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PMG Chapter 899: Entering a Strange World

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 899: Entering a Strange World
The vast desert seemed endless.
Lin Feng was standing in the desert, observing his surroundings as he released the emperor’s palace. It looked majestic and contained incredible imperial Qi.
Lin Feng was in the parallel world which he had sealed because he couldn’t take the risk of someone seeing palace in the outside world.
Lin Feng disappeared from the desert and jumped into the palace.
Many people were waiting for Lin Feng in there.
“Lin Feng!”
“Lin Feng ……”
They were all furious. So many Tian level and Xuan level cultivators staring down Lin Feng.
“Boom boom boom!” a terrifying Qi appeared.
“You want to die!” shouted Lin Feng coldly, his voice resonated like thunder.
“Bzzz…” silhouettes were flickering. They surrounded Lin Feng and someone said, “Lin Feng, you dare come here after what you did to us. If you don’t let us out, we’ll kill you.”
“Lei Mang.” Lin Feng looked at him. He remembered that person was a cultivator from North Shen Gong.
“You know Xi Jue Tian?” asked Lin Feng while smiling coldly. Lei Mang looked confused. Of course, he knew Jue Tian, he was the leader of West Shen Gong.
“Xi Jue Tian came with a group of people from West Shen Gong to capture me, so I killed them all.” said Lin Feng. Lei Mang looked astonished. He didn’t believe Lin Feng and said, “Hmph, impossible. You already broke through to the Tian Qi layer, but you couldn’t possibly have killed the leader of West Shen Gong.”
“I killed him in one sword strike.” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly and releasing some demon sealing strength.
“I control this palace and everything in here. The fact that I’m not killing you doesn’t mean that I can’t. I am keeping you in here because you can still be useful.” said Lin Feng while smiling. He was domineering, like an emperor.
When the crowd dispersed when they sensed Lin Feng’s terrifying demon energy, allowing him to pass.
Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. Using his Xiao Yao agility technique, he instantly disappeared from their field of vision.
“We have to follow him.” shouted someone. Then everybody ran in Lin Feng’s direction. They couldn’t stay in that place forever. Lin Feng’s demon energy was indeed extremely powerful, even Lei Mang had witnessed it back when Lin Feng was still a Xuan level cultivator. Now, he had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, if he unsheathed his demon sword again, the consequences would probably be even more terrifying.
Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived in a room with countless abstruse crystals all containing an incredible power.
“Lin Feng, let us go.” someone shouted behind Lin Feng.
Lin Feng ignored them and released his demon sealing strength.
Lin Feng unsheathed his demon sword and demon Qi rolled in waves in the atmosphere. Everybody was stopped in their tracks. What a terrifying sword. How could Lin Feng have such a powerful sword?
Bei Ming, the leader of North Shen Gong arrived too with Lei Mang next to him. Surprisingly, Lin Feng could use the demon sword without turning into a demon now. Had Lin Feng really killed Xi Jue Tian using his demon sword?
Lin Feng turned around and coldly glanced at them. He raised his demon sword and cut the abstruse crystals, causing many crystals to rise up in the air. Then, Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and grabbed them all, quickly putting them in his ring.
Lin Feng turned around and shouted, “Piss off, everyone!”
His demon sword lacerated the space, pushing everybody back. Nobody was willing to block that attack. They could only watch as Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique to run away.
“Don’t let him run. Otherwise, we’ll die in here.” shouted someone furiously. Everybody chased Lin Feng, but it was too late, Lin Feng quickly left.
The crowd in the palace: the dragon king, Duan Wu Dao, Bei Ming.. they all hated Lin Feng. Hating him was all they could do now because they were still his prisoners.
Lin Feng didn’t think about how the people in the palace felt. He breathed in a big mouthful of air once he arrived in the desert. The Jade Emperor’s palace turned into a heart again and Lin Feng put it away.
He probably had enough abstruse crystals for Yan Di.
Lin Feng left the parallel world and sealed it again.
He went back to Qiong Qi and said, “Here are your abstruse crystals. Which ones do you want?”
“Give me all of them. I can use any of them. I will be able to deploy a great strength with any of them.” said Qiong Qi sounding self-confident. Lin Feng just had to give him the proper ingredients and he would be able to work out something with them.
But Lin Feng didn’t give him the crystals immediately. He stared at Qiong Qi with uncertainty, infuriating Qiong Qi, “You don’t believe me!”
“It’s not that, it’s just that you used to be an emperor. You have many powers, if you use those crystals to practice cultivation, what could I do to stop you?” said Lin Feng. The emperor probably knew many tricks. If he used the crystals to fight against him, he would probably lose.
“Well then, don’t ask me anything anymore.” said Qiong Qi furiously.
“Don’t be angry. Hehe.” Lin Feng smiled. “I will be next to you when you use your techniques. This way I can watch you if you try to sneak away with some crystals and I will be able to learn your technique. Of course, if you agree to teach me some things directly, it’s even better and I will be very grateful.”
Qiong Qi remained silent. He stared at Lin Feng and said, “Teach you…? Dream on!”

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