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PMG Chapter 886: Controlling the Evil Spirit

PMG Chapter 886: Controlling the Evil Spirit
Lin Feng remained silent. No matter if what he was saying was true or not, Lin Feng couldn’t kill him.
If the Flame Emperor Yan Di really did exist and could destroy people’s consciousness, Lin Feng would need to be vigilant. The best thing he could do was to know what kind of creature the Flame Emperor Yan Di became after getting destroyed back then.
“Didn’t you just say that you were unable to control people?” asked Lin Feng coldly, squeezing the evil spirit tighter and making him shout with pain.
“I cannot control cultivators of the Tian Qi layer but I can control people who are weaker than that.” said the evil spirit.
“Weaker people… Hmph.” groaned Lin Feng.
“Alright, if we manage to destroy a Tian level cultivator’s soul, I can control their body. But as far as I’m concerned, a body by itself is useless. I prefer acting as a parasite in their body while slowly consuming their vitality until my strength becomes stronger than theirs. If I manage to do that, I wouldn’t be an evil spirit anymore but a real human being.” said the evil spirit. Lin Feng was too smart, it was impossible to cheat him.
“I see.” thought Lin Feng. The evil spirit had slowly been consuming Li Shang’s vitality and intent to strengthen his own vitality.
“Tell me how I can control you.” demanded Lin Feng. He was still firmly holding the evil spirit in his black fire. If he couldn’t control the evil spirit, he would have no choice but to kill him. He might try to take control over Lin Feng when we was most vulnerable.
The evil spirit’s tiny eyes twinkled.
“Boom!” the terrifying black fire burnt even more intensely.
“Ahhh…” the evil spirit gave a horrible shriek from the pain and turned completely black.
“Evil spirits are made from one broken soul which becomes bigger. After absorbing different energies, it turns into a body and then finally turns into an evil spirit. You can extract my soul which was originally a broken soul and take over it. Then, my life will be in your hands.” said the evil spirit which made Lin Feng smile. “Take your soul out.”
“Alright, just stop attacking me.” said the evil spirit. Lin Feng stopped burning his body and the tiny creature released a grey thread from its stomach which moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng firmly oppressed the creature with his godly awareness and strengthened his fire.
Slash, slash…” the little grey thread was immediately destroyed by Lin Feng’s fire, terrifying the tiny golden creature.
“So you want to die.” said Lin Feng coldly. His black fire ignited again as he released a terrifying amount of strength. It seemed like the tiny black creature could die at anytime.
“Give me another chance. I made a mistake.” begged the tiny golden creature while shaking with fear. However, Lin Feng didn’t stop and was progressively destroying him. The little creature was already completely back. It seemed like he really was going to die.
“I beg you, please, one last chance.” begged the evil spirit.
However, Lin Feng’s facial expression looked ice-cold and he didn’t stop attacking. Only after the evil spirit became extremely weak, did he stop. He then said , “Let’s try this again.”
If that evil spirit was useless, Lin Feng would have destroyed it already.
“Alright.” said the little and weak creature. A golden light appeared as well as a tiny golden soul. After releasing it, it seemed like the tiny creature was going to die.
“Bzzz!” a fire immediately enveloped the golden soul.
“Ahhh…” the little creature couldn’t bear the pain anymore. It looked almost dead as it was staring at Lin Feng’s cold smile. It had managed to become an evil spirit, dying would be such a pity.
Lin Feng released his broken souls and enveloped the evil spirit and absorbed it. Lin Feng grabbed the evil spirit firmly and said menacingly, “In the future, if you try to fool me again, I will definitely kill you. ”
Then Lin Feng put the evil spirit away.
“Roc!” shouted Lin Feng. The roc flew next to Lin Feng and they left.
Half a day later, in Luo Yue City, a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer appeared. He was extremely powerful and stronger than everyone else there.
However, he didn’t have time to act recklessly. A young man flying on a roc was hunting him. It was said that the young man was the king of Xue Yue.
At the same time, seven snow eagles had appeared and were patrolling Xue Yue. Each time fire wolves appeared, the snow eagles immediately appeared and killed them. Apart from the snow eagles, there was also Lin Feng’s roc which was extremely powerful.
Lin Feng found that he could use fire wolves’ souls to heal the evil spirit’s soul.
Even though the evil spirit was not trustworthy, if Lin Feng controlled him, it was no problem. Besides, the evil spirit was also taking advantage of Lin Feng’s speed.
The fire wolves progressively simmered down. Many people had lost their lives during the war against the wolves. Of course, many others had taken advantage of the war and became stronger.
In Divine Waters, a gigantic Tian level roc was flying in the sky. Lin Feng had already patrolled the country once with the snow eagles. The fire wolves had completely disappeared but some people claimed to have seen the king of the fire wolves, but Lin Feng hadn’t found him yet.
Lin Feng wasn’t the only one. The snow eagles had also encircled the ancient city of Divine Waters. Lin Hai and Qiong Q were patrolling the ancient city as well.
They heard that the king of the fire wolves was spotted in the ancient city, so they had all rushed over. They needed to kill him so Xue Yue’s people could relax.
Concerning the humans who came to Xue Yue, they hadn’t caused trouble. The King of Xue Yue had ordered his people to report any Tian level cultivators who caused trouble as well. Even if there were Tian level cultivators, they weren’t too fearful because they heard that Lin Feng could kill them.
At that moment, outside of Divine Waters, Lin Hai was riding Qiong Qi. Suddenly, Qiong Qi stopped and remained motionless.
“Grrr…” Qiong Qi groaned as if he feared something. Lin Hai was a bit surprised, sensing a strange Qi all around him.
Qiong Qi was an ancient beast, not only was it strong but its senses were very acute.Although Lin Hai didn’t understand what it was worried about, it couldn’t be good.
At that moment, on the other side of Divine Waters, Lin Feng sensed those energies and flew towards Lin Hai.

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    Thank you again!

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    “Then Lin Feng put the evil spirit away.”
    put where, exactly?
    oh by the way, which beast was Qiong Qi again? i cant remember lol

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      Up his poop hole, of coarse. Qiong Qi is the fire winged-beast Lin Feng got after defeating that Tian-level cat back when

      • alex February 12, 2018 at 7:57 am - Reply

        hmmm not that fire winged lion that he got from the slave market? the chapter where he met Ba Dao.
        i remember him having selling it off and then gotten it back….

        • CyPha February 21, 2018 at 6:49 am - Reply

          That was just a different fire beast, Qiong Qi was the legendary beast under the control of the Tian level cat.

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    Muahahaha! Looks like all those peeps stuck in the Jade Emperor Palace are going to become enslaved pretty soon? Duan Wa Dao as loyal henchman, awesome!

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    Yup, he didn’t loot Li Shang! And where were the snow eagles during the initial attack? Author just wanted to have a moving tragedy at that point. After all he’d already forced it to happen so he couldn’t allow anything to stop it, like the troops reporting the heat or having any normal reaction to a place turning into an oven that lights people on fire.

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