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PMG Chapter 894: Asking the Evil Spirit

PMG Chapter 894: Asking the Evil Spirit
Even after the snow and clouds dispersed, the crowd on the ground couldn’t calm down.
In the past, people from Xue Yue had never seen cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. Seeing such battles, the incredible powers and skills, was beyond words for them. What kind of power did Lin Feng use to write the word “DIE” with his demon sword?
And when Xi Jue Tian tried to escape, why couldn’t he get out of the snowstorm?
Ordinary Xue Yue people couldn’t understand that.
Ordinary people couldn’t understand, but even Shen Gong cultivators of the Tian Qi layer couldn’t. How could Lin Feng have such powers? How could he kill Xi Jue Tian in one strike? Apart from Zun cultivators, could other cultivators defeat Lin Feng?
They couldn’t grasp the power of the demon sword.
The mysterious marks Lin Feng had used were left by the Jade Emperor, an incredibly powerful Zun cultivator. Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer couldn’t imagine how strong he was.
The demon sword coupled with the strength of the mysterious marks was the only way to finish Xi Jue Tian.
Lin Feng’s bestial Qi dispersed and he coldly glanced at the remaining Shen Gong people. He then spat out one word, “Die!”
The beasts roared and slaughtered their enemies.
Corpses fell down from the sky one after the other. Some people tried to escape, but could they escape from Tian level beasts? Of course not, they were all doomed to die.
Who would have thought that their campaign would turn into such a tragedy?
Lin Feng was just a nobody, a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer…
When the last cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was killed by the Tian level beasts, those beasts gathered together, it seemed like their bloodlust hadn’t faded at all. They were ferocious wild beasts that loved to kill. The great roc looked majestic in the sky, the metallic sounds of its claws could still be heard.
“That’s enough” said Lin Feng. The beasts calmed down as Lin Feng looked at them, “Great roc, you’ve been with me a lot recently and have made great efforts. You are free now, I won’t put you in the animal tower again. However, if you ever do something against me, I will put you back inside forever.”
The great roc transformed into a human, his eyes were twinkling.
“Thank you, master.” the roc regarded Lin Feng in the same way as the snow eagles. He was extremely happy not to be imprisoned in the animal tower anymore.
The other animals looked at the roc in a respectful way. He was free!
“You will all have such opportunities too.” said Lin Feng to the other beasts. Lin Feng then shook his hand and the animal tower appeared again, but the beasts went into it voluntarily. They had to show the best of themselves to be free someday too.
The seven snow eagles turned back into humans and gathered around Lin Feng.
“Master, this time we killed Shen Gong’s people, but when Shen Gong learns about it, stronger cultivators will come. I fear that they will send Zun cultivators. Shouldn’t we head back to Tian Chi?” said one snow eagle. Lin Feng was an incredible cultivator, but they were still worried about him. Lin Feng needed time to become stronger and shouldn’t take large risks.
“It will take time before Shen Gong realizes that the group isn’t coming back. Let’s wait a few more days and I will think about what we can do.” replied Lin Feng. The snow eagle’s worries were not unfounded. With the loss of West Shen Gong, there was only one Shen Gong district left. They would definitely send a Zun cultivator to deal with Lin Feng and the demon sword wouldn’t be enough then. Even though he had sealed it, it still had its corrosive power. The demon seal stone couldn’t entirely seal its demon intent, so if he kept using it, the demon sword would turn him into a demon again.
Lin Feng couldn’t take that risk, but he didn’t have many solutions.
“Nobody can talk about what happened today, it could be dangerous to us all. You’ve seen how dangerous Shen Gong can be so don’t act carelessly.” said Lin Feng loudly so that everyone could hear. Everybody nodded in agreement.
Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves and left for the governmental buildings.
Many people in the palace had seen the great battle and were impressed.
“Xiao Ya.” Lin Feng called Xiao Ya who was next to the pond.
“Brother, you’re becoming so amazing.” said Xiao Ya with a sweet smile.
“Xiao Ya, when I was in danger outside, I saw your grandfather. He saved me. I found out that he is incredibly strong. Following him, you must have seen incredible things, so I will show you something.”
Xiao Ya smiled, she knew that her grandfather left a protection for Lin Feng and for her too. If she faced dangers, it could be beneficial for her even if she couldn’t use that protection herself.
Lin Feng shook his hand a small man appeared in front of him.
“That‘s an evil spirit.” Xiao Ya was surprised. She never imagined that Lin Feng would show her an evil spirit. It must have once been an extremely strong cultivator who couldn’t die.
“Indeed. It’s an evil spirit that can eat people’s godly awareness and turn it into a body.” said Lin Feng nodding.
Xiao Ya nodded, “There is an extremely strong technique called “body capture”. When a cultivator who understands godly awareness is injured physically and have practiced the body capture technique, they can steal other people’s bodies. It’s the same as the evil spirit’s power.”
“Body Capture.” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. He asked the evil spirit, “If you use somebody else’s body, will you be able to change? Are your powers different from the body capture technique?”
“Of course they’re not the same. We steal bodies and can immediately eradicate the other godly awareness, but the way we control bodies is not complete. Therefore, we need to consume the godly awareness slowly. The body capture technique is different because it’s more powerful. You can immediately eradicate the godly awareness when you use it. And then you can slowly corrode the person’s body.”
“If evil spirits choose to invade a body using the first method, they have to change bodies all the time. If they use the second method or the body capture technique, then they don’t need to change anymore.”

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