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PMG Chapter 883: Evil Li Shang

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 883: Evil Li Shang
Who created that small world? What was its meaning?
Were the writings, back then, on the Heruka statue true?
Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. The gigantic statue was still there, but now it was on fire. Lin Feng could still see the warning written in small letters on the statue. It said that no one should attack the statue, but Lin Feng attacked it anyways. Lin Feng felt a little guilty now. He had acted carelessly and Xue Yue had to pay for his carelessness.
The one who had written that warning knew everything, perhaps he was the author of the painting as well?
Lin Feng couldn’t figure that out right now. He grabbed the painting and took out a demon seal stone.
He slammed the stone into the hole.
“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng had to use three stones to seal the hole. The fire outside suddenly became much weaker now that the hole on the painting was firmly sealed. The world was slowly becoming normal again. Who would have thought that that painting contained another world?
Lin Feng took the painting and the demon seal stones and left the palace. He rose up in the air and looked at the desolate fields, sighing.
“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng, now on the back of his roc. They were going to go hunt fire wolves.
Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived in front of a group of fire wolves. He took out his soul flag and swallowed all the wolves in a flash. The flag twinkled with bestial lights as it ate them.
“What’s that?” thought Lin Feng suddenly. He was surprised to see a seal on his soul flag. Lin Feng never realized it before. That soul seal, needless to say, had been left by Li Shang.
Li Shang was a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer and had rushed to that world on purpose.
At the same time, in a city, Li Shang had confined a beautiful girl to a room. She looked like she was in pain as she was being raped by Li Shang.
At that moment, Li Shang could sense something so he looked into the distance. He noticed Lin Feng and smiled coldly. Without Lin Feng, he wouldn’t have been able to find a way out. He was now completely free. He could enjoy women and other pleasures as much as he wanted. Nothing was impossible.
“Little boy, when I’m done playing around I’ll come and find you.” thought Li Shang with an evil smile on his face. He then continued raping the girl.
At that moment, Lin Feng released a terrifying sword Qi and annihilated all the fire wolves. Then, his roc flew towards Li Shang.
That place was a beautiful city in Xue Yue, it was called Sky Clouds City. There were rivers, mountains and beautiful clouds. The girls in that city were known to be beautiful. It used to be much richer and more powerful than Yangzhou City, but now the city was a bloodbath.
Not such a long time before, a man wearing a black cape came to Sky Clouds City. He started killing people like insects and raping women. He truly was a psychopath.
However, nobody could stop him in Sky Clouds City. Cultivators at the Tian Qi layer were the strongest in Xue Yue. Some people who couldn’t stand being powerless tried resisting but failed and were killed instantly. For Li Shang, killing was a passion, a pleasure, a game.
“Boom! ”
In that beautiful room, some Qi exploded and a few shouts spread in the air. The family members of the girl who was being raped by Li Shang found them in the room and went insane. However, they died soon after.
Back when Lin Feng had seen Li Shang in the other world, Li Shang was a good looking man. However, his eyes had become particularly evil after all those years.
“Eh?” At that moment, Li Shang was surprised. He realized that his soul flag was marked with his own seal, but it was now getting closer to him at an incredible speed. He was surprised. Back then, Lin Feng used to be a tiny cultivator. Could it be that Lin Feng discovered his soul seal?
Was it only a coincidence?
Li Shang frowned and guessed that it wasn’t a coincidence. Lin Feng’s speed was too fast. Even though he couldn’t see Lin Feng yet, he could sense the soul seal and he knew that that speed could only be maintained by a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. The little boy from back then had turned into a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer.
“Interesting.” Li Shang smiled indifferently and looked at the crowd while shouting aggressively, “From now on, nobody moves. If someone moves, I’ll kill them! ”
Everyone was shaking with fear. Two people tried to escape but Li Shang noticed them and immediately killed them. No one else tried to make a break for it.
Li Shang looked extremely satisfied when he saw the crowd, he even smiled. He then looked in the distance and said, “Someone is coming to save you. We’re going to play a game which starts now. Every 10 minutes or the time needed for an incense to burn, I will kill one of you until that person arrives.” the crowd was both stunned and terrified. They couldn’t do anything but pray.
“Finally, an incense has burnt. It really does burn slowly.” Li Shang smiled, shook his hand and someone died. The person standing next to the one who was killed was also affected by the attack and their cultivation was crippled.
Li Shang looked satisfied and smiled evilly. Of course, he had crippled that person’s cultivation on purpose.
“Don’t move, if you try, you’ll die.” said Li Shang when he saw that some people started looking antsy. Everybody remained motionless, too were terrified to move.
Time was passing slowly and several people were killed by Li Shang. Very quickly it seemed, a dozen people had already died. The crowd looked desperate while staring at Li Shang. He loved that feeling, everything was a game to him.
“He’s almost here. I can feel it.” whispered Li Shang. The crowd looked at Li Shang who was gazing into the distance. They suddenly had hope again. Was that person really able to deal with Li Shang?
“Boom boom! ”
Li Shang killed two other people and laughed. He then released an incredible energy which oppressed the whole crowd.
“Finally, he has arrived.” Li Shang’s facial expression looked sharp. He couldn’t wait, how strong had Li Feng become?
“Bzzz! ”
In the distance, a strong wind appeared and a bestial Qi was dashing to the skies.
“A beast?” At that moment, Li Shang looked surprised. There was a beast? On top of that, it was a Tian level beast. No wonder it was traveling so fast… not to mention that bestial Qi was terrifying.
Li Shang frowned. That bestial Qi was much more powerful than he had expected. Li Shang was actually a little scared.
“Let’s go.” ”
Li Shang then immediately started to leave. In a flash, he disappeared. He was retreating as fast as he could.
Very quickly, they saw a gigantic and terrifying Tian level beast, the roc. On the roc was a silhouette wearing white clothes. They looked handsome, natural and unrestrained. That young man was holding a beautiful small beast in his arms.

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  1. Pochi February 12, 2018 at 3:55 am - Reply

    “Lin Feng felt a little guilty now.” Just a little? Seriously?
    Thank you so much for the chapters!!

    • M4L4DD1CT10N April 11, 2019 at 9:19 am - Reply

      Yup, just a little. You have to remember this is a poorly contrived situation designed by the author an not even implemented well. It required LF to act out of character and disregard a zun cultivator’s warning, chi xie troops to not investigate the source of the heat at all, not to send a report about the insane heat at all, and not even to try and leave until they started spontaneously combusting!

    • Bob May 27, 2019 at 9:48 am - Reply

      God it pisses me off so much. Lin Feng messed up and caused lots of people to die, and he’s like “Oopsie, my bad. Well, no biggie i guess”. DUDE, YOUR FUCKING SECT IS BEING MASSACRED. A little guilty. Smh.

  2. M4L4DD1CT10N April 11, 2019 at 9:20 am - Reply

    And now we get more rampant death, rape, and all that good stuff for the red shirts who aren’t lucky enough to be friends of the MC.

  3. Killer Intent September 23, 2019 at 5:57 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the chapter!

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