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PMG Chapter 890: I understand cultivation levels better than you!

PMG Chapter 890: I understand cultivation levels better than you!
Lin Feng was observing the surroundings in his world of darkness. There was a grey wind blowing unceasingly and he could see each and every single movement of the wind. He could also see some dark silhouettes flickering. However, there was one silhouette which appeared brighter than the others.
That silhouette kept flickering too, but each time it flickered, many other shadows appeared around it.In Lin Feng’s head, it looked like a dancing buffoon.
Lin Feng smiled coldly as the wind was blowing against his body aggressively.
However, Lin Feng was calmly standing there in the middle of that deadly storm. His body was like a stone, motionless, and unaffected by the world.
Back in his dark world, the light moved a little. The silhouette jumped into the grey wind and borrowed some force from it. At the same time, a hurricane appeared in his hand.
That person understood wind intent quite well. His wind was almost invisible, and yet, extremely powerful. That wind was strong enough to crush trees.
That cultivator saw how easy it was for Lin Feng to kill a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer and decided to act cautiously. He didn’t want to underestimate Lin Feng and wind as up like his friend.
However, Lin Feng’s eyes were, as before, closed and that cultivator misunderstood this for overconfidence. Because of this storm, Lin Feng wouldn’t know when his opponent attacked.
Wind was a light and invisible kind of strength. Lin Feng’s opponent was moving and thinking like the wind. At the same time, he released the hurricane in his hand to cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation.
However, as soon as the hurricane left his hand, Lin Feng moved as well and moved with similar grace. It seemed like he had hollow bones, like birds did. Lin Feng left a shadow behind him as the wind crashed onto that shadow. At the same time, two hands that contained an incredible amount of wind energy seemed like they were grabbing at his throat.
“How is that possible?” thought that cultivator whose heart started pounding violently. Now, Lin Feng finally opened his eyes. He looked expressionless yet one could see that he found the situation amusing.
“I understand cultivation levels better than you.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after, fire appeared in his hand and began cooking the cultivator.
“Boom!” Lin Feng then punched him and destroyed his burnt body which flew towards Shen Gong’s people.
“Save me.” shouted that cultivator furiously. At the same time, a sound spread in the air. A black blade penetrated his heart. He turned his head around and looked at his comrade, despair appeared in his eyes.
“Even if you live on, you’ll be a useless piece of trash. I’ll avenge you.” said his comrade angrily. Then, the cultivator closed his eyes and disappeared in the fire.
The one with the blade released an ice-cold energy and at the same time, another person came out. That person held a spear which diffused ice-cold lights. They both looked extremely aggressive.
“I will kill him.” said the one with the blade. Surprisingly, two cultivators of the Tian Qi layer had been killed by Lin Feng. What a humiliation for them. Lin Feng had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer.
“No, I will.” said the one with the spear.
“Come together, fighting one on one each time is going to take too long.” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. Lin Feng was happy, Shen Gong had sent people to him. Now he could practice his cultivation. He had obtained so many treasures recently and learnt so many new skills, learning more about these things through fighting was invaluable.
The two’s eyes twinkled with sharp lights. They looked like two lions in front of a sheep.
“Go ahead, together.” said Jue Tian. He also felt humiliated. However, Lin Feng’s self-confidence and arrogance made him act cautious.
Even though cultivators of the third Tian Qi layer were considered average cultivators in Shen Gong, all in all they belonged to Shen Gong and they couldn’t afford losing too many of them.
Jue Tian had told them that it was alright so they didn’t hesitate and both jumped forwards. Two against one, a spear and a blade against Lin Feng.
“Your intent levels are too low.” said Lin Feng mockingly. Then, he released his level seven sword intent. The Earth and sky were whistling as everything seemingly became a world made of swords.
Lin Feng’s cultivation level was lower than his opponents but his intent level was higher. His terrifying sword intent placed a monumental pressure on his opponents.
If one could compare intent and a forest, the intent of Lin Feng’s opponents represented a few trees and Lin Feng’s was a vast and boundless jungle. His intent enveloped his opponents. How could they still fight like that?
The two opponents pulled a long face. Those who had seen Lin Feng in the mysterious world knew how strong he was. However, they either died or were now trapped in the emperor’s palace… How strong was Lin Feng?
His blood sword appeared and it was twinkling with blood red lights.
Millions of swords appeared around Lin Feng and the sky was whistling. The million swords condensed and fused together with the blood sword. Its bright blood-red color was becoming more dazzling.
“Million sword fusion.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His sword then streaked across the sky. Roaring dragons appeared and were directed at his opponents. The swords turned into two beams of light and then two gigantic swords appeared, each capable of cutting the vault of heaven.
“Die!” the two cultivators of the third Tian Qi layer didn’t flinch. A gigantic blade diffused a dazzling blade light, then on the other side, there was a spear that separated the sky as well. In a flash, a thousand spears appeared.
“Boom!” The blade and the sword collided, the spear and the sword collided as well, and a hurricane formed from these confronting energies.
“Be careful!” shouted someone furiously. But again, it was too late. Lin Feng had learnt the ancient Xiao Yao agility technique.
The blood sword streaked across the sky. Blood appeared on the throat of the blade cultivator and splashed violently. Lin Feng’s blood sword picked up that blood and absorbed it.
Lin Feng didn’t stop though. He then used his agility technique again and threw himself at the spear cultivator. The opponent ran backwards with his fastest speed. However, a sword light appeared as Lin Feng disappeared and turned into a sword. Some slashing sounds spread in the air. The enemy was terrified as Lin Feng suddenly appeared behind him.

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    Thank you again!

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    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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    “Lin Feng’s opponent was moving and thinking like the wind.”
    I love these sentences. I’d love to know how the wind is thinking, I’m really curious please someone tell me.

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        Yes it was my first guess too but it’s still don’t make much more sense. I had a nostalgic feeling about that sentence and I kept thinking what was the phrase the author or translator made before and it finally came to my mind. It was “moving like a mountain” or samething like that. But people if you think about a little bit how a mountain moves, 1 cm/year? That’s not too fast, if Lin Feng attacks in a speed like a moving mountain it should be easily dodgeable. It’s very effective just like thinking like the wind (*sarcasm). I’m looking forward for more jokes like that but I guess it was not meant to be a joke and that’s sad.

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