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PMG Chapter 911: The precious picture

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PMG Chapter 911: The precious picture
After they left the market, Lin Feng asked Qiong Qi, “Why did you want that scroll?”

“How could you understand?” replied Qiong Qi mockingly which made Lin Feng feel vexed.

“Roar!” Qiong Qi started roaring and grabbed the scroll from Lin Feng’s hands. It then put it on the ground, its eyes were twinkling.

Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi but didn’t say anything. Could that scroll really be special?

“That fire Qi is incredible, that’s why it drew my attention.” said Qiong Qi examining the scroll. It said to Lin Feng, “Use fire to burn it. Even though your fire is extremely weak, it can only help.”

“Since you criticized me, you can do it yourself.” said Lin Feng. Even though he had turned into an animal, Qiong Qi hadn’t changed.

“If I recover someday, I’ll be able to spit fire at you and kill you instantly.” said Qiong Qi proudly. When he realized Lin Feng was ignoring him, its tone of speech changed and he said, “But now I can’t do anything because my powers are restrained. You understand that the picture scroll contains incredible secrets. If you don’t want to know exactly what, then forget it.”

“You’re so stubborn.” said Lin Feng frowning but he didn’t forget that Qiong Qi was Yan Di.

Lin Feng crouched down and put his hand on the empty picture scroll. He then released fire. His fire was scorching hot and dazzling. He released as much as he could, however, nothing happened. The old man had actually told him that it was difficult to know how to activate that scroll.

“No use. You can’t be wrong though?” said Lin Feng. He was starting to get more curious.

“You’re the useless one.” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Then, he put his claws on Lin Feng’s hand and made Lin Feng’s hand move as if he was drawing something. Lin Feng clearly sensed something. It was as if he was drawing some mysterious marks and his fire became even more intense. That empty scroll was suddenly glowing like fire.

Lin Feng suddenly moved his hand back. It was scorching hot.

“So hot!” thought Lin Feng. He knew the cosmos-burning sun technique, he understood fire intent quite well. He was more talented with fire than most fire cultivators . However, after touching the empty scroll, he actually feared burning himself.

Lin Feng and Qiong Qi stared at the picture scroll. It started burning but not entirely, only piece by piece. The marks they had just drawn were filled with fire strength.

“What a terrifying fire strength.” sighed Lin Feng.

“As expected. How could I be wrong?” said Qiong Qi proudly and arrogantly. He looked very satisfied. The fire burnt for a long time until only the ravine-like marks were left.

“It’s a map.” Lin Feng had just realized what it was.

“Asoka.” Lin Feng looked at that map, he also took out another map and looked for Asoka on it. Both maps were very similar so it meant that that fire map was indeed Asoka.

Even though they looked similar, they were not entirely the same. The map he had bought before was a standard map of what Asoka currently looked like. The fire map was different, it was a map of what Asoka looked like a very, very long time ago. If Qiong Qi hadn’t found that map, Lin Feng would have never been able to find it.

“The initial owner of that map was probably extremely strong, otherwise, the fire on it wouldn’t be that hot.” whispered Lin Feng.

“You’re ignorant, but keep talking shit.” said Qiong Qi arrogantly, glancing at Lin Feng in a despising way. He was making fun of Lin Feng again.

But Qiong Qi saw that Lin Feng was annoyed and said, “That picture scroll was created three hundred years ago. It is made out of a kind of leather which itself was made out of a very strong fire beast skin. It was probably a Zun level beast. Even if a weak abstruse fire energy was used on it, it would be impossible to find out its secret. That’s why nobody found its use for such a long time. The one who created the map apparently wanted to find an extremely strong fire cultivator whose level wouldn’t be too far from his.”

“What you mean to say is that the picture scroll contains a precious fire item?” Lin Feng understood things quite well. Qiong Qi was also extremely strong, so he could guess people and beasts’ cultivation levels.

Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at the map. As expected, that map was showing a mysterious place. The one who drew the map was telling the reader to go there.

“Bullshit again. If the one who drew the map didn’t want people to find a secret, why would he have drawn the map? All that I hope is that the precious item is a fire-type one.” said Qiong Qi. Qiong Qi was the Flame Emperor, only fire could help him get back his strength.

“Fire…” whispered Lin Feng.

Qiong Qi glanced at Lin Feng and said in a despising way, “You understand nothing. You don’t know what real fire is. Fire is infinitely powerful, even though your cosmos sun skill is not bad, it is still lacking. Against real fire skills, you’ll burn to ashes in the blink of an eye.”

“Eh…” Lin Feng was surprised. Lin Feng didn’t understand as much as Qiong Qi but was he really that weak? What did it mean to be a real fire cultivator?

“Hurry up and take the map. We’re going to that place.” said Qiong Qi impatiently. He needed real fire.

Lin Feng put the map away and said to Qiong Qi, “Let’s go back.”

“Roar!” Qiong Qi said to Lin Feng, “What do you mean? Why now?”

“We’re not done with my business.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

“Roar!” Qiong Qi showed his teeth to Lin Feng. Lin Feng punched Qiong Qi and said, “Even though you’re an emperor, I am your master right now. Don’t bare your teeth at me!”

Lin Feng then headed for the city center. Qiong Qi was proud and wanted nothing more than to get back his power. Lin Feng was aware of that and wary of it.

“Roar!” Qiong Qi was really angry.

Lin Feng still didn’t clearly understand the purpose of the meeting. But he knew he didn’t have time to go treasure hunting with Qiong Qi. A strong cultivator had hidden a treasure somewhere a few hundred years ago so it probably wasn’t that easy to find. Lin Feng was more concerned about Tian Chi.

Lin Feng arrived in the city center of Asoka where people were gathering for the great sect meeting. Lin Feng found out that many extremely strong cultivators had come just for this meeting. Cultivators of the first Tian Qi layer were insects in the middle of this crowd. A majority were cultivators at the top of the Tian Qi layer which made Lin Feng worry even more.

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