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PMG Chapter 888: Shen Gong

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 888: Shen Gong
In Yangzhou City, Xue Yue, in a secret room in the palace. Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged in a secret room in Yangzhou City. His eyes were closed and he was practicing cultivation.
There was a small light on a page of his book spirit. There was a gigantic “SEAL” word as well. That gigantic word was extremely distinct, Lin Feng could sense the strength contained in each letter.
That page could pull out the full strength of an item by absorbing its particular powers. This way, Lin Feng could understand the powers of demon seal stones much more easily. However, he still couldn’t understand where its strength came from.
After that page appeared, the demon seal stone became similar to a skill for Lin Feng.
In the air was a little creature staring at that incredible “SEAL” word. He could sense the demon seal strength it contained. Lin Feng used his awareness to create the small man. After having broken through to the Tian Qi layer, Lin Feng was capable of using the strength of his soul better. His soul was extremely powerful, coupled with the three-lives demon emperor’s godly awareness skill, Lin Feng could use his soul to create the little man easily.
Lin Feng could sense power even more distinctly with the little man. He could bathe in it and even touch it. In the hand of the small man, there was even some demon seal strength.
Three days passed and nobody bothered Lin Feng except for the beautiful little beast calmly sitting next to him: Ling Long. She was staring at the young man with his closed eyes. She felt safe and relaxed. She felt like she could look at him forever.
There was a strong wind outside of Yangzhou City. People raised their heads and saw a white silhouette. It was a snow eagle. Each time the snow eagles appeared, people could feel their oppressive energies.
The snow eagle quickly arrived in the palace where the six others were standing.
The snow eagle turned into a human and nodded at the others. In a flash, they all went to the courtyard where Lin Feng’s secret room was situated.
Lin Feng was aware that Shen Gong may come so he hadn’t left Xue Yue. Instead, he decided to practice cultivation. The snow eagles were surprised by his willingness to confront the approaching storm. But, Lin Feng was their young master and they couldn’t challenge his decisions, even if they were concerned for his safety.
Lin Feng stepped out of the room looking calm and unrestrained as if the Shen Gong’s threat didn’t exist at all.
“Brothers, you came?” said Lin Feng as he saw all of the snow eagles standing there.
“They will be in Yangzhou City soon.” said one of the snow eagles. Lin Feng nodded but didn’t immediately say anything.
“Let’s get ready to welcome our guests.” said Lin Feng. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared. The snow eagles glanced at each other and immediately followed Lin Feng.
At that moment, dozens of kilometers away from Yangzhou City, there was a group of people riding beasts. There were many strong cultivators but it seemed like they were all trying to conceal their real cultivation levels.
They actually didn’t know that Lin Feng had come back. Xue Yue was in Xue Yu, and was extremely far away from Shen Gong. News couldn’t spread that quickly in the region. Only those who knew Lin Feng the best could know if he was there or not.
Therefore, this time, they were coming to Xue Yue with not too many people. They were just coming to check how things were going.
Amongst those people, there was the leader of Shen Gong West, Jue Tian. He could easily destroy a trivial country like Xue Yue and could easily capture Lin Feng as well. The leaders of the four Shen Gong palaces were the strongest cultivators right after the Zun cultivators. The leader of Shen Gong North, Bei Ming, and the leader of Shen Gong East were missing after the mysterious world. This time, he was coming personally to settle accounts. He wanted to capture Lin Feng and bring him back to Shen Gong.
Apart from Jue Tian, there were also a dozen Tian level cultivators. There were no Xuan level cultivators who joined them. There was no reason to believe it would be difficult to capture Lin Feng.
A dozen kilometers away, in Yangzhou City, people noticed a bestial Qi roll in waves at the main gate. Many people raised their heads with surprise.
What was going on? Lin Feng’s snow eagles had just come back. How come new Tian level beasts with strong cultivators were appearing again? What had happened?
The new imperial city of Xue Yue wasn’t safe anymore it seemed. In the past, seeing Tian level cultivators was a rarity. Duan Ren Huang used to be the only Tian level cultivator and he never showed his face. However, those days, Tian level cultivators had become normal guests in Xue Yue.
The Chi Xie forces retreated back into the palace, they wanted to inform the government about the newcomers. They didn’t know if they were friends or enemies. All in all, the most logical thing to do was ask the stronger cultivators.
However, they weren’t fast enough. Tian level beasts were extremely fast and those people had already arrived.
Many people were unable to remain calm. They were both scared and worried.
“Lin Feng, the leader of Shen Gong West has come personally. How come you’re not coming out to greet him!” said an extremely loud voice. Everybody in the imperial palace heard that voice.
That person wanted them to greet them respectfully and apparently, they knew Lin Feng too.
“An insignificant cultivator like Lin Feng attracts strong cultivators like the leader of Shen Gong West? How funny.” someone said at that moment. Then, some silhouettes rose up in the sky: Lin Feng and his snow eagles.
Shen Gong’s people had come personally to see Lin Feng!
“If Shen Gong has anything to tell me, you could have sent me a message. Coming personally wasn’t necessary.” said Lin Feng while rising high up in the sky. Surprisingly, he was rising to the same level as them.

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