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PMG Chapter 925: Void Fire

PMG Chapter 925: Void Fire
The mountain range was on fire. It was burning!
The fire looked both real and fake at the same time.
“Fake fire?” people frowned. That fire wasn’t real. But the red color of the fire meant that it was fire energy of the highest level.
“Void fire!” Tian Lin and the other imperial cultivation disciples were astonished. There was void fire in that small world. They had to obtain it.
“Let’s go.” Some people rose up in the air and then dove into the fire mountain range.
King Dragon, Mie Qing, Duan Mu and the others dove into the void fire.
“Everybody, don’t forget about our agreement.” said Tian Lin indifferently. Many strong cultivators frowned. They had heard about that small world because the imperial cultivation disciples had told them about it. That’s why they had decided on the Asoka Mountain for the location of the great sect meeting.

The imperial cultivation disciples had set a few conditions to help those strong cultivators, first they had to give the imperial cultivation disciples good items, and in return, they had to help destroy Tian Chi.
“Hehe, don’t worry. I remember our agreement.” said King Dragon smiling but his heart was pounding. Void fire… Besides, such a strong fire was more useful for Zun cultivators. With such a fire, they would become even more powerful. Even for them, it was difficult to find such a precious thing. Not that it was in front of them, the people from Gan Yu had to enjoy it too.
“You better remember, you must help us obtain that fire. If you violate our agreement, our fellow disciples and our teachers will come here and destroy all your sects and territories.” said Tian Lin. The strong cultivators from Gan Yu looked annoyed. He was threatening them. However, considering Tian Lin’s social status, they remained silent. They had to show respect.
An emperor was at the head of many, many sects. They had a myriad of Tian level and Zun level cultivators. They also had a few incredibly strong Zun cultivators. Even if they didn’t necessarily receive direct teachings from the emperor, he would still help them when in need.
A Zun cultivator and a group of imperial cultivation disciples could probably destroy Gan Yu.
“Don’t worry. We can’t obtain that fire anyway, so you can have it.” said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect in a nice way. They couldn’t offend the Godly Xiao Yao Sect.

“Alright, now help us and lead the way.” said Tian Lin indifferently.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect and the others turned around and led the way, they made pieces of mountain explode on the way to create a path.
Zun cultivators could easily destroy mountains.
“Boom, boom boom boom!” explosions sounded as the mountain range was breaking apart. The fire was getting hotter.
“Those imperial cultivation disciples came here because of the fire in Asoka Mountain!” said someone suddenly. Those imperial cultivation disciples had an agreement with the leaders of the influential sects. Those people wanted to steal their regions’ treasures!
However, could imperial cultivation disciples who were only at the Tian level cultivators, use the void fire?
Fire kept burning. Suddenly, a road appeared from within. It led to a mountain where the void fire was housed.
“Thank you, leaders.” said the imperial cultivation disciples. Then, they walked towards the mountain and groaned coldly, “We have an agreement so don’t get any closer. Instead, you should help us prevent other people from getting any closer.”
The leaders remained silent and blocked the way.
“Brother Hua doesn’t need that fire, I hope you can gift it to me.” said Tian Lin to the Hua Shi brother.
“Void fire is a kind of fake fire, of course I need it. Ask them if they can give you their part of the fire.” said the Hua Shi brother while shaking his head. Tian Lin didn’t think it would hurt to try, he knew that that guy wouldn’t give up.
And there was the insane guy.. If he obtained some of that fire, he might kill Tian Lin. So Tian Lin had to be careful and not offend him for the time being.
There was also the young man with the ice and fire energies. He would never give up that fire.
“I need to obtain that fire for myself.” thought Tian Lin.
“Let’s use spells.” said the young man with ice and fire energies. He walked towards the void fire. If he acquired void fire, he would become so much stronger. However, the others wouldn’t give him everything.
“Come back.” said someone furiously. Suddenly, the Hua Shi brother attacked and in a flash, the young man with the ice and fire energies couldn’t move.
“Piss off!” he shouted furiously. He released ice energy and everything froze.
At the same time, Tian Lin’s silhouette flickered as he ran towards the void fire.
“Where are you going?” dazzling golden lights spread in the air towards Tian Lin. He immediately released his spirit.
They were all fighting. They all wanted the void fire for themselves.
In the distance, the crowd gathered and watched the four imperial cultivation disciples. They couldn’t get any closer because the three leaders had an agreement to prevent anyone from nearing.
Some people really wanted to get the fire too. They were waiting patiently to see if they could get a chance to get close. They had to try, at least.
Many people started breaking pieces of the mountain to create a path.
The four imperial cultivation disciples were still arguing while moving forwards. Without realizing it, they arrived at the fire but couldn’t stop fighting.
“Fake fire.” someone used pure Qi to grab the void fire. However, when trying to grab the void fire, they sensed a terrible pain through their body. They couldn’t get too close to it.
“Piss off, all of you! You can’t take that fire because you’re too weak!” shouted Tian Lin coldly.
However, amongst the flames, it started snowing. The snowflakes melted only as they arrived in the flames.
“Eh?” How could it be snowing in the middle of those flames?
They gazed into the distance and saw a silhouette surrounded by snowflakes. They looked surreal.
The young man walking on the snowy path just glanced at them and continued on. The crowd was even more astonished.
They couldn’t sense any Qi but they could see him. That young man had long black hair, his pupils looked ice-cold and he was surrounded by demonic Qi.
“A demon!”

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