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PMG Chapter 928: Strong Words

PMG Chapter 928: Strong Words
Lin Feng frowned when he saw how all those people wanted to attack him. Suddenly, many snowflakes appeared in the air as that demonic cultivator released a bestial Qi.
“How cold!”
Many people started to feel very cold, especially at their feet. It was as if they were going to freeze on the spot.
“Hurry up!” shouted Lin Feng. He was obviously talking to Qiong Qi. The fire was being absorbed by Qiong Qi who was hiding inside the animal tower.
Lin Feng didn’t want Qiong Qi to show himself, otherwise, the enemies would know that he was the sick-looking young man with the yellow face.
Qiong Qi knew he had to hurry up. At that moment, he was using his full strength to absorb the void fire. Apart from Qiong Qi who was a Xuan level beast, nobody else could absorb that fire. For example, if Lin Feng had gone into it, even with his strength of the Tian Qi layer, he would have burned and died.
However, the four imperial cultivation disciples knew about that fire so they had probably brought something to contain it. Otherwise, if Lin Feng and Qiong Qi hadn’t shown up, how else would they have taken it?
“Hmph!” The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect groaned coldly. He used his Xiao Yao agility technique. He was wondering how Lin Feng could steal that fire. They weren’t in a hurry, with their strength, they could wait until the last minute to steal the void fire. They could also easily kill Lin Feng.
“Kacha, kacha…” terrifyingly cold energies spread in the air. A wall of ice appeared in front of the patriarch from the Xiao Yao Sect. He frowned, “Who!?”
That ice energy was incredibly powerful. There must be an incredible snow cultivator around.
The other strong cultivators hurried over, but the ice was rising and it seemed to be swallowing them.
“Break!” they all shouted. They were punching the energy, forcing some cracks to appear in the ice.
“Boom boom boom!”
The strong cultivators joined hands and broke the ice bits by bits. They then hurriedly started running towards Lin Feng again.
The Earth and sky were freezing as a voice suddenly sounded, “Freeze!”
The strong cultivators’ feet were stuck in some ice and they started to freeze slowly as the ice climbed up their legs.
“Boom boom boom!” Even more ice appeared in front of them. This time it was an iceberg obstructing their way.
“Boom boom, kacha!”
The strong cultivators were furious. They broke the ice again and continued running forward. Who was helping that demonic young man? Could it be that they were from abroad like the imperial cultivation disciples? Otherwise, how could that young man of the first Tian Qi layer be so strong? Surprisingly, he was stronger than all four imperial cultivation disciples together.
At the same time, the four imperial cultivation disciples who were near Lin Feng frowned, who was helping Lin Feng?
They were all staring at Lin Feng. Could it be that the young man was like them? From abroad? Otherwise, how could he have such powerful demon skills? And who was the extremely strong cultivator who was helping him absorb the void fire?
They looked at the void fire and watched as it was dimming. The four imperial cultivation disciples were furious. They tried to control Lin Feng with their spirits, but failed.
“Die, die, die…”
The four imperial cultivation disciples continued attacking together as energies rolled everywhere. The sky seemed like it would collapse.
“Kacha!” a sound spread in the air. The four imperial cultivation disciples were again disheartened.
“Piss off!” the young man with demon skills shouted furiously. Lin Feng’s demon destruction skill pushed their spirits away again.
The four imperial cultivation disciples looked enraged. They started running towards Lin Feng themselves.
“Do you think you have a chance?” said Lin Feng coldly. It started snowing even more as those strong cultivators rushed Lin Feng. However, they found that the distance between them and Lin Feng was lengthening.
“Space strength.”
The four imperial cultivation disciples were astonished. Lin Feng turned around and walked towards the mountain. At the same time, the void fire completely disappeared.
“Capture him!” shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously. The strong cultivators started punching Lin Feng’s illusion to break it. Cracking sounds were heard as Lin Feng’s illusion eventually broke and they continued to chase him. However, Lin Feng suddenly turned around and stared at them coldly.
He released an ice-cold bestial Qi.
“You guys are scared of those crappy cultivators, the imperial cultivation disciples, but you’re not scared of me?” Lin Feng said indifferently.
At that moment, Lin Feng’s black robe fluttered violently in the wind. His bestial Qi was growing stronger and stronger. Even though he had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, he was using demonic and bestial energies. He was stronger than the four imperial cultivation disciples. He was so strong that he had even stolen the void fire.
Prince Tian Lin and the others were imperial cultivation disciples, could it be that the demonic cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer had no social status?
Lin Feng stopped them in their tracks, he made them second guess themselves.
“Don’t listen to him, just kill him and get the void fire.” said Prince Tian Lin coldly.
“Shut the hell up!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He stared at Prince Tian Lin and said, “A piece of trash like you should respect me. You’re a disgrace for imperial cultivation disciples. You’re probably one of the weakest imperial cultivation disciples in the world. The only people who respect you is crappy Gan Yu.”
Prince Tian Lin remained silent for a few seconds and pulled a long face. He couldn’t contradict Lin Feng. He had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer and couldn’t defeat Lin Feng. Even the other imperial cultivation disciples couldn’t. Lin Feng said that they were trash so they couldn’t contradict him either.
If Tian Lin knew that both were the same person, what would he think?
People were astonished. Prince Tian Lin and the others were real geniuses, but could it be that they were weaker imperial cultivation disciples? Imperial cultivation disciples were extremely strong so the crowd believed in what Lin Feng said because of his strength.
Since Prince Tian Lin and the others could be imperial cultivation disciples, Lin Feng could too.
“Void fire.” at that moment, Prince Tian Lin and the others were astonished to find the fire was completely dried up.
“Patriarch, if you don’t attack, don’t blame me for being impolite.” said Prince Tian Lin, threatening the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. Even though Prince Tian Lin was a member of the Godly Xiao Yao Sect, how could he treat the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect in such an impolite way?
However, he couldn’t argue Tian Lin. He released terrifying energies which surrounded Lin Feng.
“If you dare attack me, I guarantee you that will die.” Lin Feng said this with a devilish smile. He slowly turned around and jumped into the fire.
The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect hesitated because the fire seemed terrifying.
“Attack!” shouted Prince Tian Lin like a madman.
“Boom!” The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect finally decided to attack. The mountain broke apart. The fire disappeared and turned into a light. Like a meteor, it moved towards another direction. Even the Zun cultivators couldn’t keep up with that light.

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