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PMG Chapter 905: Two news items

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PMG Chapter 905: Two news items

In the distance, a terrifying wind appeared. It was filled with incredible energies that shook the Earth and sky.

Another Zun cultivator was coming and he was furious. Someone dared killed their people in their own territory, including a Zun cultivator.

The old man raised his hand and glanced at him calmly. The old man seemed like he was in another world, a world made of ice.

“The world of cultivation is ruthless, Tian Xuan makes the sky shake.” the old man remained motionless. Terrifying energies dashed to the skies. At that moment, it seemed like he could control the Earth and sky. It seemed like he just had to breathe to move the strength of the Earth and sky.

“Suffocate!” shouted the old man furiously while punching in front of him. It seemed like the Earth and the sky were turning upside down with this punch.

“Boom, boom, boom.” the atmosphere fell apart. The Zun cultivator hadn’t arrived yet but he was already shaking violently. His heartbeat suddenly accelerated. He felt oppressed, like he couldn’t attack anymore. At the same time, a terrifying and powerful strength crashed onto his body. Suddenly, his face turned deathly pale.

His body looked distorted and he had no more strength.

“Die!” the old man jumped and appeared in front of him. He raised his fist which were filled with an incredible strength.

“Boom boom boom!” the crowd was suddenly crushed down onto the ground and blood splashed out of their mouths. They looked like they were in terrible pain. The Zun cultivator was propelled backwards. His body was torn apart, his soul had broken apart, and he died.

The old man looked at the crowd. He didn’t look like an ordinary old man anymore. He looked like a strong and invincible cultivator.

“I came to Shen Gong to tell you all that you can’t harass my disciples as you wish. I am from Tian Chi. Next time, I won’t come alone.” After that, the old man immediately disappeared.

“Tian Chi!”

The crowd was dumbfounded. The old man was from Tian Chi and he had just killed a myriad of people in Shen Gong, including two Zun cultivators.

In the distance, two more Zun cultivators appeared. When they arrived and saw the desolate landscape, a gloomy expression appeared on their face.

“Let’s follow him.” said one of them. The other one nodded.

“Wait.” said someone coldly at that moment. The two others immediately stopped, turned around and looked at that person in a respectful way.

“If you follow him, you’re going to die.” that person explained. The others looked vexed, was the old man from Tian Chi that strong? Would the two Zun cultivators die if they followed him?

For them, the Zun cultivators of Shen Gong were incredible, almost like gods. They forgot that even in the world of Zun cultivators, there were cultivators of different levels. A single level could equate to huge level differences between Zun cultivators.

“Shen Gong has never been so humiliated.” said one of the Zun cultivators, not happy about the other’s decision. A man had killed a myriad of people, a huge number of Tian level and Xuan level cultivators, two Zun cultivators. Shen Gong’s reputation was ruined.

“If we want to get our revenge, we need to become stronger.” said the one who had just arrived. He said this in a calm way while gazing into the distance. “A few hundred years ago, two peerless cultivators rose up in Tian Chi, one became the leader of Tian Ji and the other one became the leader of Tian Xuan. Nobody was as strong as them in the Gan Yu region. Later on, they both left Tian Chi. They wanted to go on a cultivation trip to become even stronger. They gave Tian Xuan and Tian Ji to their disciples. Nowadays, there’s no need to mention how strong the leader of Tian Ji is. Besides, Tian Xuan’s leader is introverted and many people think that he’s a terrible cultivator. Nobody knows that when he had just become a Zun cultivator, he killed three Zun cultivators who had teamed up against him. Tian Xuan’s leader is precisely the man who just came here.”

The two Zun cultivators were speechless. The old man who had just attacked Shen Gong and killed two Zun cultivators was that scary?

The one who was talking glanced at the two Zun cultivators and said, “You want to ask me how I know that, right? Amongst the three Zun cultivators who got killed by him, one of them was my fellow disciple.”

The two Zun cultivators’ hearts were pounding. The story they had just heard happened such a long time ago. Well, how strong was the old man now though?

“So then, can we forget about that and let him off?” said one of the Zun cultivators, obviously still not satisfied.

“Of course, we won’t. Shen Gong is now riddled with gaping wounds so we can’t afford to be careless anymore. I will inform our leader, from now on, Shen Gong isn’t divided into four districts. There will only be one Shen Gong and only one leader.” said that person. He rolled up his sleeves and suddenly disappeared. He was also furious.


In the Imperial Palace of Xue Yue in Yangzhou City, the two remaining cultivators wanted to escape. However, one of them ran into the illusion and died. Lin Feng didn’t kill the other one though. He let him leave. Lin Feng wanted that cultivator to go and inform his group about what happened. He wanted everyone to understand that if they came to Xue Yue with evil intentions, they would die.

Lin Feng couldn’t stay in Yangzhou City the whole time. Therefore, he needed people to talk about what happened and how dangerous it was to challenge him inside of Yangzhou City. Then, he would be able to leave with peace of mind.

After a short time, the news spread. Zun cultivators who went to Xue Yue with evil intentions would die there without question.

Zun cultivators were amongst the best cultivators in the world. They had to understand that if they wanted to kill Lin Feng, they would have to find him outside of Xue Yue.

The news spread everywhere, not only in Xue Yue and its surroundings. People in Gan Yu were also astonished by the news, Shen Gong, Jade Heaven, the East Sea Dragon Palace. They all wanted to send Zun cultivators to Xue Yue to kill Lin Feng but Lin Feng wasn’t afraid. Three Zun cultivators and a countless numbers of extremely strong cultivators died in Xue Yue and only one person was left alive to tell the tale.

However, some other news spread that was just as astonishing if not more. Even though people had tried to hide the truth, nothing can remain a secret in the long run.

When Shen Gong sent people to Xue Yue to kill Lin Feng, a strong cultivator from Tian Chi went to Shen Gong and killed a countless numbers of Tian level and Xuan level cultivators as well as two Zun cultivators. Then, he left as gloriously as he came.

According to rumors, the leader of Tian Chi, Mister Tian Ji had gone there for Lin Feng. He didn’t like how everyone was attacking Lin Feng.

According to other rumors, it was rather the leader of Tian Xuan who had gone there. Lin Feng was a member of Tian Xuan so Tian Xuan wanted to protect their disciples. All in all, a bloodbath occurred in Shen Gong.

No matter which rumor was true or not, they all had something to do with Lin Feng.

It was incredible. As before, some people wondered why only the only people who had come out of the mysterious world alive were people from Tian Chi. Nobody knew what had happened there.

After that gossip spread, it seemed like Gan Yu became calm again. Nobody would fight anymore. Nobody could go to Xue Yue because Zun cultivators could die there. It also seemed like Tian Chi was rising up again.

However, it was only the calm before the storm!

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