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PMG Chapter 889: Despising Shen Gong

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PMG Chapter 889: Despising Shen Gong
Shen Gong people raised their heads as Lin Feng rose up even higher in the air than them.
Did that guy wanted to die? He was extremely conceited and obviously despised them.
Lin Feng was belittling himself but in reality, it was sarcasm, he was making fun of them.
“What an arrogant boy! Could it be that he thinks that those snow eagles are enough to protect him?” people from Shen Gong were angry now. Jue Tian narrowed his eyes and raised his head. Back then, at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, Lin Feng’s personality was the same. However, back then, Lin Feng had the right to do so because he won. But now, what made him feel so confident to act that arrogantly?
“Leader, I’m going to sort this out.” said a young man. He had broken through to the second Tian Qi layer a few days before and wanted to prove himself by capturing Lin Feng.
“Okay.” said Jue Tian while nodding. He just wanted to see how strong Lin Feng was.
The young man jumped forwards and rose up in the air using a wind agility technique. He quickly arrived in front of Lin Feng.
“Get the hell down from here!” shouted that young man furiously. On that young man’s hand, a golden print appeared. It seemed to contain thunders and strange marks. It then assaulted Lin Feng, surrounding him by golden lights.
“Wind.” thought Lin Feng. He used the same agility technique as his opponent and it looked like he understood the technique better than his opponent. He looked far more graceful and was faster.
“Slash, slash…” the golden was shining upon Lin Feng’s body and it seemed like it would hit him each time. That young man really wanted to cripple Lin Feng.
“Hurry up and retreat back!” shouted someone behind Jue Tian. However, it was already too late. Lin Feng was too fast. His wind intent was already level 5.
The young man’s facial expression changed. He kept shouting furiously while releasing golden lights at Lin Feng’s body. However, Lin Feng was unaffectedly bathing in those lights and looked like a war god.
“Boom!” No matter how many golden lights the young man released. Lin Feng’s body was like iron. A loud sounded as the young man’s internal organs were crushed by Lin Feng. Lin Feng had punched him and damaged his vitality.
“Get lost.” said Lin Feng while kicking the young man’s body back at Shen Gong’s people. The one who had just warned the young man caught his friend’s body. But when he caught it, he found that the young man was already dead.
He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng just glanced back at him indifferently. Then he said, “In the past, when I participated to the Great Competition of Xue Yu, I used to think that people from Shen Gong were so powerful. I almost joined Shen Gong, but luckily I didn’t. A cultivator at the second Tian Qi layer from Shen Gong is just a piece of trash. He couldn’t even withstand a single attack. Shen Gong has an undeserved reputation. Can you find someone of the same level to fight against me please?” Lin Feng said mockingly.
Shen Gong’s people were pulling a long face, especially some of the younger people who wanted to fight Lin Feng. They had even started walking towards him. However, Jue Tian raised his hand and prevented them from going. Back then at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, an incredible genius had risen and now he was even stronger. His muscles and bones were extremely powerful. He could punch a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer and easily kill him. It really was a pity not to have such a cultivator in Shen Gong.
At that moment, Jue Tian was angry at Bei Ming. Back then, Bei Ming hadn’t attached enough importance to Lin Feng. If they had better known his potential, they would have protected his family and friends. Maybe Lin Feng would have joined them then.
“Lin Feng, I came here personally. You must understand the consequences. However, I want you to remember Shen Gong is a nice place and give you one more chance to join Shen Gong. Let bygones be bygones. I will not treat you unfairly.” said Jue Tian. He really hoped that Lin Feng would join Shen Gong. Sooner or later, Lin Feng would become his personal assistant if he joined Shen Gong.
“If you want me to join Shen Gong, shouldn’t you first take the treasures I found in the mysterious world?” said Lin Feng mockingly.
“Of course, there are some powerful tools which you can’t use and it would be better if Shen Gong used them, but you can keep some. It’s nothing against you. Try not to bring about your own destruction.” said Jue Tian indifferently.
“What do you mean, bring about my own destruction? Do you think I’m doomed? Okay, I will give you one chance. Bring those pieces of trash from Shen Gong, those who have broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer or under. If one of them can defeat me, I will join Shen Gong. I promise you.” said Lin Feng while pointing at the young men from Shen Gong. Everybody was furious. What an arrogant guy. Surprisingly, he called cultivators of the fourth Tian Qi layer “pieces of trash”…
Cultivators of the fourth Tian Qi layer were already in the middle of the Tian Qi layer. They were three layers stronger than those of the first Tian Qi layer. Almost all of them could already condense their awareness and use it to attack people. If they used their awareness, Lin Feng would die. Didn’t Lin Feng understand that?
Apart from the cultivator that Lin Feng had just killed, there were five more cultivators of the fourth Tian Qi layer and below. There were two cultivators of the fourth Tian Qi layer and three of the third Tian Qi layer. The others were cultivators of the fifth Tian Qi layer. In order to capture Lin Feng, they had brought some of their strongest cultivators.
Many people from Xue Yue were on the ground and staring at those people in the sky. None of them needed pure Qi to fly in the sky so they were all cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. That was incredible. Their king was even standing higher than those people and was facing them fearlessly. He looked like a hero. People were feeling proud and their hearts were filled with ardor and ambition but they also felt the pressure. They were worried for Lin Feng, those were strong cultivators from Shen Gong after all. The leader of a palace had even come personally.
“Just talking big.” said the man who was carrying the body of the young man who had just died. He then looked at Jue Tian and said, “Leader, I’ll fight. ”
That person had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer.
“Alright.” said Jue Tian while nodding. How strong was Lin Feng’s body, really?
That person put the young man down and threw himself at Lin Feng aggressively.
“I will show you how ignorant you are, it seems that you don’t understand cultivation levels!” said the middle-aged man while surfing on a razorblade-like wind. In a flash, many silhouettes appeared, they were all clones.
The higher the cultivation level of a Tian level cultivator was, the deeper their understanding of the Earth and sky was. Their intent was usually higher and they could use the strength and the force of the Earth and sky in a more efficient way. At that moment, the wind was whistling violently and turned into a vortex. All the clones became blurry.
The crowd on the ground started shaking as they watched. How scary! They couldn’t see clearly what was going on, but those clones looked like real people. How could you fight against such a skill?
However, Lin Feng remained standing there and didn’t look scared in the slightest. He didn’t understand cultivation levels?
Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes and observed the scene using his awareness.

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