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PMG Chapter 885: Flame Emperor

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 885: Flame Emperor
Li Shang was begging Lin Feng to kill him, he was shaking violently from the pain. He had lived in a confined world for so many years, now that he had finally found a way out, he loved that new world where he could have as much fun as he wanted… but in the end, a nightmare started so quickly.
He never thought that he would die like this. He hated himself for his recklessness.
Lin Feng condensed more energy in his sword while staring at Li Shang and said, “Don’t you think that killing you would be too easy?”
Lin Feng’s voice sounded ice-cold as his sword then streaked across the sky.
“Ahhh…” Li Shang shouted painfully, his entire body was twitching. Lin Feng then cut off his penis.
Lin Feng was merciless. That man was a cruel and dirty animal, torturing wasn’t even enough.
“Pwewf!” At that moment, a dazzling light appeared between Li Shang’s eyes and flew towards Lin Feng with incredible speed.
“Slash!” the light immediately penetrated into Lin Feng’s head and buzzing sounds started resonating. That light was attacking Lin Feng’s awareness bell, making his entire body slightly shake.
Lin Feng frowned and closed his eyes. He released his awareness, his bronze bell resonated and attacked that light. Lin Feng then realized that the light was a small person. It was tiny and its Qi was completely evil. If Lin Feng didn’t possess a powerful awareness, his soul would have been crushed by that light.
“Bzzz… bzzz.” that small person continued attacking Lin Feng’s awareness bells. Lin Feng released his broken souls into his awareness bells to strengthen them. They then attacked the small person, pushing them back.
“Slash!” the small person could sense Lin Feng’s awareness so they immediately came out of Lin Feng’s head and ran off into the distance.
At that moment, Li Shang felt hopeless. He was dying. That small person wasn’t Li Shang’s awareness and he didn’t know when he had fused together with that creature.
Lin Feng glanced at Li Shang but decided he needed to follow the small person. Li Shang was already dying after all. That small person attacked and had failed, now it thought it could escape? Impossible!
The tiny golden person was extremely fast. Coupled with his size, it was difficult to catch up. However, Lin Feng had already oppressed him with his awareness. Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and flew in the sky gracefully.
Lin Feng gradually got closer to the small person. He released his awareness bell which emitted buzzing sounds as it bombarded the small person. His tiny body was shaking. The bell kept resonating as it then fell from the sky and surrounded the tiny creature.
“Boom boom boom!” the bell kept assaulting the tiny golden person who was resisting.
Lin Feng raised his hands and small black flames appeared.
“Bzzz!” the bell opened itself and flew back into Lin Feng’s head. The tiny golden creature wanted to escape, but Lin Feng was faster than him. Lin Feng ran while condensing energies, soon a black hole appeared in his hands.
“Where are you going?” asked Lin Feng while grabbing the tiny creature. He was now unable to escape.
“So, initially you were the evil one. Now I really want to destroy you.” Lin Feng said angrily. The tiny golden creature kept moving around, but it was useless. His tiny body was slowly becoming black.
“Let me off.” said a voice in Lin Feng’s brain, surprising him. Lin Feng stared at the tiny golden creature and shouted furiously, “What the hell are you? ”
Lin Feng had never seen such a creature. His evil Qi was extremely dense and he had possessed Li Shang’s body.
“I’m an evil spirit.” said a voice in Lin Feng’s brain.
“An evil spirit!” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. Surprisingly, there were such things in the world.
“Did you control Li Shang’s body before? And if you had managed to attack my awareness, would you have been able to use my body as a host and control me?” asked Lin Feng. In the future, he would have to be careful when encountering such creatures. Without paying attention, it was probably easy for them to take control of a body.
“I’m not strong enough yet. I cannot control cultivators of the Tian Qi layer, I can only influence them in the best case.”
“Okay, how do creatures like you come to life?” asked Lin Feng.
The creature remained silent.
“Hmph!” Lin Feng groaned and increased the pressure in his hand, making the evil spirit give a horrible shriek.
“I’ll talk, I’ll talk! Many years before, a terrifying emperor chased the Flame Emperor Yan Di and destroyed his soul. However, after his soul broke, he didn’t die. The emperor put them in a painting and sealed it, preventing some the people inside from becoming too strong. The Flame Emperor Yan Di was also sealed inside. He then raised us using his consciousness. So that’s what we are, evil spirits.”
Lin Feng was thinking about all of this and shivering. What a terrifying emperor. After fighting, he could seal people inside a painting.
On top of that, the Flame Emperor Yan Di’s soul was broken into many pieces so the emperor had been worried about recovering his soul so he turned it into so many small evil spirits. Why was it impossible to break the Flame Emperor Yan Di’s soul though?
Lin Feng couldn’t understand such things yet.
“In other words, there are other creatures like you?” Lin Feng was a bit worried. If any other creatures like this came out, then Xue Yue would plunge into chaos.
“No, the Flame Emperor Yan Di’s soul was broken into pieces. Pieces which can turn into broken souls are very rare. Those which can turn into evil spirits are even rarer. There can’t be too many like me. I don’t know how many there are of us but there can’t be too many. I also don’t know how many have come to this world. ”
Lin Feng felt a bit reassured. To a small country like Xue Yue, it could have been catastrophic.
“You don’t know anything, keeping you is useless.” said Lin Feng as he readied to destroy the evil spirit.
“Wait!” said the evil spirit hastily, obviously fearing death.
“I will tell you an incredible secret, but only if you don’t destroy me.”
“What secret?” Lin Feng was curious.
“Back then, maybe the Flame Emperor Yan Di hadn’t died, maybe he still had a little bit of vitality and is still in this world.” said the evil spirit.
“You can’t kill me, because if we encounter the Flame Emperor Yan Di, only I will be able to tell you who he is. Without me, you wouldn’t be able to recognize him. Besides, if you want to control people in the future, I can help you.” said the evil spirit to Lin Feng, trying to convince him.

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