreed to let Meng Qing stay with him.
Lin Feng jumped onto the back of the roc and started flying.
Mother Master had already left so the roc wasn’t scared anymore. He was flying care free and in an unrestrained way.
After a while flying Lin Feng realized that Meng Qing’s mother changed the mountain so they couldn’t leave.
The roc was surprised as well. In normal circumstances, they should have been out a while ago already.
“Land.” whispered Lin Feng to the roc. The gigantic roc then flew down and Lin Feng jumped onto the snow. The middle-aged woman wanted Lin Feng to understand the bestial void skill even more it seemed.
Now he had no time to waste. A few days before, Lin Feng had fought against some powerful groups in Xue Yue and people from their countries were probably amounting a counter-strike now. Lin Feng had to get back before those countries sent stronger cultivators to Xue Yue.
After thinking about it Lin Feng instantly released a strange bestial Qi and snowflakes surrounded Lin Feng. Another world appeared.
Lin Feng disappeared and reappeared in and out of the new world. Lin Feng started running, that world was his.
A terrifying hot Qi was blowing outside of the Black Wind Mountain. Most people couldn’t stand it anymore and moved away. The protectors of the Yun Hai Sect gathered together and discussed going back to Yangzhou City.
It was way too hot, and the constant fires in the mountain range was becoming too difficult to manage.
“Ahhh……” a horrible shriek spread in the air. Everybody turned around and saw a silhouette being devoured by some flames and then disappearing.
Everybody’s face turned deathly pale. They watched as their friend burned alive because they couldn’t do anything themselves. He wasn’t the first one to die in this way either.
“What should we do?” someone said, they looked to be at their wits end.
“Let’s leave. I think that our Patriarch will not blame us. Instead, he will send the strong cultivators of our sect over here to figure out what’s going on.” someone else said. Everybody was talking at the same time. Soon everyone nodded and left.
“Let’s go.”
“Let’s go.” the crowd gradually left the Yun Hai mountain range.
“Boom!” at that moment, an earthquake started. The crowd around and saw something come out of the mountain where the Yun Hai Sect used to organize their exams. It seemed like the mountain had turned into a volcano.
“What’s going on? What is that fire and why is it so powerful?” thought the crowd. Another extremely loud sound resonated as the volcano erupted again. This time, a gigantic silhouette appeared. It was some kind of fire creature and it had two bestial-looking eyes.
“A fire beast.” thought the Yun Hai Sect looking desperate. It seemed like a catastrophe would befall them. Many more fire creatures were appearing as well.
“Hahaha… King Fire, we finally escaped!” the small creatures kept laughing evilly. Another silhouette appeared but this time it wasn’t a fire creature, it was a human being wearing a black robe. He was laughing like a madman.
“Finally, I came out. I, Li Shang, has finally made it out…”
That silhouette released an oppressive energy at the sky. Back then, he had found out that human beings were coming into their world. He helped one and taught him how to use soul flags. Then, he chased him to the exit. Using his flag, he was able to sense the outside world. Similarly to humans who were able to go to their world using a time and space distortion in the desert, they were also able to go to the world of the humans.
King Fire told his army to break the distortion immediately and it wasn’t until now that they had broke through to the new world.
“Hmmm….” Li Shang closed his eyes and took in a deep breathe. He opened his eyes and looked at the weak human beings in the distance. He couldn’t help but look a bit hopeless, those human beings were so weak.
“Die!” said Li Shang at that moment furiously. He released a terrifying Qi and attacked the Yun Hai Sect disciples. Explosions sounded, the crowd looked desperate. They collapsed one after the other and died. Their deaths were sudden that their eyes were still open.
“Who is the beast here? You or me?” said King Fire to Li Shang. Li Shang came out and a few seconds later and was already slaughtering people.
“We’re in a new world, of course I’m excited and want to have fun!” said Li Shang while smiling evilly. He then immediately left.

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