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PMG Chapter 927: Ancient demon destruction

PMG Chapter 927: Ancient demon destruction
The demoniac young man was Lin Feng, of course.
Back then, he had practiced the three-lives demon emperor’s skill. He hadn’t used it until now so now, but he could use it to steal the fire from the imperial cultivation disciples, so now was better than ever!
His demon energies rolled in the air. Back then, the three-lives demon emperor had taken control of Lin Feng’s body and taught him the skill. The three-lives demon emperor had cultivated in the death valley for a very long time. Of course, when Lin Feng used the three-lives demon emperor’s skill, it wasn’t as powerful as when the emperor used it, but it was still extremely powerful.
An infinite amount of demonic energies enveloped the imperial cultivation disciples. Their souls were shaking. Were they going to die?
“Everybody, hurry up, we need to kill him!”
Tian Lin almost looked drunk. He punched himself to instantly regain his consciousness. He released terrifying wind energies that shook the Earth and sky. Dazzling lights appeared and surrounded Lin Feng.
“Boom, boom boom boom…” thousands of demonic beasts roared from the Earth and sky.
It was difficult to imagine that a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer had the advantage against imperial cultivation disciples of the third and fourth Tian Qi layer.
The imperial cultivation disciples had easily defeated those challengers. However, that demoniac young man was even stronger than them. Even one against four wasn’t enough.
The four imperial cultivation disciples were staring at the young man’s energies. Where did that demoniac young man come from? How come he was so strong?
“Insane demoniac attack, roar!” shouted the demoniac young man. His voice was loud, it was deep and scary and made them shiver. An illusion appeared which resembled a demonic shadow. He spun his hand thrice, and suddenly the demon shadow wanted to kill them.
“Die, die, die, die…” the four imperial cultivation disciples were all using their full strength. His Qi was that terrifying.
“Boom, boom boom boom…”
The Earth and sky were unceasingly shaking. The four imperial cultivation disciples were finally propelled backwards. They managed to stop the attack, but their arms were almost paralyzed. In such a crappy region as Gan Yu, there was this miraculous young cultivator.
They looked at the mountain and the void fire which was constantly being absorbed. The young man was going to steal everything from them!
“Let’s kill him together!” said Prince Tian Lin again. The four others nodded, they had to join hands to kill Lin Feng. How could a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer be so strong.
“Spirit!” shouted Prince Tian Lin. He released his wind spirit once again.
“Spirit!” shouted the young man with the dazzling pattern spirit. Golden lights illuminated the entire space.
“Spirit!” shouted the Hua Shi brother.
“Spirit!” said the young man with the ice and fire spirit.
The four imperial cultivation disciples released their spirits and surrounded Lin Feng.
“No wonder they are imperial cultivation disciples, their spirits are so scary.” thought the crowd. Could the young man resist them with his strength of the first Tian Qi layer?
“Die, die, die!”
Deadly energies were rolling in the atmosphere. The wind spirit turned into a tornado. The pattern spirit turned became oppressive. The ice and fire spirit directly surrounded Lin Feng, so much so that he could barely move.
Lin Feng glanced at them and raised his hands in the air. He drew some marks in the air which seemed to contain demon energy.
“Ancient demon destruction, destroy!” shouted Lin Feng as he finished drawing marks in the air. His energy turned into a destructive demonic power.
The ancient demon destruction attack emitted insane sounds. Lin Feng rose up in the air as his destruction demon power dashed to the skies. The wind spirit collided with the demonic energy but it couldn’t block it. The golden lights also collided but it still wasn’t enough.
The Hua Shi brother couldn’t make a dent either. The young man with the ice and fire spirit was just as helpless.
“What kind of strength is that!” shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously. They had inherited from their parents’ spirits, Zun cultivators, so their blood was extremely strong. However, the four imperial cultivation disciples couldn’t resist a single cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer.
The three other imperial cultivation disciples were astonished. What kind of power did Lin Feng have? Could it be that he knew emperor level spells?
Inside the crowd, a demon shadow rose up in the air. He was fixated on Lin Feng’s battle, murder filled his eyes. It was the patriarch of the Necropolis Sect. When he sensed Lin Feng’s demon power, he was surprised, not only was it strong, it was very pure.
Lin Feng’s facial expression looked ice-cold.
“Die!” said Lin Feng. He attacked the imperial cultivation disciples again and their spirits were propelled backwards again.
“How scary! Even with powerful spirits, they can’t defeat him.” thought the crowd. It’s too bad that his ancient demon destruction spell wasn’t stronger, otherwise he would have killed his opponents with it. If his cultivation level was higher, he would have ended the battle by now.
In the mountain, the void fire was extremely weak, so much so that it had almost disappeared. The four imperial cultivation disciples couldn’t do anything anymore. Even though they were imperial cultivation disciples, they had come for that void fire and they wouldn’t get it at this rate.
“Patriarch, help us!” shouted Prince Tian Lin. The strongest cultivators had to intervene it seemed.
Many people looked at the void fire. The patriarch of the Necropolis Sect was still staring at Lin Feng. To him, Lin Feng was much more interesting than the void fire.

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