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PMG Chapter 926: Demoniac Power

PMG Chapter 926: Demoniac Power
Snowflakes were floating in the wind. Suddenly, the demoniac young man disappeared from where he was. The crowd frowned. Then, he appeared again, but this time, he was at the at the end of the path where the void fire was.
“Where are you going?” shouted Tian Lin furiously. He used his Xiao Yao agility technique and moved with incredible speed. In a flash, he appeared in front of the demoniac young man. The others didn’t prevent him from going there this time, they had to prevent other people from stealing their treasure.
“You really want to die!” shouted Tian Lin furiously. A whirlwind appeared in front of him and moved towards the demoniac young man.
Demoniac energies rolled in the air as pure demon energy was flowing from the young man. Even though he had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, his demon energies were incredible and terrifying.
Explosions sounded as the demon energies met the wind.
“Gigantic Demon Hand!” shouted the demoniac young man. A demon hand appeared and assaulted Tian Lin.
The gigantic hand collided with the wind. The wind was strong, even people who were standing far away could sense that strong wind.
The demoniac young man remained motionless. He was two levels weaker than his opponent yet his opponent suffered even more from the attack. Where did that demoniac young man come from?
The demoniac young man turned around and looked at the void fire, his eyes twinkled. The crowd suddenly saw an incredible amount of fire move towards the void fire. Surprisingly, someone was stealing the void fire.
Tian Lin smiled coldly. The other imperial cultivation disciples also smiled coldly. Someone was actually trying to steal their void fire. He was surely begging for death.
“Slash, slash…” The fire mountain broke apart and some fire penetrated into the mountain and surrounded the void fire.
“Hmph, he is about to bring about his own destruction.” said the crowd mockingly. They didn’t know what his fire was, but in any case, he wanted to die.
However, the cultivator’s fire kept absorbing the void fire. The fire strength became weaker and weaker. Even the mountain which was initially colorful was turning colorless.
“What’s going on?” the crowd frowned. That cultivator’s fire was actually absorbing the void fire?
“How audacious, stealing the void fire!” shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously. He released his wind spirit and attacked the young man. Slashing sounds spread in the air.
The young man’s silhouette flickered away.
“Xiao Yao agility technique.” Tian Lin’s pupils became extremely wide. But then a terrifying demon strength rolled in the air: demonic fire energy.
Xiao Yao agility technique… How come that young man could use the Xiao Yao agility technique?
“Destroy!” shouted the demonic young man furiously. A gigantic hand appeared in the sky and headed for Prince Tian Lin.
“Boom Ka…!”
A terrifying Qi rolled in the air. The gigantic hand punched Prince Tian Lin and propelled him backwards. His wind spirit flickered and moved towards the demoniac young man.
“Die, die, die!” shouted Tian Lin. His voice echoed far away and pierced through people’s eardrums. Rumbling sounds spread through the air.
Tian Lin was propelled backwards again, this time his face was deathly pale. But he was fixedly staring at the demoniac young man.
“Die.” shouted Tian Lin. His wind spirit rose up in the air as his hurricane turned into a tornado.
The demoniac young man raised his head and he shouted “The path of cultivation is merciless, demons are all conquering, die!”
“Roar…” the demoniac young man released an infinite amount of energy. Tian Lin’s wind spirit was already applying a lot of pressure, but when the demoniac energies invaded the whole atmosphere, the wind energies were completely oppressed.
“Your wind spirit is strong, but I can easily destroy it!”
“Ka boom, boom boom!”
The infinite amount of demoniac energy turned into a gigantic hand. The wind spirit was emitting whistling sounds, but it was becoming weaker.
“Die!” The terrifying gigantic hand grabbed Prince Tian Lin. The gigantic hand was filled with demoniac energies.
Prince Tian Lin stretched out his hand, trying to protect himself.
“Boom!” The gigantic demoniac hand turned black. They collided and blood splashed everywhere. His wind spirit was suddenly weak.
The crowd was astonished. Who was that demoniac young man? He was so strong and had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, but he could already defeat imperial cultivation disciples.
His fire was swallowing the void fire during the entire exchange. The lights emitted by the mountain were progressively fading. The crowd realized that there wasn’t much void fire left.
“Oh no.” the proud and aggressive young man’s facial expression changed drastically. He started running towards the void fire.
The demoniac young man turned around and said coldly, “Stop!”
The aggressive young man glanced at him and released his dazzling pattern spirit.
The pattern spirit emitted sharp lights. The demoniac young man’s facial expression looked even colder as he released even more demonic energies.
The Hua Shi brother started helping the aggressive young man and released terrifying energies too. They had to defeat this demonic young man. They couldn’t let anyone steal the void fire from them.
“Slash, slash…” the demoniac young man looked at those attacks and stood without fear. His Qi rose up in the air.
“Great celestial demoniac skill, die!” the demoniac young man shouted furiously. A gigantic hand appeared, it was even larger than the hand used against Lin Tian
“Three Lives Demon, Great Celestial Demoniac skill, shake the Earth and sky!”

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    Is it really demoniac and not demonic?
    Tian Lin turned into Lin Tian at the end.
    And isn’t a hurricane stronger than a tornado?

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      So demoniac is a thing apparently, when I first looked it up I was skeptical but went with it. But, I did decide at a point to stick with demonic. It’s easier to manage. And the hurricane-tornado thing.. 😀

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