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PMG Chapter 895: Spirit Sealing Technique

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PMG Chapter 895: Spirit Sealing Technique
Lin Feng nodded. According to the evil spirit, they corroded bodies or could steal a body using the body capture technique. Of course, the strength of the godly awareness had to be inferior to that of the attacking cultivator.
“When an extremely strong cultivator dies, their soul remains, so they can rise again. In order to do that, they need to find a body. Once the soul is strong enough again, they can steal a body, is that right?” asked Lin Feng.
“Of course, but it is not the only scenario. If an ordinary person uses the body capture technique, once they become strong enough, they’ll want a better body to increase their own strength.”
“If I know someone I want to use the body capture technique on but I don’t want to destroy their godly awareness, is that possible?” asked Lin Feng.
The little person looked surprised and stared at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya. She had followed her grandfather to many places and had seen and knew a lot.
“Xiao Ya, is there any medicine which could allow such things?” asked Lin Feng.
“Brother, what you’re talking about has a name, it’s the spirit sealing technique!” replied Xiao Ya. The body capture technique and the spirit sealing technique were often used together. That wasn’t a secret. People who could use the body capture technique also knew about the spirit sealing technique.
“Indeed. There is such a technique. With it, you could do what you said.” said the evil spirit in a trembling voice. He didn’t want to upset Lin Feng. He was afraid that Lin Feng could seal him..
“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you.” said Lin Feng as if he could read the evil spirit’s thoughts. The evil spirit felt vexed because Lin Feng despised him but at the same time he felt relieved.
“The body capture.” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. He could really do what he said, using the body capture of the godly awareness or fusing with people’s bodies using the evil spirit sealing.
“The spirit sealing technique is a sort of deployment technique but practicing that kind of technique is extremely difficult. Only cultivators with an extremely powerful godly awareness can use the body capture technique. At the moment when the cultivator fuses with the body, their soul can die if they’re not strong enough. You should at least be a Zun cultivator to use the body capture technique. Therefore, cultivators rarely learn the technique because Zun cultivators don’t need it.” said Xiao Ya. Lin Feng was delighted to hear such information and kept nodding.
“Brother, do you want to learn the sealing technique? You won’t find this technique in the Xue Yu Region.” said Xiao Ya while shaking her head. Very few people who weren’t Zun cultivators could use that technique.
Lin Feng nodded and smiled. He pet Xiao Ya’s head, “Little girl, it seems like you understand things better than I do.”
“Hihi, if you want to know anything, you can ask me. Even though I am not as strong as you, I know a lot of things.” said Xiao Ya while smiling.
“Brother, I’m off. I want to go and have fun with Xin Ye and Yun Xi.” said Xiao Ya as if she knew that Lin Feng had other things to do. She then turned around and left.
“Silly girl.” Lin Feng smiled. Lin Feng shook his hand and pulled back the evil spirit. He then left and went to the snow eagles.
“Master.” said the snow eagles politely. Their esteem for Lin Feng was ever increasing. In the past, they respected him because he was a young leader in Tian Xuan, but now they admired his strength as well.
“Brothers, can you contact Tian Chi” Lin Feng asked while opening the door and looking out at the mountains.
The snow eagles’ pupils shrunk, their eyes twinkled as they remained silent.
Lin Feng smiled when he saw their reaction and said, “It seems like I’m right, you can contact Tian Chi, right?”
“Master, we can but only in case of real danger. We don’t want you to waste that opportunity so please think it through.” said one of the snow eagles. Lin Feng was a leader in Tian Xuan so Tian Chi had to protect Lin Feng.
“I need to contact Tian Chi now.” said Lin Feng seriously.
“Master…” one of the snow eagles wanted to say something but Lin Feng immediately interrupted him. “Right now means immediately!”
“It’s extremely important, I must contact Tian Chi right now.” the seven snow eagles glanced at each other and finally nodded, “Alright. We’ll establish a communication portal.”
The snow eagles positioned themselves in different positions like a seven star constellation. In the middle, an ancient portal appeared.
The snow eagles held hands and bestial Qi flowed in the atmosphere. At the same time, the portal was becoming more and more distinct with mysterious marks appearing on it.
“Crrrr… crrr…” golden marks appeared. The seven snow eagles used their godly awareness to condense the portal. It seemed like seven stars were appearing and a mysterious strength radiated from the portal.
“Godly awareness turn into a portal!” shouted the seven snow eagles. Their strength fused together and a drawing appeared.
An old man appeared in that portal, it was almost as if he were next to Lin Feng. That person was the leader of Tian Xuan, the snow Zun cultivator.
Lin Feng, did anything happen?”
“What a terrifying strength thought Lin Feng. The snow eagles’ eyes were closed and it seemed like they were making great efforts.
“Teacher, I want to practice the spirit sealing technique, do you have it?” asked Lin Feng.
“You encountered a cultivator who can use body capture?” the old man was surprised. When hearing about the spirit sealing technique, he immediately thought of the body capture technique.
“We could put it that way, so now I need the spirit sealing technique.” said Lin Feng nodding.
“I have never practiced it. But hold on.” said the old man. He then disappeared from the portal and a snowy mountain appeared instead.
Lin Feng waited, but not too long. Another old man appeared instead.
His teacher left and asked… the leader of Tian Chi to come instead! Mister Tian Ji.
“Lin Feng, don’t talk.” said Mister Tian Ji when he saw that Lin Feng was about to talk. “The seven snow eagles opened the portal and it’s difficult for them, they can’t hold on too much longer. I will transmit you the spirit sealing technique, pay attention.”
The old man opened his hands and started drawing in the air. Each stroke contained an incredible amount of strength. Those weren’t mysterious marks but deployment technique strength.
At the same time, his voice kept flowing into Lin Feng’s brain.
Lin Feng switched to study mode and listened carefully and calmly. He activated his human and Earth fusion. He carefully watched the old man’s movements and studied the strokes assiduously.

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