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PMG Chapter 882: A New World

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PMG Chapter 882: A New World
In the ancient palace, the painting contained a terrifying amount of fire. And at that moment, there was a hole in it. In front of that painting was a beast that looked like a wolf. Its pupils were piercingly cold, its evil Qi was extremely dense, but it wasn’t that strong.
Fire twinkled and the wolf left the palace. It hid in a dark place and absorbed some pure Qi from the Earth and sky. Their Qi was boiling and turning into a vortex.
Fire wolves like this one were continuously escaping from the palace. They would then cross Yun Hai and enter the Black Wind Mountain. It was an entirely new world for them.
When Yangzhou City heard about what was happening, the government reacted immediately. They sent Chi Xie troops to combat the fire wolves. Amongst the fire wolves, there were very powerful Xuan level wolves. Wherever they stepped, the ground sizzled. Villages were left flattened by their rampage. Some people were leaving their cities in Xue Yue just to avoid those beasts.
Chi Xie troops were looking around. Lin Hai and Yue Meng He were floating in the air and staring at the fire wolves.
Those fire wolves were from that world they had teleported to before. Back in the Lovesickness Forest was a tunnel which led to that world.
Had they come through the tunnel in the Lovesickness Forest? But the fire wolves appeared in the Yun Hai mountain range which meant that there was another tunnel to the other world.
“After the calm, the storm.” whispered Yue Meng He. She looked sad. This time, so many people had died.
One day later, some news spread. A terrifying Tian level beast had appeared.
People heard that apart from beasts, people had appeared in the Yun Hai mountain range as well, and those people were fighting the wolves. Even though they weren’t from Xue Yue, they were still humans after all.
Although most of the new people were fighting the wolves, some were cruel and fighting other humans, they were killing mercilessly. There was also a rumor that a middle-aged man wearing a dark robe had appeared. It was said that he was extremely strong and despised everyone. His passion was to kill, especially young and beautiful women.
In his eyes, it almost seemed like Xue Yue’s people were nothing more that toys. He enjoyed playing with humans and using his full strength to slaughter them.
Apart from that, people didn’t know that there was a fire wolf which possessed monstrously powerful Qi. It was devouring other fire wolves to strengthen itself.
The massacre lasted for two days and two nights, all the while, Xue Yue was still on fire.
Then, a few Tian level beasts appeared in the imperial palace of Yangzhou City and started attacking. All those fire wolves seemed unstoppable.
At the same time, in the depths of the Black Wind Mountain, a young man with a magnificent snowy-white beast appeared.
Of course, it was Lin Feng.
“Finally, we made it out.” There was less snow around them now because Lin Feng wasn’t using Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi anymore.
However, when Lin Feng appeared high up in the sky, he realized that outside of the Black Wind Mountain was an infinite number of flames. The Black Wind Mountain seemed to be burning. Lin Feng also noticed the cruel looking fire wolves.
“Fire wolves…” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. He had gone to another world before, through the tunnel of the Lovesickness Forest. It was there that he had seen those fire wolves before.
Yun Hai mountain range!
Lin Feng suddenly thought about the fire he noticed before going to the Black Wind Mountain. The roc then immediately flew towards the Yun Hai mountain range. Lin Feng noticed the Yun Hai mountain range already looked like a sea of fire. The fire wolves and humans seemed to be giving it their all. But when they saw Lin Feng and his Tian level roc, they practically wet themselves.
Where did that extremely strong cultivator come from?
“Bzzz! ”
A terrifying Qi emerged as the roc flapped its wings and crushed all those fire wolves. Lin Feng then walked to those people.
“Where are you from?” asked Lin Feng.
“We are from… Tianya Haige.” said one of them. Lin Feng became upset, they really were from Tianya Haige.
“If you do anything suspicious, I’ll make sure you all die.” said Lin Feng coldly. Those people looked scared and kept nodding. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered as he disappeared.
Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived on the mountain where the exams of the Yun Hai Sect used to occur. The door of the ancient palace was already broken open and burning.
The inside of the ancient palace contained a sea of flames. The painting itself contained some mysterious marks which were twinkling at that moment.
It represented another world and the tiny hole in it was how everyone was escaping.
A painting had become a space, its own world.
It wasn’t the first time that Lin Feng saw such a mysterious and marvelous object. Shen Gong had its own world, one that needed special skills to get there.
There was also the Jade Emperor’s palace, although it was a smaller world.
Then, there was the world created by Meng Qing’s mother, the endless world. One had to understand the void bestial skill to get out of it.
All of this was proving to Lin Feng that strong cultivators were not only capable of destroying things, they could also create other worlds.

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