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PMG Chapter 910: Qiong Qi’s Abnormal Behavior

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PMG Chapter 910: Qiong Qi’s Abnormal Behavior
“Tian Lin, you’re incredible. Even I, the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, feel so small compared to people like you. It’s incredible to see such geniuses.” said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect smiling. He understood that geniuses needed to leave their nests to become stronger. They all left for better places at some point before they became stronger.

Geniuses were people who had incredible abilities. They had to fight wars and struggle through hardships to become stronger.

Something was happening in Gan Yu. A treasure had been found so it had attracted lots of very strong cultivators. Those geniuses were all coming to Gan Yu to fight Lin Feng, this seemed perfectly normal to almost everyone.

The war was going to be fierce this time.

At that moment, the person who had gone to pick him up avoided looking at him, this intrigued Tian Lin, “When is my beast arriving?”

That person pulled a long face. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect said coldly, “Speak!”

“Prince Tian Lin, when I realized that they weren’t coming back, I sent someone to check if everything was alright and they found that everyone died.”

“What?” Tian Lin frowned. So many strong cultivators lost against a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer?”

“What happened?” asked the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. “A bunch of trash. Prince Tian Lin, I’ll send people personally to bring you back that Qiong Qi.”

“He must be gone already. If I meet him again, I will kill him personally. If I don’t see again, he can consider himself lucky. It’s unfortunate though, I really wanted that ancient wild beast.” said Tian Lin annoyed.


Somewhere else, at that same moment, Lin Feng arrived in Asoka. It was in the central part of Gan Yu where wars never took place and where strong cultivators gathered. Many influential groups often met there.

Lin Feng checked a map, he was still getting used to its geography. He also heard a few things about the meeting and recent news in town.

He realized that everyone was talking about him. He had unknowingly become famous in Gan Yu.

Everybody was astonished by what happened in Xue Yue and by the fact that three Zun cultivators were killed.

Lin Feng also found that some people knew that he wasn’t in Xue Yue anymore, which was actually a relief for him. He wanted Xue Yue to experience some peace.

According to some rumors, he was in Tian Chi because he was afraid and needed Tian Chi’s protection. Some other people said that he was probably hiding somewhere to practice cultivation and that he would come out only after becoming stronger, then he could get his revenge.

Very few people thought that he had come to Asoka, that would simply be too audacious. So many powerful people were there to plan an attack against Tian Chi, after all.

There was a trading market in Asoka, larger than any others he had seen before.

Lin Feng was walking through the market wearing his yellow mask, he still looked fragile and sick.

“Roar!” Lin Feng walked past a vendor’s booth and Qiong Qi roared loudly. Lin Feng immediately lowered his head and went to that vendor’s booth. Qiong Qi had roared so that meant there was something interesting there.

There was something that shone like a jade stone, it was smooth and round and it was glowing.

“Sir, are you interested in that deployment spirit jade?” asked that street vendor when he saw Qiong Qi’s reaction to it. Qiong Qi even put its claws on the item and grabbed it.

“You’re lucky that your beast could recognize the item.” said the owner smiling. Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at the item. He asked, “What does it cost?”

“It’s a very, very precious item. Its deployment and sealing powers are incredible and work for a long time.” explained the owner. He then continued, “I would want two fire intent crystals for it.”

“No problem.” Lin Feng took the item and took out two fire intent crystals in exchange. The owner was surprised at how rich Lin Feng was.

Lin Feng continued walking and saw many items but nothing interesting. Qiong Qi told Lin Feng that since he was traveling with Lin Feng, he also needed to protect him.

Qiong Qi seemed to mean that he needed items from the market to fabricate precious treasures to protect Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was skeptical but bought everything Qiong Qi wanted. He couldn’t do much more. He was rich with intent crystals so it wasn’t a problem.

“Snif snif.”

Qiong Qi stopped and grabbed the bottom of Lin Feng’s trousers with its mouth. Lin Feng had told him not to speak, instead to find a way that doesn’t draw other people’s attention.

Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi. Each time it wanted something, it did that. Did Qiong Qi find an extremely powerful item?

Qiong Qi looked in one direction. There was a vendor’s booth where there were skills and techniques, Tian level skills which made Lin Feng curious.

Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi, he didn’t understand. Did Qiong Qi want to learn new skills?

Qiong Qi walked towards a picture scroll. It was a …white picture scroll with nothing on it. Why was it with other Tian level skills? “Your beast is smart. Surprisingly, it saw that picture scroll.” said the street vendor smiling. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Even though there’s nothing on that picture scroll, it is absolutely something special. Weapons, water, fire, anything, that scroll is an extremely precious weapon, but I’ve never heard of how strong cultivators use it.”

“Even if it’s powerful, there’s nothing on it. It’s a piece of paper.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head and smiling. The old man was a good businessman. Whatever Lin Feng looked at, the man would tell him it’s a great item.

“What do you want for it?” asked Lin Feng.

“It’s extremely precious. I need five intent crystals of any type.” said the old man. Lin Feng smiled wryly, that old man was full of hope.

“Roar!” Qiong Qi roared in order to show Lin Feng that he had to agree. Lin Feng was skeptical but maybe Qiong Qi had discovered something?

“Alright. I’ll buy it.” said Lin Feng while nodding. He took out five intent crystals and gave them to the old man. Qiong Qi immediately grabbed it and looked at it. But there was nothing on it. Lin Feng didn’t understand and was annoyed. Even though intent crystals weren’t that precious, he didn’t want to waste them either.

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