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PMG Chapter 919: Imperial cultivation disciple

PMG Chapter 919: Imperial cultivation disciple

The atmosphere remained silent for a long time. The one who had talked wouldn’t come out. King Dragon continued talking, “Tian Chi is sly, they are wild beasts. In the mysterious world, everybody disappeared but their members. We don’t know what happened to the rest, maybe they’re dead, or maybe they are prisoners. They resort to incredibly evil methods to take over Gan Yu. If we don’t destroy Tian Chi, we’re all doomed.”

“We need to destroy Tian Chi, if we all survive, things can go back to normal. If many of us die, we’ll avenge them.” said Duan Mu.

“If we don’t destroy Tian Chi, how could all the other sects keep rising?” said Mie Qing. Tian Chi had destroyed Shen Gong, that was already a tragedy for them.

The three leaders were using strong and biased words to convince the crowd. They wanted to recruit everyone to their side using fear.

“Today, we need to find a leader who will bring everybody together against Tian Chi.” said King Dragon. The crowd was surprised. Indeed, a leader was essential. He would lead a thousand sects. The three leaders had organized the great sect meeting, but in the crowd, there were even stronger cultivators. If one of the three leaders led the war, they might fail.

“Of course, the leader can only be someone who is here and they must want to destroy Tian Chi from the bottom of their heart. I know that there are many incredibly strong people in the crowd. Those who don’t care can simply leave. Only those who are actually motivated to destroy Tian Chi can stay here.” said King Dragon.

“Wow.” whispered Lin Feng. Those who had come out of curiosity or for their reputation were treated like good-for-nothings.

“Choosing a leader for such a big undertaking is a normal thing.” said the Hua Shi brother smiling indifferently.

King Dragon continued talking, “I will give you minute, if you’re not really motivated, you can piss off and leave this mountain. Those who don’t leave will stay here and go to the war against Tian Chi. They will also be able to vote for the leader. If anyone stays and violates our agreement, we’ll kill them.”

“Indeed. If you’re not motivated or if you’re a traitor, piss off!” said Mie Qing.

One minute. People started talking. If they stayed, they had to go to war against Tian Chi.

If they left, they would lose face. Besides, they wouldn’t know who the leader would be. They would also miss the war.

Many people were hesitating. Very few people immediately left because they were too weak. Going to war would be the same as suicide to them.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. Not many people left which made him feel uncomfortable. It meant people were tacitly agreeing to go to war against Tian Chi.

One minute passed. The three leaders looked at the very few people who left and smiled indifferently. Tian Chi was going to be destroyed.

“Since you decided to stay here, it means you will fight against Tian Chi. From now on, we’re one army. If anyone wants to leave or betrays us, they’ll die!” said King Dragon. Until they annihilated Tian Chi, nobody was allowed to leave. They had to annihilate Tian Chi together.

“Alright. Now, I’ll now introduce you to a few real geniuses.” said King Dragon. People were surprised. Couldn’t they choose a leader themselves? Why did he have to introduce the real geniuses? What did the word genius mean to him?

“If you’re a real genius, please come onto the stage.” said King Dragon. At that moment, the Hua Shi brother nodded at Lin Feng and said, “Brother Lin, come onto the stage. Don’t decline to shoulder your responsibilities because you think you’re not a genius.”

“Eh?” Lin Feng instantly understood what Hua Shi was telling him. King Dragon, Duan Mu and Mie Qing probably knew who the geniuses were already.

“No need for me to go. You go and stop worrying about me.” said Lin Feng politely. How could he go onto the stage.

The Hua Shi brother had said that just like that, he couldn’t know Lin Feng’s background. He nodded at Lin Feng and stepped onto the stage.

Apart from the Hua Shi brother, Lin Feng saw Tian Lin. There was also the aggressive young man against whom Tian Lin had refused to fight and the young man with the ice and fire Qi.

Six people but in reality, there were only four, the Hua Shi siblings counted as one, Tian Lin and his girlfriend counted as one as well.

The crowd was surprised. They were all extremely young but so strong already. They all had an incredible Qi that people were envious of.

“Those young people come from the Holy City.” said King Dragon smiling indifferently. People were all astonished. The Holy City… They knew about it but it was extremely far away. It was the holy place of the Continent of the Nine Clouds where most of the strongest cultivators came from.

The holy city was also surrounded by eight territories, ten cities and incredibly powerful high-level empires. They all harbored extremely powerful cultivators. Surprisingly, some of those people had come for this war.

“Xiao Yao Sect, come here for some introductions.” said King Dragon looking at someone in the crowd. That person jumped onto the stage using the Xiao Yao agility technique. It was the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

“Alright.” said the patriarch smiling. He then added, “I don’t know all those geniuses, I only know one of them: Prince Tian Lin.” He smiled and continued, “King Dragon is right. They’re all from the Holy City. Besides, the Xiao Yao Sect is a daughter sect to which Prince Tian Lin belongs. You probably knew about it already if you understood the hierarchy of our sects.”

The Xiao Yao Sect was an influential group in Gan Yu, most people obviously understood how the Xiao Yao Sect worked. The main sect was the Godly Xiao Yao Sect, they had an emperor and possessed incredible powers. The Xiao Yao Sect was just a little sect which depended on the Godly Xiao Yao Sect.

Tian Lin came from there. No wonder that he was so extraordinary. “Apart from Tian Lin, there are other geniuses. who are all experienced cultivators. Of course, they all have the same social status too, they are all imperial cultivation disciples.”

Imperial cultivation disciples!

The crowd was astonished. Imperial cultivation disciples… emperor’s direct descendants. Incredible.

Those people were all emperors’ disciples? Did it mean that they had the opportunity to see real emperors?

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as he looked over at Qiong Qi. Qiong Qi was looking at those people in a despising way and said, “Trivial and insignificant imperial cultivation disciples. They don’t even have the opportunity to see emperors. What is so good about that? I also had a myriad of disciples in the past but I only knew a few.”

Yan Di was still referring to his glorious past, but what did it mean to be an imperial cultivation disciple?

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