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PMG Chapter 900: Poor Emperor

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 900: Poor Emperor
Qiong Qi was using its claws to carve something into the ground. Even though it wasn’t using any strength, Lin Feng felt delighted, it seemed like those carvings contained something mystical. They looked like mysterious marks but didn’t contain any strength yet.
Qiong Qi kept moving and carving. From time to time, it looked at Lin Feng in a cold way and said confidently, “Back in the day, I could carve those marks with an incredible strength in them. If I recovered my full strength, I’d crush Zun cultivators without batting an eye. Now, you, a little piece of trash, a nobody, makes me carve these marks one by one.”
“It’s for your safety. If we manage to secure the palace, even if a Zun cultivator comes, we’ll be able to kill him in one strike.” said Lin Feng while smiling. Yan Di was cooperating so Lin Feng had to give him face. In the past, Yan Di’s temper must have been really bad. He was proud. Of course, different circumstances required different reactions. If Yan Di recovered his initial cultivation level, he’d be insanely dangerous again.
“Don’t worry. When I finish protecting the palace, a trivial and futile Zun cultivator will never be able to get in, instead they will be killed instantly.” said Qiong Qi. At that moment, he looked solemn. He wasn’t acting aggressively with Lin Feng.
Lin Feng laughed and observed Qiong Qi’s movements carefully, but he couldn’t understand anything. Those mysterious marks contained the absolute strength of the Earth and the sky, an explosive strength.
Qiong Qi hadn’t put the abstruse crystals in the marks yet.
Lin Feng was delighted, protecting the whole palace would put him at ease in the future. He had never seen so many mysterious marks at once. How powerful must this protection be?
It only took Yan Di a few hours to carve marks into the entire palace.
Qiong Qi stood up and waved, almost like a human being. Lin Feng was surprised.
“You finished that quickly?” said Lin Feng in a febrile voice.
“Quickly? Back in the day, I could do that in the blink of an eye. It took me so much effort and time that I’m actually quite upset.” said Qiong Qi while stretching its claws: “Give me the abstruse crystals, I need to put them in the marks.”
Lin Feng unwillingly handed him over his ring. Qiong Qi released bestial Qi and in a flash, the marks started shining brightly. His bestial Qi started flowing through the marks, making the entire palace shine.
Qiong Qi took out an abstruse crystal and put its energy in the marks and the lights instantly disappeared as if nothing had happened.
“That’s fine too…”
Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Abstruse crystals contained an incredible amount of energy… abstruse strength.  
The lights in the marks kept appearing and disappearing. Then, the marks disappeared completely as if they never existed in the first place.
Lin Feng inspected them with his godly awareness but couldn’t see anything either.
“No need to try. I carved the marks in a way that even Zun cultivators wouldn’t be able to see them.” said Qiong Qi.
“You finished so quickly.” said Lin Feng again, smiling heartily.
“Bullshit. You’re making fun of me but I’m telling you, if a Zun cultivator comes, he’ll die instantly.”
“I wouldn’t dare make fun of you.” said Lin Feng while laughing. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and pet Qiong Qi’s head.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing” said Qiong Qi angrily.
“Give me back the ring with the crystals.” said Lin Feng.
Qiong Qi looked furious and said, “You bastard.”
“Give it to me at once.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi wasn’t happy.
“You need to relax, my friend.” said Lin Feng gently and then giggled.
“The marks I carved can only kill Zun cultivators, if cultivators of the Tian Qi layer come, you’ll have to be here to fend them off yourself.” said Qiong Qi furiously. And he then threw the ring at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was speechless. It could only kill Zun cultivators? How did it makes sense that they could kill Zun cultivators but not Tian level ones?
Qiong Qi started leaving, but Lin Feng chased him, laughed and said in a gentle way, “Yan Di, you’re a great emperor. If Tian level cultivators come, I bet you could easily defeat them.”
“Piss off!” said Qiong Qi proudly.
“Yan Di, if Tian level cultivators come here and threaten you, wouldn’t that insulting to your title. You’d certainly have to kill them, right?”
“Yan Di…”
Lin Feng’s voice spread far away into the distance. He was a bit annoyed, but Qiong Qi ignored him.
“Yan Di, if people came here to get their revenge, I hope that you will take care of them. If you make a mistake…”
“Bastard!” shouted Qiong Qi furiously. Its voice spread far away. How shameless, that bastard was threatening him again.
Lin Feng was lying on a stone, looking at Qiong Qi with a big smile on his face. It seemed like he was busy doing something.
A great emperor… If a Zun cultivator came, he’d certainly died… Yan Di was scary. Maybe Yan Di could create a nice environment practicing cultivation, then all of Xue Yue would benefit.
But Yan Di’s temper was too much. It was difficult to get him to do anything without him threatening Lin Feng. He wanted to learn a few skills from him but that seemed impossible.
He would definitely find a way to learn things from him in the future.
Poor Qiong Qi, he was busy carving marks and creating deployment skills and Lin Feng was just lying down without a care in the world.
After a short while, Qiong Qi glanced at Lin Feng.
“Is it alright?” asked Lin Feng while smiling.
“Yes.” Qiong Qi nodded.
“That’s…” Lin Feng looked delighted and pet Qiong Qi’s head, making him grind his teeth. He gave back the ring once more to Lin Feng and said, “I don’t give a damn about your abstruse crystals. To me, they’re just normal stones.”
“Of course. You were a great emperor and you’ve seen incredible treasures.” said Lin Feng while laughing. “You’ve worked hard, you should have a rest now.”
“Indeed.” said Qiong Qi and then disappeared. Very quickly, Qiong Qi disappeared to another place, opened its mouth and spat out a few abstruse crystals.
The poor emperor, surprisingly, had taken a few abstruse crystals!

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